Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

Electricity Transmission LinesAre you continually shocked by the cost of your electricity bill? You take a good look at your power consumption and don’t see a good reason why your power bill is so big. Here are things that consume loads of energy that you may not be aware of:

1. Problematic Appliances

Some of your appliances may be using more power than usual. It could be because they’re old or not properly maintained. This especially applies one of the most probable culprits — your refrigerator. Best have the unit cleaned or checked for defects. To ensure it runs smoothly with no excess power usage, bring it to a fridge repair shop. Utah-based appliance service company All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. recommends always checking your unit’s wattage consumption and if it has an Energy Star rating.

2. Misuse of Units

It’s also possible that you’re not using appliances in the most practical way possible. For example, you might be using the dishwasher at just half a load. The same goes for your dryer or washing machine. The fact is that even with just ¼ or ½ of the load, these appliances will still consume the same amount of power. So if conserving energy is a priority for you, it’s best to have them filled before turning them on to make the most out of each usage.

3. Home Wiring

There’s also a small chance that your electricity’s wiring is not all your own. There are instances when your bill reflects your neighbor’s power consumption. It could be due to installation issues during construction. To solve this, try consulting a professional to double-check your home's wiring.

4. Seasonal Appliances

Maybe you currently have the humidifier, heating or the air conditioner turned on. These appliances aren’t always used and may add up to your bill, thus creating a slight change in the amount. Devices unnecessary for the season might be secretly eating up your power consumption. Consider electric Halloween and Christmas decors as well.

Sometimes, all it takes are simple adjustments to your home to lower your power consumption. Try to do the math with your appliances and electronics to see if the uses match your bill readings.

Never Forget These Do’s and Don’ts After a Fire in Your House

Fire in the Old House

Fire in the Old HouseUtah, as beautiful as it is, also has a reputation for being one of the most fire-prone states in the country. For this reason, most homeowners all over the Beehive State should make certain that their properties have adequate insurance, and more importantly, fire preventive devices and equipment.

However, accidents can still happen, so you have to prepare yourself, your loved ones, and your home in the event that a fire strikes and destroys your home.

Securing your home: Key to preventing further damages and losses

Once the authorities declare that they have successfully put out the fire, one of the most important steps you should take as a homeowner is to secure your home. You should protect it from any more damage or loss that weather, vandalism, or pilfers can bring to it.

Make sure that you cover and secure any access or entry point; lock all doors that connect to the inside of your home. This is especially true when you have to leave your home. And before you do, ensure that no valuables or expensive items remain in the house.

As soon as you are in a safe location, contact your insurance company to start the claims filing process.

Cautions and the don’ts after a fire

Even after the firefighters have already put out the fire, the havoc that it wreaked on your house leaves many dangers that you should risk facing alone.

While there are some things you need to take responsibility for, such as the aforementioned security and preventive measures, you should leave the repairs and replacements to a professional Salt Lake City provider of fire damage restoration services such as AAA Restoration.

This is extremely important, as the fire may have damaged electrical wiring as well as structural components such as roofs and floors.

The last thing you want to happen is more accidents arising that can endanger anyone, so leave such tasks in the hands of professionals.

Three Signs It’s Time To Enlist The Help Of A Professional Electrician

Electrician tinkering with a socket

Electrician tinkering with a socket

If you live in an older home, especially one that dates back to the early 20th century, it’s inevitable to find that you can’t use new appliances as certain wirings and outlets have become obsolete. While old wiring isn’t exactly dangerous, you want to make sure the electrical system in your home is up to code.

If you have outlets and wirings that need replacement, how do you know it’s time for you to call the professionals from A-Plus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to rewire your house?

If you have outlets that are not grounded.

Some old homes still use two-pronged, non-grounded outlets. These outdated outlets not only lack the ability to accommodate most modern appliances, they are also shock hazards. They may damage your equipment and pose risks to your safety. A certified technician can safely replace old outlets with modern ones.

If you have too many extension cords.

Extension cords and power strips can be helpful in providing power where outlets are not available. However, using too many cords can be bothersome and dangerous. If this is the case, have a technician install additional wiring and outlets.

If you have overloaded circuits.

You might notice that your light bulbs flicker when you use your microwave or any other appliance. This is a sign that it’s harder for your circuit to carry the current load. You might fix this problem by unplugging an appliance from the loaded circuit. It’s also possible, however, that your circuit was engineered to handle a lower amount of electricity and that you need an electrician to add a new outlet.

It pays to enlist the help of good electricians when upgrading your electrical systems. Certified electricians will make necessary adjustments in your home to make the use of electricity convenient. They will save you from stumbling on power cords, dealing with a flickering bulb, or harming yourself from ungrounded outlets.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming pools are some of the most fun and enjoyable structures known to man. The relaxation and stress-relieving effects that swimming can bring make pools even more beneficial and attractive. What's more is it delivers many health benefits, being one of the best forms of exercise.

While you may want a pool as soon as possible, it’s important to do your research first to learn more about what you can do to get the most out of it.

