4 Tips to Get Rid of Dirty & Grimy Tile Grout

Tiled FlooringScrubbing and mopping your tile floors aren't enough to clean up dirty and grimy grout. There are certain things you must consider in figuring out which cleaning method can renew your floor's surface, which includes the type of tile you have and the grout colour. 

Whether you have it cleaned professionally or handle the job yourself, following these reminders can certainly save your floor.

Warm Water

Pair a stiff-bristled brush with water and begin the work. This is effective for less stubborn stains and freshly grouted tiles. Be sure to follow a circular motion while you gently scrub the floor, then afterwards you may leave it to dry.


If heavier dirt and mild stains are starting to show up, warm water might not work on them. When this happens, use a vinegar solution. Here’s how: In a spray bottle, create a half-and-half solution of warm water and vinegar. After mixing the solution thoroughly, you may now start spraying it on the grout, leave it for five minutes, and thereafter start stiff-brushing it.

Baking Soda

When vinegar and warm water solution are of no help, baking soda might just be what you need. Be it on clothes or in your home, sodium bicarbonate is an effective deodorizer and cleaning agent. For this one, you have to create a cleaning paste made with sodium bicarbonate and water. Cover your tile grout with the solution, spray on some vinegar in it. After a while, you may now proceed with the scrubbing and once done, rinse it with water.


For stubborn dirt and extreme cases of grime, it might be necessary to use bleach and other types of commercial cleansers. But, beware when it comes to applying strong solutions on your flooring because it might cause discolouration and damages on your tiles. For extensive cleaning of tile grout, it is highly recommended to request for professional cleaners to do the job instead.

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Preserve the attractive appearance of your flooring with regular maintenance service. Follow these tips to enjoy stain-free and spotless tiles for years.