Do You Know What the BTUs On Your AC Mean?

Commercial Air ConditionerIf you like accompanying your commercial conditioning professional in Sydney as he does his thing, then you have probably come across the term “BTU”. Does it even make sense to know what such abbreviations stand for in the first place? Of course, it does. The more you know the operation of your system, the more you will appreciate it.

British Origin

BTU denotes British thermal unit, which is a representation for heat amount that must be removed from a room or added to provide cooling or heating. More specifically, a BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1˚F.

Meaning on Equipment

Practically, if you like accompanying your commercial conditioning professional in Sydney as he does his thing, then you have probably come across the term “BTU”. Does it even make sense to know what such abbreviations stand for in the first place? Of course, it does. The more you know the operation of your system, the more you will appreciate it.

British Origin

BTU denotes British thermal unit, which is a representation of heat amount that must be removed from a room or added to provide cooling or heating. More specifically, a BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1˚F.

Meaning on Equipment

Practically, a BTU represents a very small amount of energy. That is the reason the ratings on a commercial air conditioner are in terms of hundreds of thousands. You can rely on such ratings to determine the performance of your equipment.

Equipment Sizing

Whenever you are buying a commercial air conditioning unit in Sydney, Conduct Air Conditioning notes that the size is always a critical factor. You can calculate the size of the required equipment in terms of BTUs. For 8-foot ceiling rooms, the following steps apply:

Step 1: Calculate room's area in square feet

Step 2: Multiply the result by 25

Step 3: For each occupant of the space, add 1000

Step 4: Add the same for each window

Step 5: The result is the minimum amount of BTUs of air conditioning needed for the room

Equipment Efficiency

The energy efficiency of an air conditioner is expressed in energy efficiency rating (EER), which is the BTU rating divided by wattage. In other words, the BTU rating is inversely proportional to efficiency. To avoid digressing from the discussion, the point is that you can estimate the efficiency of your unit if you know its BTU rating.

Dealing with commercial air conditioning systems means you will meet many technical words, some straightforward and others jargon. It is important to understand the meanings behind these names as most of them affect unit performance.

That is the reason the ratings on a commercial air conditioner are in terms of hundreds of thousands. You can rely on such ratings to determine the performance of your equipment.

A Time without Comfort: Life Before Air Conditioning Systems

High Ceiling in South FloridaIt took human civilisation centuries to invent air conditioning systems. Residents that have relied on it for years can barely imagine a life before they could control home temperature with just a push of a button. However, people who live in the hottest places without the use of split air conditioner systems, or before it got invented have discovered ways to beat the immense heat.

Homes Built for Chill

Homes built before or during the 1800s have common design features that you rarely see in modern homes. Most of these features, such as high ceilings, were there to help the residents stay cool. The science behind this explains that hot air rises and these higher ceilings provide more space for hot air to remain in, making eye-level space cooler.

Front porches were also a typical architectural feature back in the day. They built it very deep with plenty of shade to provide relief from the heat. Homes with large covered porches served as a shady buffer zone that people can go to when the house felt too stuffy. There were houses who even had screened-in porches where they can sleep in when nights get too hot.

According to SunSentinel, a professor from the University of South Florida named Raymond Arsenault revealed that homes were also equipped with long central breezeways.

The Sources of Ventilation

Windows were the only sources of ventilation, which made it a critical part of the foundation of a home. Architects even had to make sure that windows were set up on opposite sides of a room to produce a nice cross-breeze. To cool down the breeze and block the sun, residents had to plant shady trees on the east and west sides of their homes.

Residents who lived most of their lives with air conditioning might see life in the past as excruciating. But, they do have to appreciate the ingenious ventilation systems and architectural built of houses back then that helped people survive hot weather.

Five Ways to Host a Stress-Free Christmas Party This December

Christmas Decorations in St. PaulYou might not have called the shots about holding this year’s holiday gathering at your place, but rejecting the task after years of saying no will make you the Scrooge of the year.

Organizing parties may seem stressful, but here are five ways you can host a no-fuss yet unforgettable year-ender bash:

1. Get Organized.

Santa Claus would not have delivered those gifts to the children if not for his handy Naughty or Nice List. Creating a checklist of things to do will shorten your preparation time. Knowing what to do and when to do it will speed things up for you.

