Painting Exterior Walls: Which Type of Paint Should You Go For?

Couple painting the wall

Couple painting the wallRepainting the exterior walls of your home can make a significant difference to your property’s value, quality and appearance. You can likewise repair weather damage to prevent any other problem in the future.

Whether you have decided to refresh an already existing paint job or you want to switch to a new colour, it is important that you choose the right type of paint. Before contacting exterior painters in Wellington, here are some paint options you should know about:

Masonry paints

Available in various finishes and colours, masonry paint is specifically designed to protect your walls from damage caused by weather elements. For your external walls, water-based acrylic masonry paint is highly recommended. Besides waterproofing your walls, it gives room to the moisture within the walls to evaporate. This prevents dampness, which can result in mould development.

Textured Paints

If your external walls have bumps, dents, holes, lumps and other unsightly little quirks, then this is the right paint type for you because it gives total coverage and finish. These paints help mask those imperfections on your walls. The result is a uniform, even and well-finished outer wall.

Smooth paints

This category will offer you a beautiful and well evened out finish, but only if the wall is significantly smooth to start with. That means smooth paints only cover minor blemishes and other small faults present on the wall. It is, however, easy to apply compared to other exterior paint types.

There are various preparation measures to take to ensure that your wall comes out even, smooth and well finished. For instance, you can use filler paint as the base coat to fill up any holes or gaps present. Note that even though there could be no visible holes, the wall could be porous. As such, be sure to use filler or a primer before applying the top coat.

Why is My Standing Pilot Light Not Staying Lit?

Standing pilot light inspection

Standing pilot light inspectionA standing pilot light is a constantly lit flame that enables a furnace to ignite your burner. While standing pilot lights are efficient, it sometimes goes out and needs relighting. Before you relight it, however, it’s a good idea to investigate why these outages happen to determine if you need professional help or not. Below are some common reasons for standing light pilot outages:

Inconsistent Air Flow

Too little or too much air could easily extinguish a standing pilot light. Make sure that it’s protected against wind and drafts, but ensure that it’s not too tightly sealed either, advises an experienced furnace repair technician in West Valley.

Condensation Issues

Burning fuels generate trace water that could accumulate over time and lead to condensation. In some cases, moisture could build up and then drip onto the pilot light, and therefore extinguishing it. Having sufficient airflow in your furnace could help get rid of moisture-related issues.

Gas Pressure Problems

Inconsistent pressure could result in the pilot light malfunctioning. Higher than normal flames mean too much pressure, while small and weak flames mean insufficient gas pressure. In most cases, inconsistent gas pressure indicates issues with other systems related to your HVAC. Consult a licensed HVAC technician for a proper diagnosis.

Faulty Equipment

If airflow, gas pressure, or condensation is not causing the outages, it’s best to have an HVAC professional look at the hardware of your furnace. You might have a problem with the thermostat, thermocouple connection, or gas valve. Trapped airflow in the gas line could likewise hinder your pilot light from staying on.

While a faulty standing pilot light is an inconvenience, it’s not something to worry about. If there’s no smell of gas in the air, it’s probably a minor problem that you could address by relighting or consulting with a professional technician. If the pilot light doesn’t stay lit or goes out regularly, it’s best to seek a professional to properly diagnose the issue and fix it.

3 Reasons to Add Water Features to Your Garden

Small pond at the garden

Small pond at the gardenGardening has proved to be beneficial for one’s health. In fact, a study has found that gardening could help heart attack patients get better through a horticultural therapy program. It’s not only those with medical conditions, but people in general.

Whether you have a small backyard garden, a hanging herb garden, or a large landscaped garden, here are some reasons to add water features like garden fountains to your space.

1. Water features help you bond with nature.

Have you noticed how garden water features, such as ponds and fountains, become more beautiful with sunlight? Water features help you bond with nature, as water is believed to make people feel closer to the gods, as some cultures suggest.

