3 Advice for Preventing Burglary in Your Property

Home owner installing a home surveillance camera

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite easy to prevent burglary, so it’s a wonder how many households still report these crimes. Most burglaries are the product of an opportunity to enter a property with ease and without risk of detection. Most burglars would abandon or avoid a “mark” once they detect that someone is up and about on the premises.

As you can’t always be up and about or at home all the time, you need to take some steps to prevent your home from being victimized by burglars. Here are some suggestions:

Build a fence around your property

It’s a challenge to see every part of the property, spot any movement, or hear sounds, so you may want to think about estate fencing and gates. In fact, you may even encourage neighbors to do the same. Fencing may not stop a dedicated burglar, but it’s a deterrent against most. Without a fence, anyone can approach your home with ease, particularly if there are bushes and trees to hide behind. A good fence is especially advisable if you own a ranch and there are animals that may stray or get stolen, or if you want to prevent wild animals like foxes from entering your property.

Work with your neighbors

Human presence is still the best deterrent to burglary. Organizing a neighborhood watch is a good way to prevent undesirables from “marking” any of the properties in your area. Being a good neighbor is also important. If you’re away or unaware and your neighbor sees suspicious activity in your property, they are more likely to call the police.

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Install an alarm system

You may be able to incorporate an alarm system with your new fence. At the least, install an alarm system in your home. The best alarm systems may cost a few hundred dollars a month, but they can keep your property safer with motion detectors, quick security response, smartphone integration, and many other features.

Burglary is easy to prevent, but you have to be prepared. Do something about any weaknesses your property may have that burglars can exploit.