Choosing Between Outdoor and Indoor

Establish where you want it at home. With an outdoor pool, you can get your fix of water activities at least three months before the cool Salt Lake City weather settles in. Outdoor pools, as long as maintained properly, also give any house a considerable aesthetic boost.

On the other hand, you may want an indoor pool if you plan to use it almost every day, regardless of the weather. With it built inside your home, you can take a dip, exercise, or even have swimming marathons even if it’s snowing outside (given that you have the heater switched on).

Safety First

Don’t ever forget to consider safety, especially for children. For this reason, you need to work only with a licensed and experienced Salt Lake City pool contractor. These professionals will design and build your pool with all the safety features you need.

Swimming pools can greatly improve the overall livability and living quality of your home. Simply take the time to do your research and equip yourself with the knowledge of how exactly to maximize its uses and benefits, and you will get the most out of your investment.

Increase Your Property’s Value With These Tips

Home Value Concept

Home Value ConceptAre you planning to sell your house or any of your properties? Do not settle for less. There are ways for you to boost the value of your home before the real estate agent comes in to assess it.

Here are some ways to do that.

Re-Paint Your House

This is probably the logical first step to any attempt to make your home attractive to potential buyers. By painting the house again, you are making it appear new and refreshing, which is a magnet for property buyers. This will also hide the fading paint of the first paint job the house received.

It is important for the house painting to be thorough. Otherwise, buyers may do the opposite of what you intend them to do. Thus, it is important to hire reliable house painters in Wellington such as Gavin Chan Decorators Limited.

Ramp up Your “Green” Credentials

There are lots of environmentally conscious property buyers now, so this can convince them to consider your home. One way to do this is to ensure that your property does not consume too much energy. After all, energy efficiency is starting to rise as a priority among buyers. You can never go wrong with that.

Invest on Your Exteriors

Your home’s exteriors will be the first thing that your visitors will see when they go to your home. It is essential that it is always prepared for unannounced visits. The same goes in trying to sell the home.

Prune your plants and water the grass in your lawns, and you will see that the demand for your property will grow.

Be Forward Thinking with the Home Improvements

You are not always sure that your home will sell immediately. Always look towards the future and evaluate if your property will be attractive after a few years.

The ultimate lesson in selling your home is to make it as attractive as possible. Improving your home will come back in spades in the future.

3 Metal Garage Door Struggles That Professionals Help You With

White Garage Door

White Garage Door

Prefabricated and custom-made garage doors come in various colors and designs. Wood and fiberglass doors are some of the best in terms of looks. Metal doors are appealing too, though, and could cost less than their wood and fiberglass counterparts.

Having a metal garage door, however, means dealing with some struggles especially if it does not get the required maintenance work. Here are some metal garage door issues that commercial garage door repair companies such as pricesdoors.com can help you with.


Of the different types of garage doors, metal ones could have the noisiest operation. The noise has a lot to do with the vibrations from the metal garage door. The other metallic parts of the door pick up the vibrations which further intensify the noise. You may tighten the bolts and apply oil to the metal parts for the door to slide smoother, but a professional can help you if the remedy does not help reduce the noise.


If you currently have a metal garage door with dents, consult your local garage door professional for the best remedy. Does a simple repair fix it or do you need a new door? Does a steel door or an aluminum one match your garage needs better? Not only will they provide answers to these questions. They will also look for a suitable product for you.


As a homeowner owner, you have to contribute to garage door maintenance even if you do have a local repair company to take care of it. There are some cases, however, where corrosion is unavoidable. The garage door repair company will be able to identify if their services can tackle the rust issue or if a new garage door is a more economical for you.

Metal garage doors, although they could be noisy and prone to dents and rust, are a suitable option for many homeowners. Regular maintenance helps keep such problems at bay, but a reliable garage door repair company will help you deal with the worst.

How Well Prepared are You for Roofing Emergencies?

Roofer repairing a house roofNo one expects emergencies; even roofing emergencies. They all happen unpredictably. And, while it is almost impossible to prevent some of the causes, you can prevent further damage or, at least, prepare for the next roofing emergency by taking the following steps.

Schedule for regular roof maintenance

You do not have to wait until you have a case of urgency at hand to tackle the needed repairs. Identify a reliable roofing contractor in Tauranga such as Kiwispout NZ LTD to inspect the condition of your roof on a regular basis.

They will deal with (and correct) issues, such as damaged shingles, loose ridge caps and poorly installed metal panels. The more you keep putting off fixing these problems, the more the chances of roof leaks will keep escalating.

Confirm whether your homeowner’s insurance covers such emergencies

It is necessary to ascertain the events of deterioration and resultant damage that your insurance covers, whether it includes repairs or replacement irrespective of your roof’s age. It is advisable you also familiarise yourself with insurers’ claim process in Tauranga early in time before such emergencies occur.

Note and mark off your utility shut-offs

How well you muster the location of electricity, gas and water shut-offs in your home will determine how quickly you can turn them off during roofing emergencies to minimise risks of electrical fires, gas leaks and floods.

