3 Landlord Qualities and Traits to Make Your Tenants Like You

Landlord Signature in PerthEver since Western Australia allowed granny flats to be rented out to non-relatives, everybody suddenly saw the opportunity. Your secondary dwelling is suddenly your bridge towards the rental market. It might take a while before you break even and really start making money, but you know you’d get in there.

Although you built a granny flat in your Perth property, this doesn’t mean tenants would automatically flock to you. That’s not how it works. Without these attributes, even the nicest tenant would find it difficult to stay in your rental unit:


One of the most attractive characteristics of a good landlord is being open to everything. As it’s technically a business transaction, your tenants wouldn’t appreciate you holding back things they ought to know — especially when it comes to the rent and other financial aspects of the deal.

Although you’ve agreed on something verbally, you should still put everything in writing for it to be enforced. Proper documentation gives security and confidence to tenants that you would keep your promise no matter what.


It’s fine to have rules, but having an unreasonable No-To list is a way turn off a prospective tenant. Remember: your tenant pays you to rent, not only to have the right to sleep in your granny flat. You must be respectful and a bit lenient to the kind of lifestyle they want to enjoy. Unless you aim to position your unit to your inhospitable, you must make requests that make sense to other people.


A good landlord should be easy to reach, especially in the hour of need. Maintenance is a leading issue among tenants, which is why nothing’s better than showing your fix to anything that goes wrong. You must be readily available to whatever concern your tenant may have. It doesn’t matter what your mood is, but you must set aside your emotion when serving the needs of your tenant.

Developing these qualities might not happen overnight. But if put yourself in your tenant’s shoes, it’s a lot easier to be the best landlord anyone could ever have.

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