3 Main Selling Points Of Tankless Water Heaters: Should You Buy Them?

Water Heating System

Over the years, hot water tanks were the standard when it comes to water heaters. These days, however, newer types are challenging the popularity of the traditional ones. The most notable of them is the tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters are deemed as a better version of the tank type. Tankless units are much more compact than the latter. Other than this, manufacturers tend to stress other selling points, including energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a reliable supply of hot water.

A new water heater can be a costly investment. If you are planning to buy one in Orem, Utah, especially a tankless type, you have to be wary of the claims made by the suppliers or manufacturers. Are tankless water heaters really that good? Read on to find out.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters need less energy to run than the tank type. The difference is not that much when you use natural gas powered tankless water heaters. If you want the more energy efficient type, you should go for the electric type.

The amount of hot water your family uses daily is also another factor you have to weigh in. The energy savings are greater in larger households. If you are living alone, it might not mean much.

Cost-Effective Choice

Tankless water heaters are usually more costly than the tank types. The tankless ones are often seen as more cost-effective in the long run. This is due to energy savings you can reap.

Then again, getting a new water heater calls for installation services. If you replace a tank type with a tankless one, you might also face extra costs for the set-up of a new vent system. Tankless types are more complex too. As a result, you might pay more for maintenance and repair services. The good thing is that spending on regular maintenance is better than dealing with costly problems and damages caused by a faulty water heater system.

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Reliable Supply of Hot Water

Perhaps, the best thing about tankless water heaters is their ability to provide a reliable supply of hot water. You do not have to wait just like you would do with a hot water tank. A tankless unit offers an unlimited supply of hot water as long as there are no problems with the water heater, as well as with the power and water supplies.

If you are thinking about buying a tankless water heater, weigh in the pros and cons first. Use this guide to make a wise decision and ensure the best results.