Dangers of Staying for Too Long in the Pool

Swimming poolPool experts such as Dolphin Pools & Spas encourage swimming for its numerous health and fitness benefits. It is also a refreshing activity to engage in during sunny days. Some may wonder if there’s any such thing as staying in the pool too long.

Disrupts body’s internal balance

The chlorine in swimming pool water kills harmful bacteria. However, some of this pool water makes its way through the nostrils, leading to impaired functioning of the lungs or asthma.

It gets worse for children and adults with pre-existing lung conditions. Their immunity is weaker, making them more prone to infections.

Taking regular breaks to rest and hide from the heat the sun helps the body regain its balance. During your break, you can drink some water, have a snack, apply some more sunscreen and go to the bathroom.

Increases chances of ear infection

When water makes its way inside the ear, it could carry with it bacteria that may cause an ear infection. If you suspect you have an ear infection, refrain from touching, scratching or picking your ears to get the water out. This could worsen the situation.

Instead, head to the physician and get a prescription for antibiotics. Alternatively, it is advisable to keep your ears dry as much as possible during swimming sessions by wiping gently with a towel during breaks.

Weakens hair

Staying in the pool for too long might cause weak and brittle hair. Prolonged exposure to chlorine will cause it to react with colored or chemically treated hair. Putting on a swimming cap or washing your hair with shampoo after your swimming session can help counter hair dryness.

Seeking a professional pool contractor ensures that your pool is built complete with comfortable and attractive resting areas. Here you can bask in the sun and enjoy swimming in the pool.

Why You Need to Consult a Contractor before Replacing Your Furnace

man fixing gas furnaceWhen shopping for new HVAC equipment, most people focus on the type they need and the highly rated brands available. They often forget the need to consult with an experienced heating contractor in their search.

A qualified contractor should first check the unit you want to replace. The professional should also perform a full home assessment to ascertain your home’s square footage, insulation, and age to determine your real heating needs. Here are the main benefits of engaging a heating expert before checking out furnaces in St. Louis.

Improved energy efficiency

Whether you’re going to replace or have your old furnace repaired, a heating contractor can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency. The recommended energy efficiency enhancements will let you save money on new heating equipment because you may now buy a smaller unit.

Properly sized equipment

The size of a furnace system indicates how much heat you can expect the appliance to put out. Installing the correct size of the furnace is essential to the reliability and efficiency of the system. It will also maximize your comfort and cost of heating savings. Talk to a professional and get a perfectly sized appliance that will heat your home efficiently, evenly and cost-effectively.

Potential delayed replacement

Good reasons to replace a furnace include an old or worn out system and significantly inefficient or improperly sized equipment. However, it’s important to talk to a contractor before you start shopping for a new furnace. There could be cost-effective measures that could help your equipment heat efficiently for a few more years.

Before purchasing new heating equipment or even modifying your existing unit, first talk to a trusted heating contractor. The heating expert can help you make significant energy efficiency improvements, and correctly size and install your new furnace.

The Versatile Bamboo: Helping Save the Earth

bamboo stemsSustainable green living entails sustainable green materials, and one of the best materials out there is bamboo. Bamboo can be made into various products around the world, and people continue to find even more ways to use it.

What makes bamboo even more sustainable lies in its amazingly fast growth rate as well as its other characteristics.

Bamboo Products You Can Buy

You can buy or purchase bamboo sheets that are soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and absorbent. You can find reusable straws made out of bamboo, eliminating your plastic straw contribution that poses dangers to the ocean.

You can even find sunglasses, portable speakers, a wireless keyboard and mouse all made out of bamboo.

It Grows Fast

Bamboo products abound because the characteristics of the plant make it one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials available. It grows at a rapid rate, making it a renewable resource; some species grow as much as three feet a day.

When you cut it down, the plant easily re-grows itself without the need for further cultivation.

It Is Perfect for Farming Anywhere

In conjunction with the rapid growth rate, bamboo grows in a variety of climate conditions. The plant can thrive and proliferate without fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicides too. These traits make the plant perfect for farming wherever you are.

