The Horrors That Lurk Beneath Your Carpet

man cleaning carpet with vacuum

man cleaning carpet with vacuumThe majority of homeowners think their carpets are already clean after they have run the vacuum cleaner over them and spot cleaned individual spots of mud or spillages. However, even though they may look clean at first glance, the truth is far different. That is why professional carpet cleaning services for your Sandy, Utah home are essential. This way, you can be assured that the following bacteria are out of your way:

E. coli and Salmonella from dust mites

Dust mites can survive and breed quite happily despite “hoovering.” Their excrement builds up within the carpet threads, making the area just as unclean as the toilet. Insect poo is home to E. coli and Salmonella, the famous food poisoning bugs. While people are careful to clean their fridge and kitchen surfaces, many do not bother with carpeted floors.

Just a single insect can do 20 droppings every day. These waste particles end up in the atmosphere and are breathed in by people and pets. This can cause asthma, allergies and itchy skin rashes like eczema.

Carpet mold

If the home is damp, mold can spread not only on the walls and ceilings but also underneath the carpets. Mold can feed on the carpet itself, causing a progressive black stain that cannot be removed by scrubbing. In addition to making the carpets look unattractive and dirty, mold can also trigger allergies, breathing problems and pneumonia. It is particularly dangerous to babies and the elderly. A professional deep clean is the only way to successfully remove carpet mold without having to discard the whole carpet.

Carpet cleaning services are available for insect and mold infected carpets. Professional cleaning equipment can remove bacteria and fungi from deep within the fibers. They are far more powerful and effective than smaller, domestic machines to get the carpet clean from the inside out.

Carpets are a cesspool of hidden germs that could cause health problems in the family, but regular carpet cleaning can eliminate the bugs that cannot be seen.

How to Choose Furniture for your Outdoor Patio

covered patio with fireplace and furnitureYour patio is a place that you usually relax in after a hard day’s work. It is where you hang out with your family to unwind after a stressful week, so you must make sure that everyone will feel comfortable during your meet-ups on the patio.

Choosing the right furniture for your stratco patios in Brisbane can be a confusing task. Today, we are going to discuss what needs to be considered when buying furniture for your new patio so you would not be stressed out once you’re out shopping.

Create an Organised List

Determine what you want your patio to be: will you be eating on the patio with your family and friends all the time? Do you need it to look like some space to accommodate your friends during wine nights? Or do you want it to be a peaceful corner wherein you can just relax and read a book?

Determining what you want your patio to be can help you decide what furniture to get. Once you have answered the question above and you are sure what you want your patio to be, then go ahead an create a list of the type of furniture that you will need for the said events.

Go for Quality Pieces

It is easy to be tempted to buy cheap and affordable furniture, especially if your budget does not allow you to get expensive furniture. However, investing in quality furniture can help you save some money in the future. Think about it – you will have less maintenance and upkeep, and you won’t have to keep on buying new ones just because your old ones are on the verge of breaking apart. Save some money and invest in high-quality furniture rather than settling for cheap and easily-damaged ones.

Get Dual-Purpose Furniture

This is especially helpful if you have insufficient patio space. Look for ones that have different uses to maximise your space. For example, if you need more storage, then get those couch and chairs that have extra storage spaces in the bottom. You can also get furniture that can be folded or extended to make sure that you can accommodate more people if need be.

Shopping for furniture can be fun, but you have to remember the small details and be aware of your needs. Happy shopping!

Building a Greenhouse: 3 Important Things you Should Remember

A conservatory outside a houseHaving your greenhouse will save you from a lot of costs. Instead of buying fruits and vegetables from the market, all you have to do is give your greenhouse a visit, and there you have it – the ingredients that you need for tonight’s dinner.

Aside from that, the freshness of your food can never be beaten. You’ll be harvesting it from your yard, and therefore, you are sure that it is safe for your whole family’s consumption.

However, building your own greenhouse and looking for a commercial greenhouse contractor is not all that easy. You have a few points to consider, and today, Conservatory Craftsmen will discuss what those are.

