Why Should You Hire a Professional Pest Exterminator?

Male Professional ExterminatorIt's inevitable that you'll find your home infested with pests at some point. This is especially true if you've been neglecting your property's maintenance. Pests bring parasites and microorganisms with them, which can cause serious diseases and illnesses. This is why an infested home is definitely a cause for worry.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

It's possible to DIY pest problem solutions, as there are many sources where you can find advice. These may recommend you to use over-the-counter pesticides to spray openings like doors, windows, and other areas that pests like to inhabit, such as garages, basements, and attics. While pesticides may be effective, they are toxic. And not only for the pests, but for you and everyone in the household who will inhale it.

When it's Time to Call the Professionals

Once you realise that you have a full-blown pest infestation, Orange Coast Pest Control suggests calling professional exterminators right away. The longer you wait to hire exterminators for your Corona home, the more the pests will multiply and take over. Pests like carpenter ants, termites, and rats don't only damage your home, but also your belongings.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Exterminators

  • Safer chemicals. Chemicals used by pest control companies are safer for children and pets than store-bought pesticides.
  • Efficient extermination. As professionals are more well-versed when it comes to pest extermination, they know which areas to target in your home.
  • Highly trained personnel. Pest control companies are well aware how important it is to keep your home free from pests for your health and safety, and they take that seriously. Hence, they only send the best and most experienced personnel to your doorsteps.
  • Peace of mind. You can rest your mind from worry, knowing that highly experienced professionals are on the job. After completion of the treatment, you can go to bed without the fear of having a bunch of insects crawling at you while you sleep.

DIY pest control can only get you so far. It's also highly likely that you won't be able to exterminate all of the pests in your home. Even if there are a few left, they are known to multiply quite fast and you'll be back in the same situation.

Workspace Design for the Millennials: Is Generation Y Making Waves in Office Design?

Workplace Design

What’s the definition of a millennial worker? They are driven by their desire for flexibility, thirst for the integration of technology in every possible aspect of the workplace, and are known for their search for work-life balance. These people, born between the 1980s and 2000s, is currently the largest workforce generation in the U.S., with about 53.5M participating in the labor market.

The strong influence of this generation doesn’t only influence workplace dynamics, but office design as well. Millennials, for one, are more comfortable lounging in cafes and open spaces, thanks to their inclination towards community and collaboration — something similar to the free-flowing college atmosphere. Companies that cannot offer these two elements are in danger of falling short of inspiring their employees or worse, fail to attract the talent they need.

No More Cubicle Farms

Now the walls are definitely shifting, the floor plans are changing. Cubicle-dominated workspaces are being scrapped in favor of more open perimeters, and recent concepts have even attempted to inspire the feel of “neighborhoods” by decreasing the height of wall panels and using fixtures with more identity.

Take for example the aviator desk, which is a more trendy version of the boring office desk. It caters exactly to the need of millennials for something “unique” while still providing the comforts of its more conventional counterpart. Writable glass walls are also a good example, which are an elevated form of boardroom whiteboards while also functioning as traditional glass divisions.

Aesthetic and Function in Office Furnishing

More than just the office layout changing, the importance of interior design is also bumped up the ladder. Industrial-inspired themes are seen as hip, and the spectrum to minimalist to eccentric is larger than ever. The surge of living plant walls, bean bags, hip food dispensers, aviator desks, and mismatched chairs are proof that aesthetics are just as important now as the function in the workspace.

Millennials are probably the most complicated of all generations, especially in the topic of the workplace. They want collaboration but like their own space, and they value openness while still desiring privacy. For employers, the challenge is to find the middle ground, one which can be reached through smart design and the right furnishings. The moment they find what makes this generation tick, productivity begins.

Want to Invest in a 26-Room Motel? Here’s What You Need to Check

Motel Investment In BrisbaneInvesting in a motel is a great idea. You may have to put in money, time, and effort for the business operation, but running it can be a rewarding experience.

Resort Brokers Australia says that if there is a 26-room motel for sale in Brisbane, why not check it out? First things first. Be mindful of the motel’s location. When investing, remember that its location is a factor worth considering. This is what makes people want to check in. Look at the streets. Are the nearby places okay? Will staying in this particular motel make it convenient for your future guests?

Here are other factors you need to check:

The Appeal of the Area

Observe the motel’s surrounding area. If you can, go to the motel personally. There, allot enough time for strolling and monitoring the motel for yourself. Observe whether its area promotes cleanliness and safety.

