Break Free from Holiday Tradition: Unique Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas TreeTraditional Christmas trees often have the same set of decorations: shining Christmas balls, holly, candy canes and a star or angel on top.

This Christmas, you need not be boxed within the usual. Make the holidays more special by adding a twist to your Christmas tree decorations. After all, apart from breaking tradition, uniquely themed trees add a fabulous and whimsy touch to your holiday festivities.

You can express your hobbies or interests on your tree decorations. For example, your love for teddy bears or dolls can serve as this year’s theme. Special vacations or family celebrations can also inspire your Christmas tree theme.

Before you visit the nearby stores for pre lit Christmas trees for sale or storm the shops, use these ideas to inspire your decorations:

Unleash Your Inner Fan Theme

If the family is a fan of a particular comic book, TV series or movie, your tree can serve as the reflection of that imagination. You can use iconic objects as Christmas ornaments to add some fun while unleashing your inner fanatic.

For example, why don’t you build anticipation for the seventh instalment of Star Wars using some Star Wars-themed decorations? Specialty shops are surely selling these types of decorations. If you prefer to save on money, do-it-yourself decorations are also an option.

Spectacular Seaside Holiday

This theme offers a number of options, especially in terms of colour schemes. You can do it in gold and silver, or astound your visitors with blues and greens. Whatever colour theme you choose, the ornaments should be easy to find and make yourself. All you have to do is look for decorations shaped like a seahorse, a starfish or a shell.

White Christmas Trees

Traditional Christmas trees are often immaculately green. If you wish to have a winter white theme, best to buy a white tree beforehand. Your ornaments can vary, as long as these are in the shade of white. Gold colours can also work if you prefer white mixed with gold.

Let your tree be unlike any other this Christmas season. Impress your guests with a Christmas tree that will stand out and awe them.