3 Ways You’re Likely to Kill Your Home’s Oven

Oven in a Salt Lake City HomeBaking is a primary food preparation method that allows people to make a range of food, from pastries to meats. Therefore, you need an oven that is equal to the cooking tasks you often do to keep the family full. While most people value the appliances in their homes, they unknowingly take actions that pose a grave danger to their ovens and increase the likelihood of a breakdown.

Using the auto clean function

Modern ovens boast hidden heating elements to prevent the smoking and scorching that result when food drops on the red-hot elements. As a result, many people tend to use the auto clean function to keep the elements clean, which proves to be a terrible mistake. The regular baking temperature range between 500 to 600 degrees, but the auto clean temperatures hit a high of 1,000 degrees. Consequently, the control panels and fuses pop and burn out under the extreme temperatures, necessitating a call to the oven repair service.

Use of aluminum foil

The reflective capacity of aluminum foils disrupts the normal function of the oven, drastically affecting the results of your cooking effects. It either leads you to undercook or overcook your meals. Similarly, the high temperature inside the oven could cause the foils to melt and permanently damage the oven. Irresponsible use of the foil could void your warranty and could cause you to incur hefty repair costs for your Wolf oven, repair experts in Salt Lake City noted.

Poor cleaning methods

Food residuals, splatters, steam and occasional smoke are common to the baking process and as such, the oven becomes dirty after use. Failure to clean the food bits and splatters cause them to turn into charcoal, which continues to burn, altering the taste of your foods. Further, the food pieces could clog the ducts inside the oven, lowering the efficiency of the stove.

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With proper care and maintenance, your oven should serve you faithfully for a long time.