3 Pleasures of Being a Single-Family Home Owner

Single-Family HomesOne of the simplest ways to realize your American Dream of home ownership is to build a single-family house. Other properties on the market are attractive to some extent, but none could really match what a detached dwelling brings to the table.

Whether you’re looking for experienced homebuilders or shopping around other hot real estate markets for affordable “finished products”, you should more than consider a single-family house for these sensible reasons:

Two Words: Own Yard

As Hamlet Homes notes, nothing trumps the beauty of having your own yard. Unlike condos, townhouses, or even multi-family dwellings, having a detached property essentially gives you the privilege of being the sole owner and user of your turf.

Sharing is caring, but communal areas don’t always support the kind of lifestyle you wish to have. Landscape it with beautiful blooms, hold barbeque parties or teach your child how to throw a ball — do whatever you want because your yard is all yours.

Flexibility on Additions

Single-family detached dwellings are generally larger than townhouses and condo units. This alone would give you more freedom to explore different design possibilities for your abode.

Be it going up or down, or extending your house for more living spaces or functional rooms, any home improvement project can be done with this type of property.

Financing Made Easier

If you want to secure a mortgage with minimal fuss, a single-family house is the best choice. Creditors are typically less conservative when it comes to this type of real estate property. Most, if not all, lenders consider single-family homes less risky because they tend to appreciate more than condominiums.

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In addition, mortgage providers employ laxer lending requirements if you wish to own a single-family dwelling than a unit located in a complex building.

All types of properties have pros and cons, but you can’t deny the obvious advantages of choosing a detached house. If you have reservations toward picking it, speak with an experienced builder to get your concerns clarified.