What is Water Damage and How Does it Harm You and Your Home? A 4-Point Guide

hole in the water pipeWater damage is a problem that homeowners shouldn’t underestimate. It could be by flood entering the indoor premises, melted snow seeping through the roof, or rainwater dripping on exposed floors.

Water damage restoration services here in British Columbia are necessary to remedy the various effects of water damage, listed below.

Rot and Rust

A lot of household furniture and appliances are made of wood and metal. Once these materials get prolonged exposure to water, the wood could get too damp until it starts to rot. The metal could react chemically with the water and oxygen, thus forming rust.

Rotting and rusting could lessen the integrity of your wood and metal properties, resulting in malfunctioning appliances or broken furniture.

Mold Growth

Another effect of water damage is mold growth. Molds usually grow in moist or wet areas, and flooded houses are no exception. Molds can cause serious health problems like sneezing, allergic reactions, or lung problems. This is why it’s crucial to get water damage restorations to prevent molds from spreading.

Soiled Home Decor

Home decor like rugs and carpets are made of textile, which could quickly absorb water. The same can is true for couches and curtains made of fur or fabric. If the floodwater is smelly and dirty, it could soil and leave a stench on your home decor.

This brings not only health risks, but hassles as well because you can’t use the home decor once it’s soiled.

In conclusion, water damage brings with it many detrimental effects on you and your household. This could require professional solutions, like water damage restoration services. It’s a worthy investment because these experts have training and the expertise to fix and restore.

Instead of attempting repairs yourself, you can call them to help you instead.

Ways to Extend Your Living Space

a patioWhen the weather starts to get warmer, our thoughts turn to spending more time outside to bask in the sun. Putting up an umbrella on your lawn and removing it when cold weather comes just does not do it for some home-owners who wish to have an outdoor space that is well-designed and functional.

One option that lets you enjoy the outdoors during warmer days and protects your home during the colder months is to invest in a patio enclosure, which blocks moisture and limits exposure to the elements.

Placing a patio where you need it to be

A patio is commonly placed adjacent to the house for easy access, but you have the option to place it away from the house if you want a greater level of privacy for the space.

Creative a cohesive design

Before you start to actually design your outdoor area, consider the architectural style of your home and how you can extend that style to your yard. Stick to the dominant colour scheme of your indoor space and integrate that into the design of the exterior space.

It is important to stay consistent with the architectural design and colour scheme to be able to create a cohesive area outside. Do not worry because you can always find materials to match your interiors if you stick to using the same colour palette. You can also add plants as accessories to the area.

Layout and lighting

Just like indoor spaces, outdoor rooms have basic elements such as floors, ceilings, and walls. You need to refer to the layout of your outdoor space in planning the transition between the indoor and outdoor areas. Take note of any slopes and steep hills when measuring the outdoor space so you have a clear picture of its size and dimension.

When it comes to planning the lighting of your exterior living space, the goal is to create an ambience that encourages your family and friends to relax. For this purpose, you can use subtle down lighting. Attach lights to the trees outside and position them downward to achieve that moonlight effect.

Design an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will allow you to bring the fun of cooking and grilling outside the home, and it will impress guests when you’re entertaining. What is great about bringing a kitchen outside is that you can be as creative as you want with the overall aesthetic of your cooking area. You can opt for a rustic look using wood and brick or a modern aesthetic using sleek stainless steel.

If you are looking to entertain guests and utilise the outdoor kitchen in warm weather, a fully equipped kitchen will be ideal for you.

These are just some possibilities that open when you install a patio in what otherwise may have been an unused space.

4 Reasons to Install a Sliding Barn Door in Your Home

Wooden sliding barn doorAll homeowners want their house to look presentable, especially since the look and feel of it represents their personalities. Doors are among the things that never go unnoticed. This is why you should always invest when it comes to your doors.

One of the most popular household doors is the sliding barn door. You can find hundreds of unique and stylish sliding barn door hardware in Australia. Here are the benefits that you can get from installing one in your home:

The designs

Sliding barn doors have plenty of designs that you can choose from. It is very versatile and can fit any type of room, whether big or small. You can customise the design or have a ready-made one installed—it is totally up to you.

