Mosquito Madness: Creating a Safe Zone for Your Household

Close-up View of a Mosquito

Close-up View of a MosquitoMosquitoes need only very little water to breed. They lay their eggs on all kinds of environment, from pool of water in a jar to a discarded rubber tyre. The breeding process is quick and quiet. Before you know it, you’ll find bite marks on the limbs of family members. Sometimes, the first indication of a significant mosquito problem is when a family member falls in with dengue fever or malaria.

Here are some of the takeaways to protect your household from health problems caused by these pests.

Prevent Them From Breeding

The most effective anti-mosquito measure you can do at home is targeting their breeding sites. Aside from tyres and jars, pots and birdbaths can harbour mosquito eggs and larvae. Identified areas where water tends to form, and remain in place for days in a row. Preventing pools of water is akin to keeping mosquitoes away from your family.

Transmitter of Diseases

Thousands of young children succumb to dengue fever every year. Malaria also remains one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Aside from these two diseases, mosquitoes are carriers of the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. Pest control companies are aware of the dire need for effective mosquito management, and that is why you must consider hiring professional help if you already have mosquitoes breeding in your garden.

What Works?

Insect repellents promise protection from mosquito bites. While high quality products offer only temporary protection, you may still use them when needed. One instance is when your family is having an outdoor adventure. There are products you can apply to clothes as well, providing one more line of defence.

Beating mosquitoes should Be based on instinct, rather than fear. Start by limiting breeding areas and using effective insect repellents. Consider the service of pest control professionals in Corona as well.

House As-Is for Sale: 4 Steps to Get Buyers Interested

House SellingIf ever you’re in a situation where you must immediately sell a property due to some unexpected events, you’ll realize that finding a buyer is not as simple as it may seem. There are many challenges along the way especially because you need to meet a standard to make it likeable to investors.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep buyers interested and here are some of them:

Understand What Should Be Done

Most mortgage lenders require the issuance of structural, health and safety report before they lend money to the borrower. This means you need to provide a document confirming that your house does not violate anything. If there’s any and you choose not to address them, it may limit the number of potential buyers. Apartfrom that, expect that most of them will bargain the price based on its condition.

A Complete Disclosure of the Property

Sellers fail to understand that this type of deal goes way beyond “what you see is what you get.” Based on the state law, the seller must provide a report outlining the complete information about the property. This includes the issues or problems which may or may not be visible. Along with that, the term “as is” must be clearly stated in the report to avoid future legal claims later on.

Get Closer to Your Competitors

Just like you are, there are also many homeowners out there doing the same thing. If you want to get ahead of them, you must know how to go against them. The perfect way to do that is to find out the features which matter most to buyers. When you hire a professional appraiser, tell them up front that you plan on selling your property as is so they can help set the best price for you.

Keep the Property Clean & Tidy

One good way to attract potential buyers is to keep your house neat and organized. There might be several holes in your roof or leaks in the faucets, but cleanliness never fails to impress people. The cleaner and tidier it is the faster you can sell it.

Whether you plan on selling it to agencies that buy houses or not, keeping these hacks in mind can make a big difference to the selling value of your house.

Three Things to Do Before Moving Your Art Studio Downtown

Art Studio in Colorado

Art Studio in ColoradoThe Santa Fe Arts District is the place to be for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, it’s a center of arts and the nightlife – coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, bars, and old buildings pepper the streets, making it a funky place to hang out with friends.

As a budding artist, the Santa Fe Arts District might just be the best way to get exposure, given that it’s the “largest concentration of art galleries in Colorado.” You get to meet fellow artists, gallery owners, and even potential buyers all in one place. You’re thinking about making the Big Move but you stop and ask yourself: “How?”

Here are three things you should think about before moving downtown:

1. Scout for Space

There are about 60 participating galleries and studios in the Santa Fe Arts District, which may sound like a lot. In reality, however, there are a few vacant spots along the streets, whether it’s space for a kiosk or a compact studio space that can also be transformed into a gallery open to the public. Find a great deal for a place downtown before setting up your transfer.