2. Water features help your garden cool down, and yourself as well.

Summers can get hot and make gardening less relaxing. If you have some water features, however, it helps cool down your garden. It makes you feel cooler, as well. Of course, remember that if you want your garden fountain to cool you down, the water needs to be clean and crystal clear.

3. Water helps soothes your soul.

Flowing water is a great source of white noise that can help soothe your soul. After a long and tiring day, you can do some gardening and enjoy the white noise to help reduce your level of anxiety. Water features can also become a good relaxation spot for you and your family.

There are many water features you can add to your garden, but fountains are one of the grandest. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big budget for it, you can settle for smaller sized fountains that fit your space and budget.

An Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Piping Material for Your Plumbing Application

plumbing system being repairedPlumbing is an essential part of any construction. The choice of your plumbing material is one of the biggest you will make. There are many pipe material options available in the market.

The perfect material option for your plumbing depends on the application and installation location. Industry expert REHAU South East Asia will say the same. The type of plumbing system will also influence your decision. Here are the typical pipe materials used nowadays.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

This option works for most settings because it is rust-resistant, durable, and withstands high pressure. It is also inexpensive and requires no metalwork and welding. The main limitation of PVC pipes is that you can't use them in hot water applications.

They are also best suited for underground and indoor use as UV rays cause them to deteriorate. This makes them ideal for the bathtub, toilet, sinks and high-pressure indoor lines.


Copper is the gold standard for most plumbing applications. It is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and tolerates heat very well. It is also the safest for drinking water. It is, however, an expensive option. You can use it for refrigerant HVAC, underground service, as well as hot and cold supply lines.

Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX)

These are the most modern pipe materials. PEX is flexible and is hence able to be snaked around corners. It requires no gluing and holds up well in freezing conditions since it can expand and contract.

PEX pipes are the best options for retrofitting older homes, snaking through walls and low ventilation areas where glue poses health concerns.

Chlorinated PVC (CPVC) is another popular plumbing material option. It is durable, can be used for hot water, is fire-resistant and is safe for carrying drinking water.

It is also well-insulated hence loses minimal energy in cold and hot applications. CPVC pipes will, however, split in freezing conditions. Stainless steel, brass, and cast iron are also common material options for plumbing.

Here’s How to Design a Hotel-Feel Bedroom

Luxurious Modern Bed RoomHotel room rates between 2011 and mid-2017 just keep on increasing. Today, the average price is close to $127. Sometimes you can’t help spending that much especially if you love to travel. But wouldn’t it be better if you can bring along the hotel with you? How do you make your bedroom have the hotel feel?

1. Pick the Right Bed Size

Everyone probably dreams of a king size, but it’s not always the most ideal. You need to consider many factors such as square footage. Guest and kids’ bedrooms are usually small and narrow, so single or twin beds are better here. A king-sized bed is like having two full twin beds, so there’s plenty of room for two people to move around.

But master’s bedrooms for couples are better off with the queen-sized bed. It’s way bigger than a twin bed, but since it’s smaller than a king-sized bed, it offers opportunities for cuddling. In fact, it can help make your marriage healthier.

2. Invest in the Bed Sheet

When you buy things for your bedroom, it’s typical to take bed sheets for granted; the bed size is more important. What you don’t know is it’s the ultimate secret to making your room feel like a five star. In other words, you should learn to splurge on them.

There are different types of bed sheets, but the queen size bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth are some of the best. Not only are they organic and environment-friendly, but they are also hypoallergenic. They are also antibacterial. Most of all, they are soft but durable.  

3. Put Some Lights to Create Mood

In luxe bedrooms, light isn’t just a necessity. It also helps create a cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, it increases the room’s visual appeal. To let them act as decorations too, be creative with your lighting concept without sacrificing function.

It’s time to sleep like the rich and famous in the comforts of your home. Get started with transforming your bedroom into a boutique hotel with these ideas. 

Why A Swimming Pool Warranty is Important

Swimming Pool with SlideA swimming pool is a long-term investment. Apart from being a place where friends and family can gather and take a dip, it is also the centrepiece of a home’s landscaping and can increase property value. Potential pool buyers, therefore, need to feel confident that the swimming pool they choose can pay for itself over time.