2. Play with Décor.

Putting up Christmas decorations is one of the best parts of celebrating the Yuletide season. Having a professional install the Christmas lights will surely get your guests into the holiday spirit – and you need not lift a finger.

3. Prepare Easy Meals.

Do not worry about grandiosity. During Christmas celebrations, great company is more important than great food. Just don’t starve your guests. Martha Stewart has a collection of effortless holiday recipes you can try without tiring yourself out this Christmas.

4. Ready the Drinks.

Wipe the dirt off that bottle of wine that has been sitting on your shelf the entire year, and place it in the refrigerator. Ask your guests to bring their own preferred liquor, too, so that they have a say on what to toast with that night.

5. Final Touches.

Like the great host that you are, run a feather duster over your table tops and counters before you let any of the guests in. Give your floors a quick and light sweep just to rid your house of dust. Set the table, play some music, and you are good to go.

Each celebration is different, so feel free to skip things that you might not need to do. When hosting a party, the last and not the least important thing is to have fun with your guests. If you are having a blast, they will have fun, too.

Space, Style and Technology: A Conference Room Design Guide

Conference Room DesignUnless you plan to operate a business in a sprawling office space with every specialised room built in, the room with the largest table and most comfortable chairs will usually become the conference room. After all, this is a room where, supposedly, ‘the magic happens’ — from the most lucrative business deals to the most inspiring presentations.

It is the corporate world’s theatre, and a company should know how best to set the scene.


When constructing a new meeting room or renovating an existing one, there are certain common pitfalls to avoid.  One of the most important of these is to ensure the room is big enough for the company’s needs. 

Whiteleys Office Furniture suggests that planners should conduct a thorough assessment of the main purpose of the meeting room. There should be enough space to accommodate an entire division if necessary. There must be enough space at the table to permit the addition of a few more meeting room chairs on occasion. A good conference room should have ample space for presenters to walk around in, and for occupants to sit at the table without feeling too cramped. Transactions are less tense when participants are not, literally, rubbing elbows.


It is also important to consider furniture and the room’s overall décor. While most businesses could make do with traditional corporate interiors, those who wish to make an impression and foster creativity could install eye-catching furniture and unconventional art pieces. Of course, companies must walk the line between interesting and distracting, especially if they are reliant on video conferencing.

It is also beneficial for companies to install reliable equipment inside their meeting rooms — equipment their employees know how to operate. Computers, projectors, and plenty of power sockets are essential for any modern conference room.

Designing a new conference room is as simple as recognising the company’s needs. Any business that hopes to excel must take some time to understand the key role that a well-planned conference room can play in the growth of the company.

Palate Complement: The Beginners Guide to Discerning Quality Wine

Quality WinePerhaps one of the most common myths is that old wine is the best wine you can get. While many have grown up believing in this, the fact is that good wine has its own ways to shine that are beyond age. Truth be told, a good wine is defined by its quality to linger as you taste it. Who wouldn't want a drink that complements the gourmet food served to them?

1. Examine the bottle

When people are purchasing their wine, they will normally look at its refinery date to see how old it is. On the contrary, The Berry Farm and other wineries restaurants in Margaret River recommend looking at the back of the bottle for something different. Check the type of fruit used to make the wine, the ageing process, the flavour and the region where the grapes were grown. This way, you will definitely have the right perception of the wine.

2. Take the tongue test

Do this after you have swirled and sniffed your wine. A good wine should have a balanced taste. A good wine is all the better if the taste of the wine lingers on your tongue. This is a good test and will show that you have chosen a balanced and complex wine, which can complement specific meal courses.

3. Know the Digits

The digits have a place in good wine in a different way. Instead of believing that old wine is the best wine, what you should do is determine the year when the fruit used to make the wine was grown. In doing so, you will know the weather conditions they were subjected to and whether they were ideal for their growth.

While these factors might seem simple, they are crucial in discerning the best wine. Therefore, the next time someone shows you the year the wine was made, ask them to tell you more about the wine and show you the back of the bottle.

