Beware of These Common Painting Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Room

PaintPainting your walls can significantly — and inexpensively — alter the look of your home for the better or not. To make it work, open your mind and avoid these common painting mistakes when deciding on paint colour.

Staying on the Safe Side

While neutral hues are excellent, avoid limiting your choices to the muted portions in the colour wheel. When in doubt, go for an accent wall with a pop or colour. You can always paint over it when you decide you do not like how the wall looks.

Forgetting How Natural Light Will Play up Paint Colours

Most homeowners use bold shades as a statement but forget to factor in natural light. A space tends to close in without adequate natural light; what began as bold and dramatic may quickly end up looking rather depressing.

Choosing Outrageously Bright Colours

Be careful of overly bright hues, as these can overwhelm the space. Outrageously bright colours may look visually intense and somewhat uncomfortable, most especially for a small room.

Matching Everything with Everything

If colours blend too perfectly with each other, you will not see the design of the space that much. The experienced painters of Gavin Chan Decorators Ltd. recommend applying lighter or darker shades to complement instead of matching your furniture.

Using Only Paint Chips when Choosing Colours

Many homeowners who DIY their house painting fail to notice how important it is to paint colour swatches on their walls instead of gauging shades on paint chips. While hanging paint chips against your walls will show you how the space might turn out, it might not be enough. You have to paint large swatches on your walls — side by side if you are comparing colours — in areas where direct lighting and shadows fall. This will give you a better sense of how the space will actually look.

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Sticking to White to Make your Room Bigger and Brighter

While white can brighten and make rooms bigger, this is only true for well-lit, modern spaces. If your space lacks natural light, better stick to lighter colours instead of plain white.

Creativity is the secret for successful house painting. With the right colour combinations, you can give your space that astounding makeover.