2. Hire Movers

There are commercial movers that help business owners and gallery managers alike move their things from one part of the city to another. They specialize in handling glass frames and canvases so that you wouldn’t need to worry about any of your pieces getting damaged in transport.

3. Pause Your Art and Focus on Moving

You may have the occasional itch to paint during these hectic times, but best to put work off first and get straight to moving out of your old studio. Resist the urge to go crazy on your art for a little bit. Pack all your tools properly just in case the movers miss anything.

Moving to the Santa Fe Arts District is a grand plan, but if you’ve got things sorted out, your dream of living in the art hub of downtown will be a reality in no time.

Korean Twist on American Foods: What You Need to Know

Foods in Ellicott CityThe rise in popularity of Korean cuisine in the United States is evident as foods like Bulgogi and Korean BBQ have become staples in various major cities. Tongnamoo further comments that the entry of K-cuisine gave birth to traditional American foods with a uniquely Korean spin to it. In fact, all-American foods like fried chicken, chilies and French fries now have Korean equivalents.

Fried Chicken

Americans typically associate fried chicken with the process of chopping up chickens, seasoning with herbs and spices, dipping them in a batter, and frying them up. While the Americans focused on the process, Koreans did a great job making fried chicken their own through excellent execution and marketing. One example that represents this success is the way they marketed the comfort-food combo chi-maek (chicken and maekju, or beer). This fried chicken appeared in the 2014 Korean TV drama series My Love from Another Star which was a hit in Asia.


From the fiery Tex-Mex dish to the zesty Nepalese food and Sriracha sauce, America’s love affair with spicy food is evident. It was like destiny, then, when America’s appetite for heat crossed paths with the increase in the popularity of Korean food. South Korean cuisine contains a lot of chilies — specifically dried rehydrated chilies — that have made their way to Korean pastes like ssamjang and gochujang.

Loaded French Fries

People typically season French fries with ketchup and salt, or mayonnaise on the side for dipping. In the US, French fry lovers “load” their plate of French fries with generous toppings such as ground beef, cheese, chili, and more. Koreans took the concept of this American street food up a notch by smothering the fries in garlic, kalbi, and unsurprisingly, kimchi.

These Korean twists allowed some of their staples, such as kimchi, to become more prevalent in the US. It won’t be long until Korean cuisine achieves the same success as Japanese cuisine.

The Big Q: Should You Sell Your Inherited Property?

For Sale Property in St. LouisInheriting a house often brings a mixture of emotions: sadness, because a loved one passed away, and happiness, due to the numerous possibilities the inheritance can bring. In many cases, a lot of people face the hurdle of not knowing what to do with the property they received, with many of them feeling it’s wrong to sell something a loved one gave to them.

However, there are certain situations that calls for selling inherited property in St. Louis. For instance, you rather move on than keep wallowing in sadness whenever you see the house, or it simply does not fit your needs and preferences. Whatever your reason may be, know that reliable real estate companies can help you get your inheritance turned into cash quickly.

Selling an inheritance as fast and as painless as possible

There are so many laws surrounding inheritance properties in Missouri, which means that you can end up making mistakes that will lead to you spending more than the value of your inherited property. Add to that the emotional toll of getting rid of your dead loved one’s personal items, belongings, furniture, and other possessions, and you will really have difficulties selling it on your own.

This is the primary reason you should call upon the services of real estate investors that specialize in such situations.

Your Options

You basically have three options when it comes to dealing with the property you now own. You can sell it, use it as a second or vacation home, or have it rented. However, when you do not have any use for a second home, or you simply do not want to be bothered with keeping up with maintenance regulations as a landlord, then you should just sell it off to an investor.