It Cleans the Air More

Bamboo has other characteristics as well that may amaze you. Bamboo actually produces more oxygen than hardwood trees, for example. The plant absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air, like any other plant, but it provides 35 percent more oxygen.

It Leaves No Waste

You produce little to no waste when using bamboo too. Manufacturers and inventors all over the world have found ways to use different parts of the plant for different uses. Bamboo can be made into furniture, the products shared previously, chopsticks, skateboards, even simple mulch to enrich the soil.

Bamboo has many more characteristics that all make it a sustainable and valuable resource. Even with the few traits you have learned about it here, you can trust that the bamboo products you buy will truly help the environment.

Choosing a Perfect Laser Cut Screen for Your Home

laser cuttingYour home is not just a place you should draw comfort or refuge from; instead, your home should be a mirror of your personality. A critical part of the look of your home is the décor. Apart from reflecting your personality, your home’s look should lift you up.

There is no one-size fit all of the décor; however, an all-time lead trend in home décor is laser cut screens here in Sydney. Laser cut screens act as a focal point in any home and add a touch of class in your home.

Choosing a Laser Cut Screen

It is important that you choose the perfect screen for your home to get the most out of it. Below are three steps to determine when choosing a perfect screen.

  • Visualise. Visualisation is the first step in determining why you need a screen. First, figure out the positioning of your screen. If you have not come across screens before, you can ask your company for a sample to know what you will take home.
  • Intention of Use. Why do you need a laser screen in your home? Is it a room divider, wall art, or is it for extra security? Knowing the intended use of the screen gives you a clear idea of the shape and size of screen you need.
  • Design. Once you are sure what you will use the laser screen for and have an idea of where it will be in your space, you can begin working on the design of the screen. The good thing is that there are few limitations with what you can accomplish with laser cut screens.
  • Customisation is a big advantage of using laser cut screens, and you can get a customisable piece for your space.

Incorporating a laser cut screen in your Sydney home is one of the ways to enhance security and class in your home. The size and design of laser cut screens affect the general pricing of the screen of your choice.

However, you can never go wrong when you get the screen of your choice from a reputable company.

How To Spot Electrical Problems?

Electrician checking the voltage of the airconElectricity is one of the things no one can live without, as almost everything inside the house is powered by it. Can you imagine a day without electricity? That would be a total nightmare. What if you start experiencing problems with your electrical system?

Whipple Service Champions notes that while you may be able to fix some electrical problems, most of them will require the expertise of a professional electrician. If you don’t have the right set of tools or at least have a basic knowledge of how your electrical system works, you should just leave the troubleshooting to electrical repair experts in Salt Lake City.

Home electrical problems are one of the leading causes of electrocution and fire, so if you notice one of the warning signs below, you should contact a qualified electrician right away.

Problems with the Circuit Breaker

When a circuit get overloaded, the circuit breaker trips to prevent a fire from starting because of the overheated wires. But circuit breakers tend to go bad as they get older. They will start tripping more often than usual. If this happens, you should consult an electrician as soon as possible. Don’t try to replace the breaker yourself even it looks easy. Never replace a breaker or fuse with a higher rating unit. If you don’t know what that means, that’s more reason to call an expert.

Lights That are Constantly Flickering

Flickering lights are normally caused by loose or defective light bulbs. However, if the problem persists even after replacing them with new ones, the cause may be the light fixture itself or the electrical wirings inside the circuit breaker box are loose. In either case, you will need the help of an experienced electrician.


Small sparks may occur occasionally when you first plug in an appliance. But large sparks that happen frequently are not normal, especially when accompanied by a popping sound, as this could mean there is a loose wire.

Dead Outlets and Switches

The problem could either be due to a crack on the device or a loose wiring. Both instances require the attention of a qualified electrician because of the danger they pose.

Don’t wait for an accident to happen before calling an electrician to fix your electrical problems. The service fee is only a small price to pay for the safety of your family and your belongings.

