3 Ways to Make Your Business More People-Friendly and Accessible

Wheelchair Ramp

If you have a business establishment in Denver, there are many ways to make it more accessible and friendlier to customers, including pedestrians and people with disabilities. Consider these tips if you’re planning to make some upgrades soon.

1. Install a Wheelchair Ramp or Lift

Many businesses stay at the forefront of championing inclusivity. If you wish to join the movement, installing a wheelchair lift and ramp to accommodate people with disabilities is a good place to start. This is especially necessary if your establishment has more than one floor. If you have a food establishment, make sure that the floor space is free of any obstruction and that walkways are wide enough to allow wheelchairs to pass through.

2. Make Signs Readable

To prepare for the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo is upgrading some of its street signs to make sure foreigners can understand what it means. Going for universally understood signs can help you better communicate with your customers even without speaking. Moreover, making sure that your signs are easy to read, bright, and well-placed give better directions to people even from afar.

3. Dedicate Parking Space

Parked cars in front of your establishment can block the view and even your storefront. Instead, dedicate sufficient parking spaces behind your establishment and if you can, in the basement. This way, you don’t block passersby from checking your window displays.

4. Provide Free Wi-Fi

Many establishments pride themselves on not having Wi-Fi connections. But the reality is that people need to stay connected all the time and stores and cafes with Wi-Fi options are often well-embraced. And if you do offer Wi-Fi connection, make sure it’s reliable and fast. Otherwise, you risk a lot of frustration from your customers. Studies have also shown than free Wi-Fi boosts revenue, so there’s simply no reason to not jump on the bandwagon.

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There are countless ways to make your commercial space more friendly and accessible to customers. But if you’re making some big changes soon, consider these suggestions.