By Using the Right Materials and Maintenance, Wooden Garden Furniture Can Outlive People

Wood FurnitureWhen buying lawn furniture, most people should buy what last the longest. These choices provide maximum value over time, maybe even more. But, it costs more and that is what stops most buyers. Yet, with a little research, they can find bargain buys and end up more satisfied with their purchase. As far as anyone is concerned, this is the perfect trick to buying the best in anything.

But, getting the best deals does not necessarily translate to longevity. Even more with garden furniture, which are subject to changing climate and regular use. Considering that the best choices revolve around wood also makes it hard to choose what will end up living the longest. Nevertheless, the right choice combined with right maintenance can outlive people.

Wood of Choice

When it comes to lastingness, most sellers would urge buyers to choose hardwood. Most likely, it is the stiffest made of everything and uses the best-quality wood. But, hardwood furniture of all sizes cost a lot. Thus, a set of two chairs and a table must command a higher price than most people can comfortably afford.

Down one level is pine furniture, and this may provide the best value for money among furniture materials. Garden Pine Design and a host of other manufacturers use pine, and they receive top marks for their products. With qualities only a degree less than hardwood, it is worth the money.

Making It Last

Here is the tricky part, preserving wood furniture. Timber is susceptible to rot, and without proper care, it will not be long before wooden chairs and tables become weak and wilt. Most furniture come pre-treated, but those coatings will only last for a time.

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The secret is the regularity of maintenance. There are many ways to clean wood, most pragmatically is jet-spraying water. This technique ensures to remove a layer of dirt that stuck to the surface. Whether by pressure washing or regular towel cleaning, let the furniture dry out after washing. After that, it is recommended to apply protective coating and wood stain/teak oil. This is to protect the surface and keep its gorgeous look.

The life cycle of wood items will always be hard to enhance, especially those put in the outdoors. Nonetheless, with these tips and tricks, people will manage to use wood furniture for a very long time.