2 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Waterproofing Your House

House Waterproofing MistakeMany people suffer serious consequences in addition to incurring expensive repairs when the waterproofing system in their house is not done well.

Stones and tiles rank as some of the most durable and luxurious building materials available. Experts in the construction industries agree on their value due to their designs and lack of volatile organic compounds. With proper installation, tile and stone surfaces have lifecycles spanning more than 50 years.

However, despite the obvious advantages, some homeowners hesitate to use such products in wet areas, mistakenly believing that they do not weather moisture well. Contrary to many people’s belief, waterproofing is an essential part of the construction process of a wet environment.

Meticulous waterproofing efforts make showers, steam rooms, saunas or even exterior decks impervious to water, thereby, increasing the structures’ lifespan. Unfortunately, improper waterproofing efforts and techniques lead to severe consequences and excessive repair costs, says an expert from Waterproofing Direct.

Partial waterproofing in the bathroom

For best results in the bathroom, you should tile and waterproof the walls up to the ceiling level instead of the shoulder height level popular with many builders. Doing the walls partially only takes care of water splashes, but not the steam and the moisture that remains after a shower session. The resulting moisture seeps into the walls, eventually dripping behind the tiles. Consequently, the walls start coming apart from the inside out.

Hiring the wrong contractor

With a broad choice of waterproofing products on the market, it takes exceptional knowledge to tell apart the various technologies. For instance, you should not waterproof the roof and basement with cementitious products since they achieve less than optimal results. A professional service considers such factors in addition to possessing proper substrate preparation and application. Perfect workmanship is an essential part of the waterproofing process.

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By avoiding common mistakes when waterproofing your hard surfaces, you increase the lifespan and save a considerable amount of money.