2016 Kitchen Renovation Trends: What’s In and What’s Not

Typical kitchen in PerthWant to give your kitchen a facelift this year? You are on the right track. With the kitchen being one of the most integral and functional rooms in any home, it definitely pays to make it as aesthetic and comfortable as possible.

However, keep in mind that some trends of the past year will no longer work in kitchens this 2016. Fortunately, many design elements have a classic, timeless quality to them that will work magic in your kitchen.

Ergonomic seating

You will find many kitchen seating products that will wow anyone, but a lot of them do not possess ergonomic qualities. Yes, they are really pretty, but sit on them for a while and you can end up with a backache.

Design experts say that seating elements this year have tackled this issue. The market will see an increase in the more ergonomically-designed stools and other seating furniture.

Warm metals

Although metals and metallic accents have made a name in the interior design sector for several years now, they have proven themselves still worthy in 2016. Note though, that metals classified as “warm,” including copper, brass, and gold, will still outshine their “cooler” stainless-steel and silver counterparts.

To further enhance your warm metal accents, industry professional Perthcityglass.com.au suggests working with a reputable Perth supplier of glass splashback products. Splashbacks will highlight their sleek and shiny surfaces, while functioning as their protective layer.

Pendant illumination

You use so many tools in the kitchen, so it is a must you have adequate lighting. You do not want too much bright light, or you can end up squinting because of the glare it can produce.

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Vintage pendant lighting will continue to increase in popularity this year. You can easily combine this with other design elements, such as coloured splashbacks, metals, and matte ceramics.

Kitchen renovations do not necessarily have to cost you a lot, as long as you make the right choices and invest in long-term, timeless design elements.