The Foundation

Determining what foundation to use is important for every industrial, commercial, or personal construction project. With greenhouses, you can choose from a wide variety of foundations: Compacted or Soil Earth, Perimeter Bases, Slabs or Paving, and Concrete Pad. It would be best to ask your commercial greenhouse contractor what would work best for your land and your preferences.

Framing Materials

Two framing materials are often used in building greenhouses: wood and metal. If you are looking for ways to save up and minimize your costs, then go for wood. It is also easier to work with, meaning that your project will be finished sooner than when using metal.

Make sure to ask your contractors what type of wood you should use, as some types of wood would mean having to maintain it more often.

Most commercial greenhouses these days are made of galvanized steel, as it has a longer lifespan than wood. However, it has less flexibility when it comes to construction. Be sure to ask your contractors for the best option, as they’d know what would work best with your project.


Insulating all of the walls that you do not have glazing on is a must to keep humidity away. You can either use foam insulation or structural insulated panels for this, but make sure to ask your contractors to seal it properly and keep it dry at all times.

Communicating with your contractors about your needs and wants about the project will make it a successful one. Make sure to ask for their advice and have your greenhouse built in no time!

Pro Tips to Consider When Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

Contractor at a house

Contractor at a houseFinding a contractor is the first step to the fulfillment of your home improvement project or to fix issues in the house such as foundations that are in need of repair. With a reliable contractor, you can ensure the quality of work without incurring expenses beyond your budget. On the other hand, a bad and inexperienced contractor can lead to several renovation disasters.

There have been horror stories. basement foundation contractors like Van Matre Construction, LLC who don’t charge their clients beyond the project’s estimated cost, contractors who see to it that a project is finished on time, and highly experienced contractors that make your home even better than before.

To give you a better idea of how to land the best contractor for your particular need, here is a list of factors to consider.

Know What You Want

Even before seeking a contractor’s advice on a project’s estimated cost, you have to figure out what you want. Do further research on what materials you like to use and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

Ask for Referrals

Word-of-mouth recommendations are a good way of choosing a qualified contractor. You can ask your neighbors who have had home improvement projects or even local hardware store employees. Ask them about the pros and cons of each contractor and whether or not the whole experience was a positive one.

Check Contractor’s Credentials

General contractors and subcontractors should be licensed. Check the contractor’s website and see if they possess all the licenses required by state and local municipalities. It is easier to trust contractors who have passed rigorous tests to earn several certifications.

Check Contractor’s Portfolio

A contractor can provide you with either a physical or an online portfolio. A good portfolio must contain at least 10 projects with several before-and-after photos. It will help a lot if the portfolio comes with the contractor’s sketches or images of blueprints. This way you can assess how a contractor approaches a project.

Choose the Right Contractor for the Project

Someone who did a good job at tiling your kitchen or installing your new bathtub isn’t necessarily the right person for a home extension project. Find a construction company that regularly offers services on the kind of project you want to be done.

Set Up Meetings for Candidates

Once you have narrowed down your list of contenders, try to set up a meeting and see how they can confidently answer your questions. This tactic can be an excellent way of determining whether or not a contractor is right for the job.

You have to do your homework before settling on a particular contractor. The first step towards your dream home is crucial. Finding the right contractor will make the experience of having your house remodeled or even repaired such a joy.

Tips on preventing a fire disaster at home

Man looking at his house on fire

Man looking at his house on fireAccidental house fires pose a serious threat to the safety of the occupants and their possessions.  Your family member may be killed or injured in a fire disaster, or it may take long before you recover from a fire disaster. Here are a few tips to prevent and mitigate accidental fires at home.

Prevent electricity related fire

Ensure that you get your electrical wiring inspected at least once a year. Moreover, be on the lookout for frayed wires and naked wires. Do not overload your circuits. Consult a licensed electrician to determine the capacity of your electrical system or add new outlets if the available ones are overwhelmed.

Prevent fire at the kitchen

Avoid leaving your pots and pans unattended for long on the stove. Your stored LPG gas should be a safe distance from the stove. Also, clean your oven after cooking to prevent grease, fool crumbs and fat from igniting fires.

Prevent the clothes dryer from causing fires

When installing the dryer vent, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Consider professional help for the installation. Also, clean the dryer regularly with the lint filter after every load.

