A New Study Confirms: Reverse Cycle ACs are Money-savers

Air Conditioner in Perth Many Perth homeowners, and Australians in general, have long believed that gas is the most efficient way to heat a home. But, a new study, spearheaded by the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), revealed an alternative. This report shows an unlikely competitor to be more efficient: the reverse cycle air conditioner.

Heating Costs Down by 70 Per cent

According to ABC, the MIE study’s author, the institute’s Energy Advisor Tim Forcey, confirmed that when he made the switch to several reverse cycle units, he experienced a 70 per cent reduction in his own heating expenses.

The Difference in Price

During the study, Forcey made a comparison on the price he paid using his home’s gas heater with that of his reverse cycle air conditioning system’s heating mode. He found a considerable difference: the $4.80 daily gas heating expenses went down to only $1.50.

Gas is No Longer an Economic Option

The study also reports that, during its assessment of the Eastern Australian gas industry, more and more Australians are relying less on gas. One reason for this is the steady increase in its price, with the high costs associated with coal seam gas production being a primary contributor.

In other words, gas heating is no longer the most economic option for Australians. Making the switch will lead to a dramatic decrease in their energy consumption.

Making the Switch

There are many other benefits of making the switch from gas heating to a reverse cycle air conditioning Perth homes should have. One of these is the fact that the latter provides a greater level of convenience, seeing that you only have to maintain a single equipment. In addition, they are better for cooling and heating larger areas and rooms.

Significant improvements in the technology used in their production also allow them to be even more energy efficient, whether they are in cooling or heating mode.