Business Meeting Basics for Negotiations Outside the Office

Business MeetingIf you are scheduled to be in Fortitude Valley to hold a business meeting with possible investors or partners, then consider yourself in good hands. There are quite a number of wonderful places to dine in, to enjoy and to close a deal in.

However, no matter how great the venue, you need to follow basic business meeting pointers, otherwise you might lose that deal. Here are a few of the most essential ones.

Always Be On Time – To people who are busy, time is a priceless commodity. Your promptness can also give your possible partners an initial impression about your business ethics and commitment. This can easily make or break your deal even before the meeting begins. Also, be sure to end the meeting on time and discuss any further meeting dates if that’s required.

Location – Choose accommodations in Fortitude Valley that are elegant but worth the price. It also needs to be within walking distance of the places you plan to hold your meeting. Better yet, make accommodations with an establishment that’s easily accessible so you can invite your business partners for a meeting and be confident with your decision.

Keep To The Agenda – You can start with asking about the weather and other social niceties at the beginning of the meeting, but stick to the business agenda after that. Have a ready list for your discussions and minutes and try not to veer away from the objectives. Make sure that when you finally end your talk, you have managed to finish everything on your list.

Whatever professionalism you show inside the office should be double that when meeting with VIPs outside your workplace. Remember that your trip will only be called worthwhile and successful if you make a good impression to those you will meet in Fortitude Valley.