The most stressful part of handling roofing emergencies is not in figuring out why your roof failed you, but in trying to find a reliable roofer in the midst of the crisis.

Find a reliable contractor

It is imperative that you start searching for a well established and licensed contractor immediately after you have completed the acquisition process with your realtor or building your home.

Assess the contractor’s reliability, reputation and degree of responsiveness to emergencies by checking reviews online, enquiring from previous customers and verifying that they have the right certifications.

Once you find a reputable roofing contractor, they will help learn further, how well you can prepare to make your roofing emergencies less stressful.

Make Your Bathroom Safe For The Less Able

Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom poses a lot of potential dangers for the less able members of your family, such as young children, persons with disabilities, and the elderly. They could fall and slip, which can cause serious injuries. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid or minimize the risks.
When you purchase a bathtub, choose one with features that can help the elderly use the bathtub safely

Grab Bars

A lot of less able people fall when trying to get in or out of the shower or tub. You can install grab bars around the tub area that they can grasp for support. The bars must be sturdy and able to withstand significant pressure and weight. Bars are also ideal to place near the shower head so the user can hold on to one while washing or adjusting the temperature. There must also be bars near the toilet seat that will facilitate sitting down and getting up.

Raised Toilet Seat

Older people usually find it difficult to sit on the toilet. When you raise the toilet seat, it would be easier for seniors to sit down and stand up. Have a professional plumber elevate the seat by around 3 to 6 inches.

Tension Poles

An alternative to placing grab bars are tension poles that can be installed near the tub. Similar to a grab bar, a tension pole provides additional support for older people as they get in or out of the bathtub.

Roll-In Showers

If your family member is using a wheelchair, it would be doubly difficult to get into and out of the shower. A roll-in shower is designed specifically for people in wheelchairs. The shower is available in various sizes and styles. Just make sure it meets the standards set by the American Disabilities Association.
If you are living with an elderly loved one, it is a good idea to have your bathroom fitted with these various safety features. Doing this will significantly reduce the risk injuries and accidents in your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Utah House?

Happy Affectionate Senior Couple Hugging in Front of Sold Real Estate Sign and House.Every homeowner should set aside money for home maintenance. If you’re planning to sell your home, you’ll find well-maintained properties spending less time on the listing. It always attracts buyers since it means they can move in quickly. They also don’t have to pay extra money for repairs. If you’re living there, a home with no issues is safe and healthy. But how much should you set aside for maintenance?

The One Percent Rule

The truth is there’s no exact number for maintenance costs. Many factors can affect them. These include the condition of your home prior to purchase. Experts, though, suggest following the one percent rule. This means you set aside 1 percent of the home’s purchase price for maintenance.

Be Flexible

According to Zillow, the average home price in Utah is $247,600. One percent of that is less than $3,000. It’s something most people can afford. But here’s the problem: many maintenance costs are expensive. In fact, homes end up spending a whopping $14,000 a year.

This is because maintenance also covers insurance (e.g., home insurance) and even association fees. These payments help repair or maintain your surroundings. In turn, it keeps your home well maintained as well. These expenses are usually paid per month.

How to Work Out the Budget

The one percent rule is already a good start. It’s better than having no money to pay for AC repairs and other maintenance at all. But as your home ages, increase your budget. Moreover, don’t forget to factor all the other spending related to your home such as insurance and association fees.

It’s also equally important to pay attention to your appliances such as air conditioners. Poor maintenance can shorten its shelf life and increase utility bills. Call an AC repair Utah expert regularly. These people don’t only repair the units but also give you advice to improve its life.

Office Culture Through Meaningful Office Design

Employees chatting while working

Employees chatting while working

Office culture has changed in recent years to enhance productivity among its workers. How can you define yours through your office design and interiors? Here is a very helpful guideline to help you design an office fit for productivity and creativity.
As workforce is pushing for better results, office culture has dramatically changed. Every company in every field has tried to define their character by arranging their office interiors, hoping that adding minor changes, such as the addition of unique vintage lamps, would encourage quality work and great results.

Define Your Office Culture

Think about your long-term goals and objectives that define your company's values. You have to offer not only your products and services but also your company's core values. 
How you put together the design elements in your office, such as the colors, decor, furniture pieces, and the architectural details will help define your company's atmosphere and culture. A well-designed interior will also enhance productivity and motivate employees.

Little Details are Important

Aligning your company culture and planned procedures is the best path to achieving established business goals. Your office design could help employees develop creativity and thinking outside the box.
You can arrange your office furniture in a way that promotes communication and team work, while at the same time providing areas that could give individual workers the time for contemplation and privacy. 
You could also add pieces that inspire teamwork and creativity. Some companies place game boards and game pieces to encourage their staff to communicate without the burden of responsibility.
Design accents, such as greenery, lighting fixtures such as unique vintage lamps can change the way your staff would approach their job. Make workstations lively, creative, and productive with the right design and decor accent. 
These days, businesses are becoming more proactive in designing areas that encourage employee growth through relaxation. The right color, furniture, arrangement, decor, and lighting all help to keep your office environment trendy, lively, and conducive for work.