3 Ways to Spot Leaks in the Roof

Roof Repair in Perth The roof of your home is one of two essential components that protect you against the elements. The other one is the wall of your house. Together, these two can effectively shelter you and your family inside during the hot summer months, the cold freezing winter, and even on windy and stormy days. Hence, keeping the integrity of your roof is paramount to keeping the safety of your entire family.

One of the more common problems associated with roofs is leaking. When leaks are first suspected, the very first thing you will do is to look for the source of the leak. Unfortunately, because of the sloping nature of modern household roofs, the leak you see in the ceiling does not necessarily mean that the roof directly above it is the culprit. Here are the things that you need to do.

Follow the Sign

The very first thing you need to do is to follow the trail of the sign of leak. Usually, signs of dampness or mold growth in your ceiling will point to a problem further up the same section of roofing above it. If you have an attic, you can use a flashlight to illuminate the water trail. Make appropriate estimation of the area of your roof where the leak might be originating.

Hose Down

If you do not have an attic or access to the inner surface of your roof is not possible, meticulously water down your roof and have someone check the interior for drippings. Work your way up your roof starting at the eaves. Mark those sections that you have watered down. Section by section, you will work your way up to the top of your roof.

Check at the Most Common Places where Leaks Occur

Often, a reliable Perth roofing company like Permacoat.com.au recommends certain areas of your roof to check for leaks. This generally includes areas where parts of the roof are joined together. These can include roofing materials, pipes, or even gutters and downspouts. The boots and rubber seals that protect electrical wirings should also be checked for possible signs of water damage.

Once the location of the leak has been identified, you can then fix them accordingly.

Identifying the source of the leak in your roof is just the first step in its management. If you are having difficulty isolating the source of the water leak, calling the services of professional roofing experts can be helpful.