AC Installation: Things to Decide Before Installation

AC Installation in UtahInstalling an air conditioner properly is crucial and when done right, it will offer optimal performance and keep you cool during the hot summer months. There are a few factors you need to consider before the installation begins. Especially in the case of a split air condition, improper installation can lead to poor performance and maintenance related issues.

It is possible for any consumer to do it themselves, but it is always a better option to let a Utah professional install and repair your AC and furnace. All Hours Plumbing and other experts list some factors you need to consider while installing:

Indoor Unit:

  • Location – Check the dimensions of the room you need to cool and decide which wall would be the best place for optimal ventilation and cooling. It has to be strong enough to bear the weight of your unit.
  • Spacing – Make sure that the unit is high enough — about eight to 10 feet from the floor. There should be at least eight inches of space around the unit to facilitate proper airflow.
  • Easy access – Ensure that the unit is easy to reach, so it's easier to clean the filters regularly. The louvers should be easy to reach as well in case the airflow direction has changed.

Outdoor Unit:

  • For the best cooling possible, make sure that both the indoor and outdoor units in a spot away from direct sunlight. Especially in the case of the outdoor unit, make sure that there are no other obstructions so that the heat generated will be distributed easily from the condenser.
  • Place the outdoor unit on a flat and stable surface. This unit contains important parts like the motor, compressor, and condenser. If not placed in a safe place, high vibrations can lead to damaged copper pipes, a leaking coolant, and a damaged compressor or condenser.
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Experts often advise and install the outdoor unit slightly above the indoor unit. This results in the refrigerant flowing down towards the unit and improving compressor performance. A major benefit of using split air conditioners is that they are quieter and can cool an entire home, based on compressor capacity.