All You Need to Know About the Versatile Jarrah Hardwood

Timber Flooring in PerthJarrah is one of the most popular timbers in Perth. It is commonly used as decks, floors and furniture. This hardwood species is also used in joinery, turnery and panelling. Learn more about its application by checking out the following information.

Botanical background

Jarrah’s botanical name is Eucalyptus marginate. It is an indigent species of Western Australia’s south western corner, growing in the ranges east of Perth down to Albany. The tree grows in soil that is rich in iron and aluminium.

Tree Features

Industry professional shares that Jarrah trees are slow growing. They are often deep rooted, especially in areas where the nutrients needed by the trees are located deep down the ground. Their straight trunks can grow as high as 40 metres and as thick as 2 metres. They have lignotubers, which are large underground swelling responsible for the germination of the species.

Timber Appearance

The heartwood of Jarrah comes in deep red to rich brown. The sapwood is paler in colour, ranging from pale yellow and orange to pink. The grain of Jarrah is usually straight, but others come with interlocked grains. It also has a coarse texture.


Jarrah is not only known for its interesting timber appearance, but also for its resistance to rot, termites and marine borers. The timber can also withstand harsh weather elements. These are the reasons Jarrah decking in Perth is a popular option for homeowners who want a durable timber in their properties. The density of the hardwood also makes it resistant to fire.


Other than decking and flooring applications, Jarrah is also ideal for cabinetry, outdoor furniture, turned objects, veneers, sleepers, poles and piles. It is also used in domestic structural framing and even in heavy construction.

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Jarrah is truly a versatile wood with beautiful appearance. If you’re looking to have timber floor or deck for your property, Jarrah is truly worth considering. Find a reputable timber supplier and contractor to ensure the right quality and service.