All in all, with the help of a real estate investment company, you can make the right choice as to what you should do with your inheritance.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House

Real Estate Agent in Plano

Real Estate Agent in PlanoBuying a house, especially if it’s your first time, is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of steps, processes, and decisions involved that you may not realize. That’s why it’s important to find a reliable real estate agent you can trust to help you throughout the home buying process. This way, you can prevent making major mistakes you’ll end up regretting after the purchase. Here are some advantages of working with a real estate agent.

They Have Education and Experience

Education and experience are two things that make real estate agents great help when it comes to buying a home. They already know the ins and outs, so you can ask them any question to avoid getting confused and help you make the right call every time. Hiring a pro will definitely make the process easier, from finding possible properties that fit your budget and preferences to finalizing all the paperwork.

They Have Connections

Because of their years of experience in the industry of home buying and selling, real estate agents usually have the connections to help you get the best loan rates and find the best homes for sale in Plano, TX, built by They can even get exclusive and advanced access to properties that aren’t in the market yet. Because you are a client, they will definitely use their connections to help you get the best home for your needs.

They Have Negotiation Skills

The process of negotiating a final price with the seller is crucial because you can save thousands of dollars if you know how to do it right. With their expertise in the real estate market and what price various properties deserve, real estate agents can definitely help you negotiate well. Agents know how to put you in the best light for sellers to agree on the price you want for the property.

These are just three things a real estate agent can provide once you hire one when buying a home. Their assistance will be of great help throughout the process.

Commercial Property: One Reason to Move to Australia

Commercial Property

Commercial PropertyCommercial property in Australia has become a good reason for anyone to relocate to the country, due to the sector’s positive performance.

That’s because the market has achieved its strongest growth in the third quarter of 2016 for more than two years. Investors poured $9 billion in commercial property investments between July and September with 30 percent of that amount coming from deals worth more than $200 million, the Sentinel Property Group cites.

If you’re looking to invest in the sector, it’s good to know that average capital flowing into the market amounts to $47 million — a sign that investors are ready to spend money.

Luring Investors

The Chinese are among the most prolific investors in Australia’s real estate. Investors from the Asian country have listed Australia as one of their target destinations for property. For the first eight months of 2016, Chinese investors splashed $23.5 billion into various markets aside from Australia, including the US, UK, Germany, and France.

That amount is set to exceed their total investments worth $25.7 billion for the entire period of 2015. It’s expected that outbound Chinese investments would increase by 37 percent in 2016 year over year, reaching $35 billion.

Asset Classes

Sydney and Melbourne attracted most of large-scale property transactions in Australia. Total property values in Sydney also rose 33 percent over the last 12 months, which makes owning real estate a lucrative investment.

Despite a weaker office sector, industrial and retail properties emerged as the well-performing sectors in the third quarter. Logistics properties cashed in $1.8 billion from several deals, while retail transactions reached more than 70 deals worth $2.2 billion in the three-month period.

Based on these figures, living in Australia appears to be an attractive option. Be sure to consult a local expert to help you on deciding where to put your money with the lowest possible investment risk.

Inheriting Property – Things to be Aware of

Inherited PropertyGetting an inheritance from your parents may seem like a lottery jackpot, especially if it is a house. In the case of other siblings, it can become financially and emotionally complicated. Before selling inherited property in St. Louis or elsewhere, make sure you are clear on a few important issues. As the owner, you have 3 options:

  • Sell it outright
  • Move in
  • Rent out

Things to know about inheriting property:

  • Bills and existing debt: If you are currently renting, it may seem like a good idea to move in. If there are other siblings, they may not like it. Renting out the house could be troublesome, especially if the house is older and needs fixing. Selling it is usually the most popular option, especially if bills and debts have to be paid.
  • Tax breaks: Selling the house is the best option as there are no capital gains taxes to be paid. Each state has different laws governing inherited property and its valuation. Talk to a lawyer and find out what the impact is likely to be.
  • Federal Taxes: Make sure to talk to an estate lawyer and find out if you have to pay federal estate tax. It varies from one state to another.
  • Existing mortgage: Unless the loan on the house has been paid off by your parents, you will have to sell the house to pay off the loan. And in case the house is paid for, it can still be expensive to deal with – homeowner’s insurance, general wear and tear, property taxes, heating and cooling bills eventually add up.
  • Other issues: There are many memories attached to the home parents live in and many find it hard to deal with personal items like clothing and furniture. It is a good idea to list and divide items among siblings to avoid conflict.