Radon: What You Can Do About the Deadly Gas

RadonPeople are familiar with the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide. So most residents have smoke detectors and gas detectors in their homes. But people overlook one other deadly gas: radon.

What is Radon?

Radon is hazardous to health because it has radioactive property. The naturally occurring, odorless and colorless gas can cause lung cancer. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is the leading cause of lung cancer among those who don’t smoke.

The breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water produces the deadly gas. It can enter homes through cracks and various openings. This occurs because of the difference in pressure between your home and the surrounding soil; your home can act as a vacuum that makes it easy for the odorless, colorless gas to enter.

Radon can also be present in the water you use for showering; a small percentage can also be found in granite and concrete materials.

Radon Exposure: What Happens

The main adverse effect of radon is its ability to cause lung cancer. It can cause large and small cell carcinomas, adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas as well as several serious respiratory diseases (for example, chronic interstitial pneumonia). It is also teratogenic so pregnant moms should be aware that it can cause abnormal fetal development.

Protection from Radon

A good start to mitigating radon exposure is to get radon testing in Utah. The Surgeon General and the EPA suggest testing to detect the presence of the gas, or determine its levels. You can get a testing kit or choose a reliable service that has the expertise and equipment to ensure a thorough evaluation.

One in 15 homes in the country is contaminated with levels of radon over 4pCi/L, the level at which action should be taken to rectify the problem. You can reduce radon by soil depressurization, drain tile suction, crawlspace ventilation, and home pressurization with a fan and sealing of cracks in the walls.

You can also install a heat recovery ventilator; adequate ventilation can improve indoor air quality for homes that may have indoor pollutants.

Properly applied mitigation can reduce radon by 99%.

Three Places You Should Not Miss When In Fort Lee

Happy tourists sightseeing using a map

Happy tourists sightseeing using a map

Are you visiting a family or friend in Fort Lee, Virginia? Perhaps, you may be thinking that there’s nothing much to do around a US Army post? Guess what, there are many things to do while you're there.

Here are cool places in Fort Lee you should never miss:

1. Washington DC

Okay, Washington DC is not exactly in Fort Lee, but it's only a two-hour drive away. This makes the country's capital a great, quick day trip. While you’re in Washington, explore the countless museums, drop by restaurants and cafes where government employees chit chat and relax, and of course, schedule a visit to the White House.

2. Pocahontas State Park

Nope, this is not Disneyland. This is a real nature park with a lot of trails and water activities. You can explore the three lakes in this park by boat and enjoy fishing. It also has an aquatic center with a toddler pool perfect for kids. Plus, it has a huge amphitheater where you can watch Pocahontas Premieres, a series of concerts. Pocahontas State Park is just a thirty-minute drive away from Fort Lee.

3. Henricus Historical Park

Want to try some time travel? The Henricus Historical Park can take you to the early 1600s in the Citie of Henricus, the second English settlement in the New World. Learn how people lived during that time by watching the "inhabitants" of the park recreates the historical events that took place four hundred years ago. If you have children traveling with you, enroll them in camps. They can look forward to many activities like crafts making and historical demonstrations.

Where Do You Stay?

To make the most of your leisurely trip in Fort Lee, stay for at least two weeks. Check out the affordable options for extended stay in hotels near Fort Lee, VA. Some are fully-furnished luxury apartment accommodations, while other offers exciting packages that may suit your budget.

After reading all of these, aren't you now looking forward to the trip? 

Tighten Physical Security: Keeping Criminals out of Your Business

A security guard doing his rounds Owners and operators of small businesses and larger corporations need to understand the profound impact of crimes against commercial establishments in the United States. When criminals target them, they suffer not only from major financial losses since the overall security and safety felt by their employees also take a huge blow.

For these reasons, it’s vital that employers take the security of their commercial organizations seriously. They should prioritize not only cybersecurity, but also physical security — and it should start with protecting the facility and all its contents.

