3 Effects of Water Damage on Your Home

Water Damaged CeilingAs with any structure, protecting the house is important to maintain its integrity. Regular cleaning and inspections of each of its parts are important to avoid unnecessary repairs. For instance, if your home suffers water damage in Utah, it would cost you an average of $6,900 on repairs alone.

In fact, water damage affects 70% of houses in the US. To emphasize further the importance of water damage prevention, here are its three most common effects to your home.

It Quickens Growth and Spread of Molds

Preventing the growth and spread of mold is important to keep the dwellers of the house healthy. Molds can cause rashes, asthma, infections, and respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, even small water damage in your Utah home can cause the molds to grow in your house.

It tends to spread on unseen places – underneath the carpets, between walls or dark corners. Worse, removing it would be difficult and expensive.

It Weakens the Structure of Your House

Water and moist can affect the wooden structure of your home. It will be weaker and prone to pest infestation such as termites. Worse, in the event of a clogged gutter in your home, it will affect the foundation of your home as well. You can just imagine the cost it will take to fund these extensive repairs.

It Damages Your Properties

Even the smallest leak can bring damages to your properties. For instance, it can crawl and damage your appliances such as air conditioner, washer, dryer or range with repair costs definite to hurt your pockets.

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In the event of massive water damage, it would also affect the electrical wirings and gas linings, leaving you with no utilities to use for a long time.

While water damages may happen eventually in any homes, the best way to prevent it is through regular inspections and care. In the event of an unfortunate situation, make sure to contact a good cleaning service.