A Clean and Cool Fridge: What You Should Do

Cleaning Refrigerator in Salt Lake CityThe fridge is undoubtedly the most hardworking appliance in every modern kitchen and probably the biggest energy consumer as well. Proper maintenance can significantly lower your energy consumption and consequently your electric bill, and prolong the service life of your fridge.

Thoroughly Clean Condenser Coils Twice Yearly

The condenser coils are the ones eliminating the heat from your fridge. They’re located either beneath or at the back of your fridge and look like huge coils similar to radiator coils. According to an appliance service technician in Salt Lake City, dirt and dust accumulation will make it harder for your fridge to cool off so clean them based on the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid problems and costly repairs.

Defrost Regularly

For a manual defrosting fridge, defrost the unit when frost accumulation inside the freezer reaches about half an inch, give or take. Remove all contents, unplug the fridge, and wait for the frost to completely melt. Turn on the fridge, set the temperature, and restock the contents. If your unit is self-defrosting, you only have to clean out the pan that holds the water from the melted frost to prevent bacteria and odor development.

Clean or Replace the Rubber Seals or Gasket When Needed

The rubber seal or gasket is responsible for ensuring that your fridge doors are closed properly. You should clean it with water and mild detergent solution. They will, however, eventually wear out. This is the reason replacement is important to ensure that your fridge will function properly.

Regular Interior Cleaning is a Must

Use a damp cloth for cleaning the interior of your fridge and removing spills and crumbs from walls and shelves. You can also use a commercial cleaner, a water, vinegar, and baking soda solution for sticky residue. Opt for airtight food containers for storing food to help keep them stay fresh longer and to seal in their odors.

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Freshen up Your Fridge

Banish odors on your fridge by using a commercial deodorizer specifically made for refrigerators or go the natural route and leave a cup of baking soda or a bowl of coal in a corner inside the fridge.

Maintaining your fridge need not have to be difficult. Bear these things in mind to keep the household appliance in good condition.