Though it is difficult to deal with inherited property, doing nothing over a long period can become expensive. Deal with the estate and make a decision on selling or renting to avoid insurance and maintenance costs on an empty house.

Considering Investing in Commercial Real Estate? The Must Knows

Commercial Property Investment

Commercial Property InvestmentAny type of property investment, whether it is commercial, residential or agricultural, can be considered as a good investment. But if you are after a high return on investment and fast revenue, then an investment in commercial real estate is more financially rewarding. Residential properties also offer financial opportunities through rental or resale, but the revenue generated from these may come in slowly.

The commercial real estate might be the better choice as opposed to residential real estate. Commercial properties include retail, office, warehouses, industrial and apartment buildings. Before you take the plunge, however, it’s important that you understand the benefits that come with this type of investment.

1. Income potentialCommercial real estate investment yield high income in a shorter time. Its income potential is between 6 to 12 percent of the purchase price.

2. Loyal customers – Retail tenants that have found a good commercial location intend to maintain their profit performance by staying in the same location. This way, you are guaranteed of a loyal client that will bring profit to you.

3. Limited hours of operations – Commercial centres have fixed operating period, so you will have enough time to manage the business and enjoy your personal time.

4. Establish professional relationships – Commercial properties are usually owned and managed by corporations and they deal with business owners and corporations most of the time as well. Thus, it is good if you can establish a professional relationship with such companies.

5. Gain more objective price assessment – Since commercial tenants are business owners, you have a more objective assessment of how you are going to decide on rental fees and the succeeding increase based on their financial statement. Arrangements are easier to accomplish.

Of course, these are only among the advantages this kind of investment has to offer. Having all these in mind, it is easier to discern whether getting into a commercial real estate investment is something you can already handle and manage.

The Nth-Time Honeymoon: Loving Your Honey from the Moon and Back

Romantic Couple Contrary to popular belief, second honeymoons aren’t just once-in-a-lifetime trips. Long-term couples know celebrating marriages as if these were only a few days old is the secret to their success.

The fast-paced nature of everyday life takes its toll on some couples. Because of deadlines, bosses and meetings (not to mention the children), husband and wife forget to spend quality time with each other.

In some cases, a second honeymoon is the solution. If done right, it might be the first of many.

Why Another Honeymoon?

So, why do couples visit The Berry Farm or other idyllic locations? Why do they book a romantic wine tour in Margaret River?

Simple: they need it.

A romantic trip without the kids is a rising trend in couples. The reasons vary, but one goal remains the same: to strengthen the relationship. Honeymoons remind couples of their union’s range of happy beginnings.

Falling in Love — the Nth Time Around

Honeymoons need not happen only once or twice. In some cases, the first few honeymoons work out perfectly. It is not always rainbows and lollipops — mishaps happen. Fortunately, these first-time (or second-time) flops are good reasons to do it all over again, only better.

For example, first honeymoons often experience budget problems. Since the newlyweds have just paid for their wedding, the honeymoon might experience a budget cut. Not all couples can afford their dream honeymoons, so they settle with long layovers and mega resorts on crowded beaches.

Some couples subject themselves to the pressure of society’s definition of ‘honeymoon’. Combining the fatigue from the wedding planning with the stress of the honeymoon, they end up not enjoying it at all.

Your honeymoon should bring out the best in you as a couple. Make the next trip memorable by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Whether it’s bungee-jumping or being one with nature, do not hesitate to experience new adventures together. Also, use the time to physically and emotionally reconnect with your spouse.

Honeymoons need not happen just once or twice. Keep the love alive by spending more time with your spouse.