Bring Personality to Your Balustrades with a DIY Solution

Balustrades in AustraliaAdding a structure to your home that has a height of one metre or more from the ground below (or renovating an existing one) requires you to have a safety barrier. You can install balustrades, as these can enhance the safety and aesthetics of your property.

Meeting the Building Codes of Australia

According to the Housing Industry Association, property owners must install balustrades for any of the following:

  • Roofs that can be easily accessed by anyone
  • Stairways or ramps
  • Raised structures such as second (or higher) floors, hallways, corridors, balconies, verandas, decks and mezzanines
  • Elevated access paths to another part of the home or building

When planning an addition to your home that fits into any of the categories above, make sure there is a balustrade that goes with it. This way, your home complies with the regulations of the Building Codes of Australia.

Your Balustrading Options

As many homes in Australia feature second floors, balconies, decks, verandas and other raised structures, the people of note the need for balustrades has propelled manufacturers to offer more options. One of the choices you have is the DIY glass balustrade.

The DIY Balustrading Advantage

DIY balustrading systems are some of the most affordable safety barriers available today. These serve as the visual-appeal enhancers in many Australian homes. These are less expensive than other balustrading options, making them a great solution for homeowners who wish to bring in more personality to their properties.

With a DIY balustrading system, you will receive a kit that contains all of the necessary components and parts to set up the safety barrier. The kit comes with an instructions manual for proper installation. Reputable suppliers of balustrading solutions are ready to take your calls if you need assistance in setting up the balustrade.

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