Are You Committing a Huge Neglect if Your Home’s Ductwork Does Not Undergo Routine Cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning in MinnesotaA typical toolbox would not have the specialized equipment and materials required for a proper air duct maintenance run. Professionals utilize specific brushes, blowers, and vacuum cleaners to get the job done properly. 

The question that arises, then, is do you really need to pay for professional services for ductwork maintenance? Mountain Duct Cleaning in Minnesota offers their opinion below.

Talking about indoor air quality

The need for routine cleaning is a controversial topic these days, and homeowners are keen on arriving at the heart of the issue. People are also asking whether routine checks really improve air quality in their homes. Indoor air quality influences the comfort level and state of health of a building’s occupants. Poor air quality has immediate as well as long-term effects. If the level of pollutants in the breathable air are at a minimum, then everyone inside is healthy and comfortable for years to come.

What the authorities say about regular ductwork cleaning

First, we must stress that ductwork cleaning usually accompanies maintenance of the other components of the HVAC system, including the housing, coils, motors, and fans. There will not be any improvement in air quality or machine efficiency if one component is immaculate while the others are filthy.

You must consider the position of the US Environmental Protection Agency on the matter. The agency presents a compelling argument on whether or not air ducts must be routinely cleaned. A detailed discussion is available on their website. In general, professional cleaning is necessary only if there is substantial mold growth, if there is vermin infestation, and clogging. The EPA also favors a ductwork sweep if the people living in the house have fallen ill to mysterious illnesses. Occasional, not routine cleanup is recommended if these conditions do not exist.

For sure, air ducts will get dirty over time. You do not have to be a scientist or an HVAC expert to associate filthy ductwork with the poor performance of the heating-cooling system. Don’t just depend on what you hear, but do your own research and consult authoritative sources for the truth on the matter.

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