Space saver

Sliding barn doors are perfect for smaller rooms since they have a sliding mechanism. You do not have to think about it swinging open and close and you would not have to worry about it knocking something over.


Doors are often difficult to open and close since most of them are so heavy. This is not the case with a sliding barn door though, as it is very easy to operate. Just make sure that the tracks are always clean and oiled.


Regular swinging doors tend to be pulled down over time, making it inevitable for the floor under it to be scratched whenever the door is opened or closed. With a sliding barn door, this will not happen, as all you have to do is slide it all the way to open and close it.

Having a sliding barn door will make your life easier and your home prettier. Go ahead and grab one (or more) today.

Need Help with your Sprinkler? Call a Sprinkler Repair Company

Sprinkler spewing waterSprinkler systems are essential in keeping a lawn and garden looking good all year. If a system is installed and programmed correctly, it will deliver the needed amount of water to the lawn and garden automatically. Many people choose sprinkler systems because they can set the water levels and you would not have to do much. Like everything mechanical, sprinkler systems can break down and need repairs.

Finding the right home sprinkler repair in Salt Lake City need not be a challenge. Many installation companies do repairs too. Talk to friends and neighbors to get leads on such a company. Get professional help to get a diagnosis and then let them handle it for you so that your lawn and plants don’t suffer.

Common Sprinkler Problems

  • Common issues that most homeowners have with their systems are:
  • Clogged sprinkler heads
  • Leaky sprinklers or pipes
  • Spray patterns
  • Blocked or broken lines or sprinklers
  • Low water pressure
  • Malfunctioning monitor

How sprinkler repair companies can help:


In cold climates, sprinkler pipes can burst if the system is not winterized. This can be expensive as the system consists of interconnected pipes under the lawn. Installation and repair companies can fix the problem and save the homeowner money.

Spotting problems

Sometimes a sprinkler head can get clogged and stop working. If it is a pop-up type of sprinkler head, check if dirt is clogging it. If not, then check the pipes to ensure that water pressure is not too low. Broken sprinkler heads are easy enough to fix. In fact, a homeowner can do it on his own if it is only one or two heads.

Zoning problems

Depending on the size of the yard, sprinkler systems are set up in zones. Automatic timers can malfunction and not work as intended. If this is the case, then the sprinkler repair company can inspect it and fix this and other issues in one go. It pays to check on your own before calling in professional help.

Sprinkler systems work well and have minimal problems. The cost of repairs will depend on the problem and to what extent. You can avoid having problems with regular maintenance and winterizing.

3 Effects of Water Damage on Your Home

Water Damaged CeilingAs with any structure, protecting the house is important to maintain its integrity. Regular cleaning and inspections of each of its parts are important to avoid unnecessary repairs. For instance, if your home suffers water damage in Utah, it would cost you an average of $6,900 on repairs alone.

In fact, water damage affects 70% of houses in the US. To emphasize further the importance of water damage prevention, here are its three most common effects to your home.

It Quickens Growth and Spread of Molds

Preventing the growth and spread of mold is important to keep the dwellers of the house healthy. Molds can cause rashes, asthma, infections, and respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, even small water damage in your Utah home can cause the molds to grow in your house.

It tends to spread on unseen places – underneath the carpets, between walls or dark corners. Worse, removing it would be difficult and expensive.

It Weakens the Structure of Your House

Water and moist can affect the wooden structure of your home. It will be weaker and prone to pest infestation such as termites. Worse, in the event of a clogged gutter in your home, it will affect the foundation of your home as well. You can just imagine the cost it will take to fund these extensive repairs.

It Damages Your Properties

Even the smallest leak can bring damages to your properties. For instance, it can crawl and damage your appliances such as air conditioner, washer, dryer or range with repair costs definite to hurt your pockets.

In the event of massive water damage, it would also affect the electrical wirings and gas linings, leaving you with no utilities to use for a long time.

While water damages may happen eventually in any homes, the best way to prevent it is through regular inspections and care. In the event of an unfortunate situation, make sure to contact a good cleaning service.

