Aging Population Calls for Proper Mobility Aids

Doctor and nurse assisting elderly in wheelchairAs the world’s population continues to grow and life expectancy increases, many countries are now seeing a graying population. Many facilities and homeowners in Denver are now considering stairlifts and other improved access equipment, but many people still find it difficult to find the right mobility access equipment.

Technological advancements have ensured that more equipment are available to the general public, especially since the global elderly population is expected to grow to two billion by 2050. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the foremost cause of fatal injuries among seniors. Furthermore, an estimated $31 billion was expended in the treatment of fall-related injuries in 2014.

While these call for the use of the appropriate mobility aids, the choice of the best stairlifts still needs to be made. Is there a one-size-fits-all solution or are there parameters by which such decisions should be made for maximum efficiency and use? These four questions should help in deciding which is the best stairlift.

How is your staircase designed?

While staircases are typically straight or curved to suit the tastes of the homeowner, they play a role in determining the appropriate stairlift to be installed. The curved staircase would require a site survey as it demands special installation.

What are the features available in the stairlift?

The medical condition of the older adult must be considered. For example, if they have an arthritic condition, mobility will be an issue. This necessitates the presence of soft-touch or remote-control operations to make it easy to use.

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Does the stairlift have safety features?

The stairlift needs to be designed for efficiency, efficacy, and safety of users. Additionally, the gear tracks must be adequately concealed to protect pets and children from accidental injuries.

Is the stairlift designed to carry those with above-average weight?

Some stairlifts may not be able to carry beyond average body weight, and this could affect how its engine works. It is important to purchase a stairlift that can carry more than the person’s weight.

Stairlifts can make a difference in reducing the number of senior citizens lost to accidental falls annually. For anyone in the Mile-High City looking for a stair lift, Denver offers loads of options to get the very best.