Three Christmas LED Rope Lighting Ideas

Christmas LightingThere is no denying that Christmas lighting is a boon in giving your house a unique look and feel during the holiday season. Specifically, Christmas LED rope lights provide an additional glowing look as well as a new way to beautify the exterior of your house.

If you are currently considering this type of Christmas light, this article shares a few ideas that you may want to consider for this coming holiday season.

1. Light the trees

In a bid to add a shimmering look into the trees outside your home, it is smart to hang LED rope lights on the branches of the trees. This also helps in highlighting the magnificence of your garden area. If you need assistance with installing a residential Christmas lighting, don't hesitate to get some professional help.

2. Create characters or shapes of your choice

LED rope lights are flexible in that you can create any shape through them. If you are thinking to come up with a character, then you may do so. Specifically, it is advisable to use programmable LED rope lights to produce a gorgeous outcome.

3. Decorate the walls

With the help of some clips, it is a good idea to attach Christmas lights to your wall and create the shape of your choice. This will surely catch the attention of anyone visiting your home during Christmas.

For you to make sure that the design of your home is attention grabbing, it is prudent if you hire experts in designing and installing lighting displays. If you reside in Minneapolis and the St. Paul metro area, you can definitely locate a service provider that you can rely on. Remember to check out reviews about your prospective company first prior to making any decision so you can make sure that you will land on the right company.

Christmas LED rope lights are indeed beneficial in adding a glowing touch of creativity into your home. With a few hacks, you can make this holiday season worth remembering.

The Natural, Magical Complexities of Rustic Architecture

Rustic HomeVery few architectural styles can convey the warm and welcoming sensation that rustic provides. If you are a homeowner planning to adopt this quintessentially natural, American style of architecture, remember to discuss the following elements with your builder:

The Location

Rustic homes do not exactly fit in within urban communities, both as a natural addition and a structure with a view. The reason why many homeowners choose rustic architecture for their vacation homes is that it necessitates the addition of open spaces and glass. To bring your home close to nature, you must build where nature exists. Otherwise, you are better off with a more restrained, more practical style.

The Color Palette

From wooden exterior doors to kitchen cupboards, try to stick as close to the rustic color scheme as possible. Bright, popping colors simply have no place in a rustic home, since the goal is to create an environment that is relaxing and one with the surroundings. The color of the house itself should dictate the appearance of every item you decorate it with, which brings us to…

The Materials

It may cost you more, but the authentic rustic construction requires the near-exclusive use of stone and wood. Talk to your builder about the look and durability of specific materials — just be sure to understand the maintenance demands of wooden house components. For every other aspect behind-the-scenes however, you are free to go with materials that are more modern.

The Fixtures

Speaking of modern, a rustic home does not equate to an ancient one. There is no need to emulate the frontier lifestyle of ages’ past when it comes to the household necessities. As long as their styles remain faithful to the theme, the kitchen and game room can be as advanced as you can afford.

The Fireplace

A safe, clean fireplace completes the rustic style. Do not skip this fixture if you truly want to capture the magical, natural feel that this type of architecture can bring.

Inspired by the American Craftsman style, rustic has become a mainstay, if not an outright expectation, among countless rural homes, luxury or otherwise. Achieving its beauty requires effort and knowledge.

A Lasting Impression: Decorate your Homes Right

Home Decoration

Home DecorationDecorating your home can be a fun and stressful thing. You have that arabesque jewelry box you just bought, the antique clock your grandma gave you, and that modern sofa that you want. With all those ideas and motifs exploding in your head, choosing to stick to just one is truly going to be a problem. However, it is not impossible to do so.

Set your mind on choosing the best theme, consult with a professional if necessary and everything will follow easily.

Choosing a theme

Choosing a theme can be based on different factors. You might have the things that you own from your old homes and would just like to pattern the theme based on the things you have, or you might want to completely opt for a refreshing new look for your homes.

But the most important of them all is to remember to choose a theme that you would still find beautiful even after decades have passed. Classic and timely themes and its accompanying pieces like dinner wares and decorative accents are accessible and not to mention available in various home accessories shops.

Making a statement

Aside from having a theme, it will also be helpful to have a statement piece that would set the tone of your space. Have that Middle Eastern table top as the start of the living room, or those light accents as the statement of your office, but keep professionals’ tip in mind to keep in simple.