How to Make a Dark Coloured Carpet Work in your Home

Different kinds of carpetA carpet that is richly toned and dark could effortlessly transform the look of your space, not only due to the adventurous and dramatic statement it conveys, but because of its ability to introduce various moods, tones, and depths as well.

But if you are still uncertain if you could work with intensely hued Milliken carpets, below are some ideas to inspire you.

Highlight other Features

A dark, neutral carpet is a stunning way to showcase anything in a room such as an elegant sofa, antique coffee table, or vintage wallpaper. Dark bases work much better than light bases for highlighting special design elements.

A More Formal Tone

If you want to outfit your dining room with a carpet, not only is going dark great practical reasons, but it is likewise beneficial to stick with short piles that you could vacuum easily.

Warm hues like dark, sandy brown will lend an upscale backdrop in your formal dining room, coupled with artwork featuring some complementary tones to make certain that your floor and walls work well together.

Practicality Matters in a Child’s Room

Your kid’s bedroom obviously bear a tonne of activities, making a dark carpet the perfect choice. Likewise, if you are still trying to find the perfect wall colour for your kid’s room that will grow and adapt with your child, consider introducing colour using a dark carpet.

You could then opt for neutral walls you could easily paint over when your kid can choose a paint colour that he or she likes for the room.

Showcase Natural Hues

Introducing a light rug to a darker toned carpet will lend subtle tension than both captivating and dramatic. You could also opt to continue the dramatic effect with similar neutral hues to bring in more classic monochromatic effect.

Utility and Style

Building a hallway that is both stylish and practical could be quite challenging, but quite easy if you opt for a dark coloured carpet. Just make sure to keep your walls bright and light, so your hallway will not feel too cramped.

Whether you are looking to add a dark carpet in a solid colour or a patterned Milliken carpet, remember these tips, and you will not go wrong.

7 Tips to Guarantee Better Lighting This Christmas

Christmas lights outside a well decorated houseChristmas season is almost here, doesn’t it seem that they come earlier with each passing year? No matter, it’s a time to spread cheer. Part of what makes Christmas great is how pretty everything looks and a big part of that are Christmas lights. Hanging outdoor Christmas lights is a challenge to many. This article offers a few tips on how to play it safe and still bring joy.

1. Start Small.

If it is your first time decorating, it is advisable to start with simple lighting covering the tree and a few in the house. Over time you can buy more and expand to the outside.

2. Household Capacity.

It is advisable to understand your home’s lighting capacity. This knowledge will help prevent any event of power surge as a result of lighting. The light decorations come accompanied with a description of the amount of energy it requires. Include no more than 1400 watts.

3. Remove burned-out lights.

Burned out lights tend to drain power from other bulbs which result in dimmer lighting. Test the lights before putting them up.

4. Enlist Experts.

It is advisable to call in professionals to do the lighting for you if you have no roofing experience. In cases of municipal Christmas lights, which require an extra set of hands, it is better to have experts install the lighting.

5. Quality lights.

When purchasing lights for your home, it is important to consider a lighting set with an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label.

6. Add inspiration.

For a better-decorated home, it is wise to add sparkle to unexpected places. A birdbath or even the hedges can make for a creative decoration set. Municipal Christmas lights will make for a better addition.

7. Turn off Lights.

An important safety consideration to remember is to switch off the lights when going to bed or when leaving the house.

Municipal Christmas lights add an encompassing sense of community to any area; an example would be municipal lighting around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Whether it’s a residential venture or a community one, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas lighting.

Find the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Office

An AC System for the Office

An AC System for the OfficeMost Australians use a split-system air conditioning unit at home. It is an efficient type of cooling system that is popular these days. However, despite its popularity, should you have it for your office as well?

While a good air conditioner service can help you choose the right system, it is best to be familiar with the factors that go into the decision of choosing the right one. Conduct Air Conditioning presents some tips that can help you pick the most appropriate air conditioning system for your office.

Find the Right Size and Type

There are four main types of air conditioning systems in Australia. You have the split system, wall/window, reverse-cycle or cooling only, and inverter technology air conditioners. Choosing one depends on the size of the room you are going to install it.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) suggests that buyers should check with a professional air conditioning specialist on which type and size to get. The reverse-cycle model is the most effective in cooling off large spaces.