Seek professional fire recovery services after a fire disaster

Even after taking the necessary precautions, you still get accidental fires. You might recover much of your possessions if the fire was not extensive. Professional fire damage restoration service providers like AAA Restoration in Salt Lake City can help restore such areas as the windows and the doors that have partial damage. They can also assist in cleaning up the place after a fire disaster.

Preventing fire helps saves you the inherent risks of property damage, injuries or even death. Take steps to prevent fires from starting at home. In case it starts, seeks the assistance of professional fire restoration services to clean up the home and restore some partially damaged items.

Building Barriers: Making Your Business Crime-Deterrent

steel metal doorsWhen it comes to your business, protecting your assets, people and customers is a top priority. After all, your bottom line greatly depends on all of them. As such, it’s vital that you do everything to maintain a high level of security in and around your place of business.

One way to achieve this goal is to set up a barrier to entry and exit points, such as the garage.

An added layer of security

In Utah, garage doors for commercial establishments play major roles in keeping the facilities secure against not just unauthorized access — which is already a safety threat in itself — but also pilferage of physical properties and possibly data theft.

Unauthorized access prevention is already a huge deterrent to all the other disastrous consequences that theft can bring to your organization. In other words, having this kind of barrier already significantly minimizes the risks of having your property — whether physical or intellectual — stolen.

Peace of mind for everyone

With a strong, sturdy, and standard-compliant garage door, you can rest knowing that it will take unscrupulous individuals a lot more time and effort to get into your property and wreak havoc on your business.

This peace of mind then allows you and your people to go about carrying out tasks and finding ways to improve operations. Your employees will also feel more secure and appreciative of you since they will understand that you’re also doing it for their sake as well.

Protecting your people against safety and security threats is the ethical thing to do, and at the same time, this protection will give them a reason to stay with you.

Finally, don’t forget that consumers nowadays prefer doing business with establishments that prioritize their customers’ safety and well-being. With a garage door serving this purpose, they will feel more at ease and more than happy to do business with you.

Average Costs of a Kitchen Remodel Project in 2018

A home kitchen

A home kitchenYou could make plans and learn new trends for a great kitchen remodel project in your Salt Lake City home, but you will most likely think about cost more than anything. The cost might be the single most limiting element in a remodel.

Your plans will likely change based on what you can afford and what you want to prioritize in your kitchen. On the upside, you can focus on what you truly want, and you learn to be creative when you have a limited budget.

Small Kitchen Remodel

You can ballpark the cost of your remodel based on the size of your kitchen alone. Kitchens less than 200 square feet have average costs of $25,800 with a major remodel.

A major remodel involves a complete overhaul of the kitchen, including the cabinetry and appliances. A minor remodel project without changes to the former elements costs an average of $13,700.

Large Kitchen Remodel

With a kitchen of more than 200 square feet, you can look at costs at an average of $42,000 on a major remodel project. A minor one, on the other hand, will cost only an average of $22,000.

Of course, for more specific estimates, you have to factor in Utah material and labor costs, material choice, and quality, and more.

Plan Your Remodel Right

With the average costs based on kitchen size alone, however, you can already have a good idea of the costs of your kitchen remodel. Now, you can focus on planning your remodeling project and making the most out of your budget. You can even save on costs in ingenious ways.

Cost-Saving Tricks

For one, you can retain the same layout as your old kitchen. In this way, you can save on labor costs needed for relocating plumbing and electric and gas lines.

Secondly, you may consider opting for ready-to-assemble or stock cabinet models to save on customization. Finally, you can even do some of the remodeling work yourself.

A kitchen remodel will still considerably be expensive, but as long as you plan things right, you will be able to enjoy a substantial return on investment.

Aging Population Calls for Proper Mobility Aids

Doctor and nurse assisting elderly in wheelchairAs the world’s population continues to grow and life expectancy increases, many countries are now seeing a graying population. Many facilities and homeowners in Denver are now considering stairlifts and other improved access equipment, but many people still find it difficult to find the right mobility access equipment.

Technological advancements have ensured that more equipment are available to the general public, especially since the global elderly population is expected to grow to two billion by 2050. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the foremost cause of fatal injuries among seniors. Furthermore, an estimated $31 billion was expended in the treatment of fall-related injuries in 2014.

