5 Furnace Problems You Should Get Fixed before Winter

furnaceBefore the snow starts to fall, have your problematic furnace repaired as soon as possible. The last thing you want to go through during the chilly season is to have no, or not enough, heating.

There are many things that can go wrong with your heater, but experienced, licensed, and certified furnace repair specialists in Utah can resolve many of these.

Get a repair service provider instead of a new furnace. Utah County has many heating system repair experts.

  1. Breakdowns or inefficient heating

Proper maintenance of your furnace prevents breakdowns. Forgetting annual maintenance and tune-ups can also lead to a drastically shortened heating system life span.

  1. Poor performance and compromised air quality

Leaving your filters dirty for a long period has a huge impact on the performance of your heater, as debris will begin to accumulate on and in the system’s other parts. Furthermore, clogged up filters cut airflow, leading to the unit working harder than necessary. The fact that filthy filters can also cause health problems should already be reason enough for you to clean or replace them regularly.

  1. Difficulty in getting the pilot control or electric ignition to light up

You can get the pilot control or the electric ignition to light up, but it takes a long time before it does. This can be caused by problems with the thermocouple, debris accumulation, or drafts in the system.

  1. Poor fan performance

Dirty air filters and a problematic thermostat can cause the fan to perform poorly, affecting comfort levels in your home.

  1. No heat at all

A furnace that does not produce any heat may be suffering from a faulty pilot light or an incorrect thermostat setting. A severely reduced airflow (caused by clogged filters) can also cause this issue.

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Now is the best time for you to get these issues fixed, while the snow is not falling yet. A highly recommended heating repair specialist can help you prevent unbearable coldness in your home.