Perimeter Security: Reinforcing the First Line of Defense

Put a stop to criminal acts before perpetrators set foot into your property. Set up a barrier around the perimeters of the building and strengthen the entry or access points with remote controlled and automated gates. Don’t forget to include working with a New York service specializing in corporate gates maintenance to keep these security components optimally functioning.

Eliminating Corporate Offices and Building Vulnerabilities

Although it’s vital for commercial establishments to have tight physical security measures outside, they should also smoothen out indoor building vulnerabilities. Some of these include:

  • The lack of security cameras, bollards, and other site security devices
  • Under-utilization of security tools, such as tamper- and blast-resistant glass
  • Poor vehicular control
  • Open and unmonitored access into the building
  • Lack of HVAC system security

Increasing protective measures to counter these vulnerabilities can considerably contribute to far better, more tighter building security.

Your organization’s overall security doesn’t only protect you; it safeguards everything that’s most important to you. This includes your employees, stockholders, investors, partners, and customers. Security breaches put you and everyone else at risk of major financial disasters, so pay attention to even the smallest details and respond appropriately.

Benefits of Fully Furnished Apartments

Interior of a Luxury Apartment

Interior of a Luxury ApartmentIf you’re looking for both short-term and long-term accommodations in Richmond, Virginia, consider getting furnished apartments. Apart from not having to worry about getting the items you need in such a short time, you can enjoy several advantages. Corporate Living Solutions presents some of them.

Faster move-in

Getting a furnished apartment means you don’t need to wait for a longer time to move in. While you can always move to an unfurnished apartment before getting the items you need, it doesn’t make sense because you won’t be comfortable anyway. If you need to find accommodations quickly, you need to get a furnished apartment, so you won’t have to think about the details.

Less stress

Finding the right household appliances and other home equipment can be hard and time-consuming. Even if you’re moving your stuff from your old place to your new place can take a lot of time. All these activities can add up to a lot of stress. If you’re only staying for a short period, rent a fully-furnished apartment instead of trying to save money on an unfurnished one.


If you travel a lot for work, renting a fully equipped apartment can take a lot of stress away. Mobility is high on the demands of today’s populace who are consistently chasing job opportunities across the country and even outside of the country. If you invest in your equipment and appliances for your accommodations, you’ll have more to worry about if you need to move again.

No decor drama

Fully furnished apartments come in a wide variety of designs so you can choose the one that already suits your preferences and lifestyle choices. You don’t need to stress yourself with decor drama that comes with unfurnished units.

Fully Equipped and Ready

As more and more people travel to Virginia for work, there are now more housing options to suit people’s preferences. Consider getting apartments that are fully equipped with your basic home requirements and simply add on if you wish to make some small investments for the long-term.

Energy-wasters That Spike Your Electric Bill

Energy Bill Do you flinch every time you receive your electric bill? It’s about time to find the root of your anxiety. If you think your bill is excessively high, here are four possible causes.

You’re using outdated appliances

How old are the appliances you’re using in your home? If they are well past their prime, chances are they are sucking more power than they should. If your HVAC has seen better times, consult a heating and air personnel in Little Rock for reliable air conditioning installation services.

Your house is full of cracks and openings

You may be using up more electricity than you should if your house has unneeded gaps, cracks, and openings. This is because these openings allow heat to escape during winter; hence, you spend more power to keep the house warmer and comfortable. Seal these spaces, and you might save a lot of energy.

Failure to unplug unused electronics

Do you leave your electronics plugged in when not in use? That may well be the reason the numbers on your bill are not adding up. Most modern electronic gadgets suck electricity even when switched off, provided they are still plugged in. Remember to unplug them every time they are not in use.

You are careless about your lights

Your lights may be one of the leading energy sinks unless you are cautious. Are you still stuck on incandescent bulbs? Do you leave lights switched on in places they are not needed? Switching to LED lights and observing how you use them can make a difference.

Identifying what is causing your high electricity bills is the first step towards taking measures to rectify the problem. While it is a fact that the cost of power continues to increase as time goes on, the culprit behind your electricity woes usually stems from appliances and utilities. Check your home and your daily energy consumption, and find ways to improve your energy efficiency.