Why Do You Need a Pool Warranty?

Pool warranties allow homeowners to protect their investment. Since a homeowner’s insurance only covers major hazards like fire or hail damage, having the additional protection of a pool warranty allows homeowners to secure their financial investment.

Furthermore, pool owners won’t have to worry about not having an emergency fund at their disposal if the repair bills pile up or something unexpected occurs. So, before settling down on a fibreglass pool for your home, consider its warranty first.

Different Pool Warranties

Pools usually come with a warranty, provided that a licensed pool builder performed the installation. Reputable fibreglass pool companies usually offer structural warranties to show the reliability of their manufacturing process.

Before making a pool purchase, ask your builder for the terms and conditions of their warranty. For good measure, visit the pool company’s website and read the fine print carefully. Some exclusions can, after all, render a warranty null and void.

Proper Pool Maintenance

A pool warranty should go hand-in-hand with proper pool maintenance as well. By conducting a basic maintenance routine, homeowners can keep their pool in good condition.

Clean the debris – Skimming debris and cleaning skimmer baskets is essential since it keeps the water clean and prevents dirt from settling at the bottom of a pool.

Balance pH & Ta levels – Proper pH and Ta balancing are crucial for your pools surface and pool equipment. A correct pH and Ta level prevent any corrosion of metal equipment, mineral staining to the pool walls.

Pool chlorination – Chlorine is a pool disinfectant that keeps bacteria and microbes away for pathogen-free water. Chlorine levels must be kept within a certain range. Through chlorination, you can enjoy crystal cleaner water.

Increase your pool’s longevity with proper maintenance by investing in a pool warranty. You won’t only avoid unexpected expenses; you can also extend swimming time enjoyment with your friends and family.

A Complete Garden Makeover: 4 Amazing Ideas to Try

Gardening tools on a beautiful sunny gardenWant to give your garden a total makeover, but clueless where and how to start the project? Set aside those worries for now, as here are some redecorating projects that will upgrade and freshen up your outdoor abode.

A New Set of Pots

Be more creative on your display. Make it more entertaining by using pots and planters in different styles and designs. Authentic Provence says that you may create a parade of two contrasting patterns, such as combining a set of antique copper garden planters with contemporary flowerpots. This is also a good way to create an eye-catching accent on any pathways or to any surface of your garden.

Keep it Clean & Tidy

The simplest way to transform your garden lies with the way you tend and maintain it regularly. It may sound repetitive, but every landscaper would agree with this idea. They said that most gardens only need regular care and to keep things tidy and under control.

Fill the Garden with Perennials

Enjoy a colorful and fragrant addition to your backyard by planting more perennials. Although these are a bit more expensive compared to annuals and biennials, it’ll pay off in the long run. One quick tip: Be sure to fill your garden two or three of its kinds to create a variety of hues and shades.

Go for Something Unique & Unexpected

Wood scraps, metal drums, and objects you categorize as recyclables can make a great choice. Instead of the usual, you can do something more out of it. For steel drums, it can make a great grill barrel which calls for a great BBQ party. You may even use it as an additional loveseat or bench. These items can be practically anything, as long as you’ve got some ideas running in your head, nothing is impossible.

When you think about garden transformations, you’ve got plentiful of ideas to try and use. All you need is to put these ideas into work and see how your outdoor space goes from drab to fab.

Cozy Bedroom: The Best Ways to Have a Good Sleep

Girl sleepingMany people don't get enough sleep every night because of different reasons. Some say it's because they're a light sleeper, while others say that it's because they don't like their mattresses and pillows.

The Importance of Sleep

According to Harvard Medical School, sleep has a critical function in the immune system, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions of humans. Lack of sleep can also affect your long-term health. It can cause chronic sleep deprivation like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and early mortality.

This is why the right kind of pillows and a cozy twin mattress from a good Salt Lake City supplier are important. These can help you sleep peacefully and recharge for the coming day. You'll also be able to doze off quickly and could go into a deep sleep (the quality of sleep that your body needs) without any disturbance.