While these call for the use of the appropriate mobility aids, the choice of the best stairlifts still needs to be made. Is there a one-size-fits-all solution or are there parameters by which such decisions should be made for maximum efficiency and use? These four questions should help in deciding which is the best stairlift.

How is your staircase designed?

While staircases are typically straight or curved to suit the tastes of the homeowner, they play a role in determining the appropriate stairlift to be installed. The curved staircase would require a site survey as it demands special installation.

What are the features available in the stairlift?

The medical condition of the older adult must be considered. For example, if they have an arthritic condition, mobility will be an issue. This necessitates the presence of soft-touch or remote-control operations to make it easy to use.

Does the stairlift have safety features?

The stairlift needs to be designed for efficiency, efficacy, and safety of users. Additionally, the gear tracks must be adequately concealed to protect pets and children from accidental injuries.

Is the stairlift designed to carry those with above-average weight?

Some stairlifts may not be able to carry beyond average body weight, and this could affect how its engine works. It is important to purchase a stairlift that can carry more than the person’s weight.

Stairlifts can make a difference in reducing the number of senior citizens lost to accidental falls annually. For anyone in the Mile-High City looking for a stair lift, Denver offers loads of options to get the very best.

Get to Know the Three Common Types of Staircase

A wooden staircase

A wooden staircaseWhen planning a staircase installation, one would have to consider what the intended use is. For instance, is it supporting or front oriented? This is because the form and function have a direct effect on the practical usage of a staircase as well as the convenience it provides.

Clarity and precision are essential in staircase construction.  The space that you use to build it on will be used solely for that purpose and will not allow for any other activities. As such, you have the option to decide on the type of wooden steps in NZ that will work best for you with the available space.

Straight Staircase

If you want a simple basic design, these stairs are the best option. The stairs have one straight flight which does not exceed 16 steps. This category also includes half and quarter landing stairs. They are versatile as you can choose wooden materials, stainless steel or glass made panels.

Arched or Curved

If you want a contemporary style, then this elegant and graceful staircase will give you just that. It is placed in the entrance area to create a perfect first impression. This timeless classic staircase is built on a much larger radius but does not make a full circle. Additionally, it is easy to climb up and down these steps even for children.


This staircase category features treads that compactly radiate around an established centre pole. They are mainly popular in areas where available staircase space is at a premium- especially on lofts, studios, and decks. Due to the centre pole aspect, spirals do not require extra supporting structures making them even more affordable. Moreover, they can be easily installed and are versatile about the material used for construction.

Combining style and function, staircases provide an endless opportunity to showcase class regardless of the material and design. Therefore, as you build your staircase, make this space as unique and attractive as you want it to be.

4 Easy Steps to Installing an Ornamental Fence

Gate fence nearby the poolTo add beauty to their homes, many homeowners install ornamental fences around their property. Of course, an added benefit to this kind of fencing is that it makes your home more secure. You may want to hire a professional to do the project for you, but if you have the time, it’s a task that’s fun to do yourself. Here are four easy steps while installing an ornamental fence.

Assemble materials shares that modern ornamental fencing can be done using various materials. You could decide to use wood, for instance, or opt to go with fence panels made of metal. If you choose to go with metal, choose between aluminum and wrought iron. Then buy other supplies you’ll need for the fence such as concrete, paint, and so on.

Break ground

Once the materials for the fence are ready, it’s now time to dig into the ground. Make sure that you already have a map of your property, so you don’t dig into your neighbor’s property. Holes should be dug in accordance with the size of the posts. Follow directions on the appropriate depth and spacing.

Anchor the posts

Mix concrete and add the appropriate amount to each hole. Eighty pounds of concrete should be enough per hole. Then place the metal posts inside and square them using a trowel and fence line. Create a slope for each post using the trowel to protect against rainwater. Leave the posts for at least a full day to become stable.

Attach the panels

Following the instruction manual for your metal fence, attach the panels to the posts. The manual usually gives directions as to what distance you need to observe between panels. Then check the entire fence for any weak points and fix them.

Giving your property a handsome appearance is easier than you may have imagined. You can start by installing an ornamental fence, a task that’s easy, affordable and effective.