A New Leaf: Options to Keep You Busy after Retirement

After RetirementRetirement comes to everyone who has ever worked until they’ve come to a particular age. If you’re worried that retirement will, at the very least, be too boring, you’re not alone. Thousands of retirees around Australia and the world feel the same way.

The bad news is it’s not just potentially boring; it may also be bad for your health. For the first few weeks after retirement, you might have some fun, go on vacation, visit your relatives, etc. But after that, it’s the lack of a routine and daily activity that’s bad for the retired person.

So to make sure you are not bored out of your skull by retirement, plan ahead. Here are two suggestions on what you can devote your time to when you no longer have to be in the office by nine.

Start a small business

One of the most popular choices for retirees is to start a new small business. To make sure you don’t get bored even more, start one that’s not connected to your past jobs or businesses. Start one that you will enjoy but does not make you feel as if you never retired at all. Remember, your intention is to remain occupied and active, but also to ease you into a more relaxed time in your life. Start a small vegetable garden, for example, if you’re into gardening. Or open an online business, like a store, and hire some people you know, even younger family members. These options will keep you busy but won’t take up too much of your time.

Buy a commercial property

Put your superannuation funds to work for your family. One of the biggest concerns among retirees is leaving something for the family. Make an SMSF property investment, such as a small hotel or apartment building, the Sentinel Property Group suggests. As long as you don’t intend to live in it, you shouldn’t have any problems with your SMSF. This will be a part of your legacy to the loved ones you will be leaving behind when it’s time to go.

These are two good options for retirees. Don’t let retirement bore you or contribute to a decline in your health. Stay active, exercise, get a new pet, visit your loved ones and start a business.