Alternative Housing: Calling a Shipping Container Your Home

HomeIn Australia, the median house price is almost $600,000, while a granny flat may cost $100,000. When you want something more affordable, how about a container home for only $42,000, including transportation and installation expenses?

Unconventional housing

Conventional buildings are still the norm in the major Australian cities. But you can consider a converted shipping container if you live in a remote area where it’s not as complicated to get a permit for a less conventional home. Shipping containers have been in use in the trade and transportation industries since the mid-1950s. Now, these steel boxes are equally important in the housing industry.

It takes an average of three days to set up the entire structure. Container homes are not only affordable; they are also comfortable. Grandesigns WA, a manufacturer of affordable homes in Perth, says homes out of modules utilise the limited space while still giving residents enough room to move around. People who live in environment-friendly container homes can attest to their economy and comfort.

Are shipping containers liveable?

Unused containers are converted into residences and guest houses. Builders have to restore and clean used containers thoroughly before converting them. Manufacturers say it is cheaper for them to work with unused containers because it costs more to straighten banged up steel walls, and remove odours and traces of potentially harmful chemicals.

Google ‘container home’ if you have no idea how the end product looks like. You might be surprised to find different designs, especially if you check container homes in Canada and the United States, where they became popular even before Australians started embracing the concept.

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Because of the rising need for affordable homes, Perth residents are open to the option of living in a converted shipping container. It might seem like a bizarre concept, but there are qualified, skilled and creative builders in Australia who can help construct your dream pad from a steel box. Your creativity goes a long way in designing your home, as well.