Is it Just the Bed?

Apart from the mattress and pillows, the entire bedroom can be a contributing factor to your sleep. It won't matter if you invested a significant amount on your beddings if you can't focus on other things.

Based on a blog by Dr. Michael J. Breus, the qualities that a bedroom should have include having:

  • A comfortable mattress
  • Comfortable sheets and bedding
  • A clean room
  • A cool temperature in the bedroom
  • Comfortable pillows
  • A quiet environment

In the list above, the cleanliness, noise levels, and temperature of your bedroom are also important. As such, you shouldn't only focus on the bed. Take note of everything in your place of sleep if you want to snooze without interruption.

As you can see, the above-mentioned factors look effortless if you simply put your mind into promoting each one of them in your bedroom. Get a good night's sleep starting today and see the difference it can make to your mind and body.

Improving the Office Environment to Increase Productivity

Clean and tidy officeYour office environment has something to do with your team’s productivity. Employees tend to become happier and more productive in a workplace that is clean, safe, and comfortable. Before you invest in an expensive employee motivation program to boost your figures, consider these five things:

Invest in trendy furniture

Dull colored desks are monotonous and boring. If you are looking to increase creativity in the workplace, you have to change how your office looks. Studies show that an office space with rounded and curvy furniture is more aesthetically pleasing than one with linear and sharp-edged furniture. Curvy furniture also induces positive emotions and encourages a better brain activity.

Let there be light

Natural light makes your office look bigger and brighter. Employees exposed to natural lighting are likely to be healthier and more productive. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light improves sleep, promotes hormonal balance, and improves the mood, leading to increased productivity. Renovations to improve natural lighting are associated with less absenteeism and a more satisfied workforce.

Add a touch of art

Art in the office increases aesthetic appeal, fosters creativity and productivity, and increases employee efficiency. A beautiful piece of art can be inspiring and when people are inspired, their creative potential is unlocked. Scenes of nature can evoke a feeling of peace and calmness, while antique pieces can create a feeling of nostalgia, which can help employees feel more connected to your organization. Adding unique vintage lamps is a great idea. Urban95 recommends combining these exquisite pieces with well-thought-out paintings.

Let it smell good

The smell of dust or harsh detergents will not do any good. Ensure that there is a free flow of clean air.  A study in Japan revealed that typists made fewer errors if they could smell lemon, jasmine, and lavender.

Be organized

Remove clutter and unused items to free up space. Arrange the desks properly so that it is easier to find or access something. People working in an organized office tend to be more productive.

You can boost employee productivity by improving your office environment. Follow these tips and see for yourself.

Importance of Foundation Repair When Doing Home Improvement

Man Plastering a Foundation of HouseThe foundation plays a big role in many things that go on inside the house. You may find that a crack may indicate bigger problems. This is why anything wrong with the foundation has to be corrected immediately. One of the things that people look into when buying a home is how strong the foundation is. That means if you notice a simple crack, you must act immediately before it gets worse.

Here are the reasons you need to look at the foundation first before going to the other areas of the home remodeling.

1. It will affect other property

When the foundation is shaken, that will cause everything else in the house to move. This may result in cracks on the floor and the countertops. It is important to monitor the foundation before you remodel the house to avoid costly damages.

2. Protects your home

When you notice any problem with the foundation, ensure you call a professional to see whatever the problem is. This will keep your home protected in that case. You can easily find foundation repair specialists in Indianapolis.

3. Maintains the value of the home

No matter how good-looking your home is or even if you have used the best design, the foundation can affect the value of your home. A beautiful house with a shaky foundation will have little to no value on the market. Potential buyers will always insist on going for the homes that have a stable foundation.

4. Safe during the harsh weather

During the storm, you will find that it is possible to have the grounds shaken. The house that gets the best repairs will be able to survive it well.

It doesn’t matter how good your home is if the foundation is not right, which is why you need to hire professionals who will be able to detect any problem. This will prevent you from spending too much on repairs when the damage is too big.