4 Easy Steps to Installing an Ornamental Fence

Gate fence nearby the poolTo add beauty to their homes, many homeowners install ornamental fences around their property. Of course, an added benefit to this kind of fencing is that it makes your home more secure. You may want to hire a professional to do the project for you, but if you have the time, it’s a task that’s fun to do yourself. Here are four easy steps while installing an ornamental fence.

Assemble materials

Greatfence.com shares that modern ornamental fencing can be done using various materials. You could decide to use wood, for instance, or opt to go with fence panels made of metal. If you choose to go with metal, choose between aluminum and wrought iron. Then buy other supplies you’ll need for the fence such as concrete, paint, and so on.

Break ground

Once the materials for the fence are ready, it’s now time to dig into the ground. Make sure that you already have a map of your property, so you don’t dig into your neighbor’s property. Holes should be dug in accordance with the size of the posts. Follow directions on the appropriate depth and spacing.

Anchor the posts

Mix concrete and add the appropriate amount to each hole. Eighty pounds of concrete should be enough per hole. Then place the metal posts inside and square them using a trowel and fence line. Create a slope for each post using the trowel to protect against rainwater. Leave the posts for at least a full day to become stable.

Attach the panels

Following the instruction manual for your metal fence, attach the panels to the posts. The manual usually gives directions as to what distance you need to observe between panels. Then check the entire fence for any weak points and fix them.

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Giving your property a handsome appearance is easier than you may have imagined. You can start by installing an ornamental fence, a task that’s easy, affordable and effective.