3 Important Things to Get When You Have a Toddler in the House

Toddler In A Child GateHaving a little someone who toddles around the house all day long is both a blessing and a stress reliever for parents. For first time mommies and daddies, doubting if you’re parenting your children just right is a common situation. Don’t fret, every loving and dedicated parent worry the same fears like you do. However, your little worries can be lessened, if not totally erased. First off, ask yourself: “Is our home baby proof?” If you want to know the answer to that, and how to do it just in case it isn’t baby safe, read on. Here are 3 essential things you should get for your house when you have a baby or a toddler to protect.

Expandable Baby Gate

One of the biggest parent fears would be having their child fall down the stairs, get out of the house and off on the streets, turn on the stove in the kitchen, or perform any activity that could lead them to an accident. That could happen anytime, but all of it can also be avoided if you have a portable and expandable baby gate for your little one. Put this gate on the immediate door or pathway where your child is currently staying to stop them from loitering somewhere they shouldn’t. In this case, you can worry less and do house chores or work-at-home tasks more.

Co-Sleeping Bed

At these times, co-sleeping is a big thing. Studies show that babies who often sleep close to their moms (and dads) acquire the feeling of security and can sleep well through the night. However, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) happens mostly during bedtime. So, if you solidly want to push through with co-sleeping, then you should make sure that the place where you sleep is entirely safe. There’s a lot of things to check such as loose blankets that may suffocate or strangle the baby, the elevation of the bed should the baby accidentally falls off the edge, sharp bed edges or one or both parents could even accidentally lay their back on the baby while asleep. There are a variety of co-sleeping beds now available in the market.

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Door, Table, and Chair Stoppers

Babies’ little fingers are the cutest, but they’re even better when they’re complete. You do not want to lose even a single finger just because of an avoidable accident. You also don’t want to see your toddlers’ heads bleeding because they ran off against a table’s edge. You can always put something homemade or store-bought to stop these accidents from happening. Always put a door stopper, table edge guards, chair feet socks, and other sharp or harmful edge protectors.

Although you can never guarantee a 100% safe and accident-free life for your little loves, you can always lessen the possibilities. This should well start in your warm and loving homes.