Behind that Dream Home Façade: Inspecting a Home before Purchase

Dream Home in UtahAll first-time home buyers dream of a picture-perfect property that fits the budget. Be warned, however, that even your dream home can hide faults that require expensive fixes.

Very few people understand what goes into the construction of a home. Even more fail to realize how even the smallest of issues can trigger costly problems in the future. Responsible home buyers consider the quality workmanship and structural problems. Factoring maintenance issues are necessary to come up with informed decisions.

So, what should you look for before you make the big purchase?

Stained Ceilings

Ceiling stains are one of the most common inspection concerns for first time home buyers. If a home is not built to withstand heavy rains, water moving from the roof down to the structure poses a problem. If not resolved immediately, the stains will result in roof leaking.

Living in a house that leaks endlessly is a nightmare for anyone. Instead of enduring it, keep an eye open for stains on the ceiling or evidence of previous owners painting over the stain. Also, check the roof gutters and make sure these are free from dirt, rust, or grass that may cause clogging.

Signs of Settlement

It’s not unusual for soil to settle under newly built homes or estates under extended dry periods. While settlement is normal, severe movement can cause faults that compromise a home’s stump or other parts of its structure.

Flat Rate Homes, a real estate service in Utah, says buyers should be mindful of cracking around windows and doors. You can easily remedy fine cracks, but persistent cracking or larger ones require costly repairs.

Electrical Wirings

Faulty electrical circuits do not only cost the house; these can also cost lives if left unresolved. Before you buy a home, inspect the home’s electrical wirings first. Ask the help of a professional electrician so they can provide you with recommendations.

Buyers can check if the fuse box comes with an upgraded safety switch and circuit breaker, which are necessary against dangerous short circuits. Also, keep an eye out for burn marks around power points. These are sure signs the home needs re-wiring.

Your first home is a big investment. Take this seriously by sparing the time to inspect important building checks — your future self will thank you for it.