Average Costs of a Kitchen Remodel Project in 2018

A home kitchenYou could make plans and learn new trends for a great kitchen remodel project in your Salt Lake City home, but you will most likely think about cost more than anything. The cost might be the single most limiting element in a remodel.

Your plans will likely change based on what you can afford and what you want to prioritize in your kitchen. On the upside, you can focus on what you truly want, and you learn to be creative when you have a limited budget.

Small Kitchen Remodel

You can ballpark the cost of your remodel based on the size of your kitchen alone. Kitchens less than 200 square feet have average costs of $25,800 with a major remodel.

A major remodel involves a complete overhaul of the kitchen, including the cabinetry and appliances. A minor remodel project without changes to the former elements costs an average of $13,700.

Large Kitchen Remodel

With a kitchen of more than 200 square feet, you can look at costs at an average of $42,000 on a major remodel project. A minor one, on the other hand, will cost only an average of $22,000.

Of course, for more specific estimates, you have to factor in Utah material and labor costs, material choice, and quality, and more.

Plan Your Remodel Right

With the average costs based on kitchen size alone, however, you can already have a good idea of the costs of your kitchen remodel. Now, you can focus on planning your remodeling project and making the most out of your budget. You can even save on costs in ingenious ways.

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Cost-Saving Tricks

For one, you can retain the same layout as your old kitchen. In this way, you can save on labor costs needed for relocating plumbing and electric and gas lines.

Secondly, you may consider opting for ready-to-assemble or stock cabinet models to save on customization. Finally, you can even do some of the remodeling work yourself.

A kitchen remodel will still considerably be expensive, but as long as you plan things right, you will be able to enjoy a substantial return on investment.