Too much statement pieces would seem like a room is shouting and can project an unpleasant ambiance instead. In as much as you want to keep it simple, do not be afraid to mix and match and just feel free to play with the pieces you have. Chances are, you will find a new combination that would suit your artistic taste while giving your space a radiating statement.

Home decorating need not always be stressful. You can always find the fun it in with the help of magazine, professionals and with different pieces and decors that you have.

Designing Homes with a Middle Eastern Touch

House RenovationTurning any British home into a Middle Eastern dream is not impossible. However, it does entail some considerations when taking inspiration from the original source. Here are a few aspects you may want to focus on for that authentic Middle East design.


This design focuses on bright, bold, contrasting colours that even uses bright reds, gold as one of the main focus. To them, these supposedly “gaudy” mixes are a natural approach to decor and furnishings. However, Silsal Design House noted that aesthetic plays an important role in your design so traditional colour harmonies can also work.

These powerful colour choices apply to anything in the room: floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, furniture, and accessories such as gold dinner plates and maroon napkin holders.

Furniture and Decor

The Middle East is often hot and arid, a blazing desert land full of sand. Anyone who’s ever lived in that country, especially Westerners, knows that it can also be incredibly cold during the evenings and the last quarter of the year. Furniture is then typically wood, which retains an average temperature without warping or losing its sheen. It is also light enough to be carried from one room to avoid them being overexposed to the elements depending on what month it is.


Experiencing scents as part of a home’s design is applicable to many cultures. Memories are easier to trigger using the sense of smell and home becomes familiar based on the scents one grew up with. Middle Eastern incense and perfumes are one of the simplest ways of giving a room the right feel. Sandalwood, frankincense, mint, are some of the more familiar Middle East scents that you can use, along with roasted fennel and cardamom.

Whether it’s your whole house or your smallest room, anything can be given a Middle Eastern touch with the right add-ons. Get creative and take careful influence from films, educational videos, and pictures to get as authentic as possible. Most importantly, contact the right design company to assist your goal of having a Middle Eastern spot in your house.

Wasp Invaders: Banishing Pests from Your Property

Wasp-Proofing in UtahHornets, paper wasps, and yellow jackets are among the most common types of wasps that love to build nests in places where you least want them to—around and in your garden and lawn. Although people consider them as pests because they sting, they are crucial for your garden because they’re pollinators and predatory insects. When their nests start occupying significant places in your property, however, it’s time to fortify your stronghold.

Wasp-Proofing your Kingdom

To make sure no pests will try invading your property, Greenside Landscaping and other pest control experts list some wasp-proofing suggestions:

  • Eliminate all potential sources of food – During early summer and spring, wasps prefer proteins. Remove or cover any food item left outside like scraps, pet food, uncovered trash containers, or open compost piles. During the early fall and late summer, wasps turn to sweets and become more aggressive. Cover all open food and drink containers when eating outside. Additionally, pick up any rotten fruit on the ground.
  • Close off all potential access points – Survey your home for open dampers, cracks around doors and windows, torn screens, and unsealed vents. Note the wasps’ flight patterns during daytime to see if you can pinpoint their access and exit points.
  • Refrain from wearing floral and bright colored clothing – If you dress yourself to look like a flower, you’re basically telling the wasps to have a go at you. Why not wear red trousers instead? Avoid spraying yourself with strong scents as well, especially during late summer when wasps prefer sweet treats. 
  • Resist the urge to swat away – This is simply counterproductive because when you squash wasps, they release pheromones that incite and attract other wasps that are hovering close by. Pick your battles and walk away.

Wait, What About the Wasp Nests?

While spotting numerous wasps in and around your home is a sure sign that their nest is nearby, you shouldn’t take on nest removal on your own. What if the nests aren’t on your actual property, but are close by? What if they’re in areas that are tough to reach and confined? For your safety and peace of mind, especially if you don’t know if you’re deathly allergic to wasp stings or not, call for professional reinforcements.

Wasp-proofing your home is easy if you know how and who to call. Like any other pest, it's best to let professionals handle their removal so you're sure they won't come back.