Look at the Stars

You have to look at the star ratings of air conditioners, which is called the Energy Rating Label. It indicates the efficiency of cooling systems by providing the number of stars from one to ten. The more stars an air conditioning system has, the more efficient it is in cooling your office space.

However, ducted air conditioning systems are not required to put an Energy Rating Label. This means that you might come across certain products that do not have one. You can refer instead to the GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards) Registration Database for the energy rating of all products in Australia.

Consider the Installation Costs

After deciding which system to buy, you have to narrow down your list based on the installation costs of each unit. Not all air conditioners include installation in their total cost. However, you can still opt to hire an air conditioner service that offers installation only.

Once everything is in place, make sure to maintain your system to make it last a long time.

Home Updates That Don’t Ruin Your Purse

A House Updating the look of your home doesn’t always require spending a fortune. Even if your budget is limited, you can still spruce up your abode and make it look like new. With a few tips and tricks, you can get moving and get the project started.

Update Curb Appeal

Don’t let a sagging wooden fence compromise your home’s curb appeal. Refresh its look with a new paint or a coat of oil stain. If the material is deteriorating, however, replace it with a DIY aluminum fence. Aluminum is a great material, as it doesn’t rust and requires little maintenance. It is also available in different designs and colors.

Make Things New and Clean

A fresh coat of paint has the power to make everything look new and clean. It’s great for walls, cabinets, and ceilings. You can give your own room a new vibe with bright and happy paint colors. You can also do the same for your home’s exterior, using two to three different shades of the same color. Simply be sure to prep the area by cleaning the siding and sanding the peeling paint.

Clean and Refresh the Carpet

A messy carpet ruins the look of a room or space. Hire professional cleaners to make the underfoot look and smell fresh. If you notice serious wear in the carpet, buy inexpensive area rugs to conceal the damage. If you, however, have hardwood floors, be sure to vacuum and keep it clean regularly. Waxing using the right floor wax also helps.

Purchase New Light Fixtures

Buying a new light fixture can easily update the look of your dining or living room. The good news is, many home improvements stores offer affordable and appealing ceiling light fixtures like chandeliers. Accent lighting can also make the space cozier and more inviting. Recessed lighting, in addition, works well with any decoration.

Connect Home Spaces

Make your home more open and welcoming by connecting living spaces or knocking down a wall in between. The job may require more time and effort, or a professional service, but it can change the home’s ambiance. Simply be sure not to break down a support wall. You can connect a living room with a backyard using sliding glass doors or windows.

These are just a few of the things you can do to update your home. Be sure to use quality home improvement products for quality results.

Kitchen Design Trends in AU: Should You Always Follow Them?

Kitchen Design in Brisbane

Kitchen Design in BrisbaneAs with any other home improvement project, you need to make sure your kitchen renovation includes plans that will make it not only better in terms of aesthetics, but also comfort and function too.

And because you absolutely don’t want money to go to waste, you should determine your own limits. And while learning more about the trends will help you achieve your goals, you should still consider investing in the precious advice and knowledge of professional kitchen designers in Brisbane.

Stay up-to-date with trends, but don’t forget the essentials

Although keeping an eye out for kitchen design trends will help broaden your knowledge and allow you to incorporate a variety of great ideas, this doesn’t automatically mean you no longer need outside help.

Yes, you may want to include some of the things predicted to have a great impact on kitchens this coming 2017, such as terracotta tiles, cork, dark green, and upholstered bedheads among several others. But, you also have to balance things out and make sure your additions will work well together. They have to bring out the best in your kitchen – both in terms of looks and functionality.

The other key factors

Unless you have the budget to keep redesigning your kitchen every year (or every other year) based on the annual forecast, just stick to a layout that best suits your needs and preferences. This is especially true when you don’t have plans of selling your home in the near future. This way, you can add whatever you think will do the best in satisfying your kitchen-related tasks while pulling up the overall value of your home.

The decision as to whether you would want to religiously follow these design predictions still depends on you. Know though that you will have a hard time pulling off a successful project without the aid and knowledge of design experts.