Does the motel also have a parking area? If it does, make sure that the parking area is spacious. If it can accommodate the large vehicles of your guests, it may be okay.

The Importance of a Front Desk

Inspect the motel’s spot for a front desk. Look at it closely. Is it spacious? Is it located in an area that offers a great view for guests?

Remember, a good area and staff for the front desk are important. It is the place where you greet guests. In fact, it should be a place to help you encourage people to stay. It should also be a place that lets your guests see what the motel has to offer.

How Will Guests Be Accommodated?

Before investing in a 26-room motel, think about your future guests. Will they receive accommodation in well-furnished rooms? If you will furnish the rooms and make them look better, make sure that the costs are justifiable.

Don’t forget to take these above-mentioned factors into consideration. This way, your motel investment will be worthwhile.

What to Add to Your Home to Make It Totally Fab!

Home Additions in Salt Lake CityMajority of homeowners would like their homes to be the best one there is. They would go to the extent of spending a hefty sum of money just to improve the overall look of their home. So if you are also thinking of the same thing, and you would like your home to look totally fabulous, then consider some great additions that will make this possible.

Cozy Patio

If you don’t have a patio at home, then now is the time to consider having one. This would greatly enhance the look and appeal of your home. Aside from this, it would be a great area for family conversations and even a nice dinner. Inspire Conversation said that the moments that you spend conversing with your family contribute greatly to the success of your children.

Swimming Pool

If you really want to go the extra mile, then one of the best things you can actually add is a swimming pool, recommends Dolphin Pools & Spas. You can either go for an indoor pool or an outdoor one, depending on your preference. You can always find a good pool builder in Salt Lake City. Look for one who makes use of environmentally friendly materials so that you don’t have to worry about a possible environmental impact during the building process. Once you have a pool at home, the mere reflection of the waters will be enough to make your home more appealing.

Landscaped Lawn

You may have been contented with the way your lawn looks, but if you could have it landscaped, then all the better. Home Guides stated that landscaping can add value to your home since it makes your home more attractive. So aside from achieving that nice effect, you are assured that your home’s value has increased!

You see, when you opt to add these to your home, you can be assured that your home will look totally fabulous. What’s more, you are also increasing the value of your home!

Check Out These 3 Stunning Flooring Ideas to Amuse Anyone Visiting your Home

Flooring IdeasAre you looking for lovely flooring ideas that could add character to your home? Well, lucky you. We’ve compiled in this article a few creative, low-cost ideas that could wow any people visiting your home.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Bottle Caps for Your Flooring

This idea will not only make your floor more colorful; it will also make the whole process fun and thrilling. For this project, you need to have dedication in amassing several bottle caps. These caps can be from your much-loved beers or sodas. It will also help you collect these caps if you seek help from restaurants that are selling sodas or beers near your place. You are free to make any pattern you have in mind – or better yet, you can hire an artist to do the job for you. With regard to the perfect area in your house where you can install your bottle cap floor, it is wise if you put it in a place that is visible to your visitors if you wish to impress them.

Go for Penny Flooring

With this idea, you are literally throwing your penny down the floor. While this one will make your floor truly fabulous, this requires your commitment and patience in gluing down each of the coins. Use an epoxy or adhesive to install the pennies. To make the whole process more fun, ask your friends or family to help you glue the pennies down the floor. At any rate, this idea will not only make your floor magnificent, it will make the whole house more expensive as well.

Give Patchwork Rugs a Shot

Available in an array of colors and designs, Urban95 thinks that patchwork rugs are a great addition to your home. You can find a multitude of companies selling these rugs. Feel free to check out their available designs. You may also ask your supplier as to what specific design is best suited to the overall look of your home.

These are only a few ideas to add value and character to your home. Give these ideas a try and you will definitely impress anyone visiting your home.

When is the Best Time to Schedule AC Repair?

Best Times for Air Conditioner Repair in Murray

Best Times for Air Conditioner Repair in MurrayWhile there are telltale signs that your air conditioner needs repair, you can’t always tell exactly when it will conk out. Whether you keep putting off scheduling an air conditioning repair in Murray or simply checking when is the best time to call the pros for regular checkup and maintenance, here are some important factors to remember based on the seasons, which Larsen HVAC shares:

Summer is the Busiest Time for AC Repairs

This is quite expected. The hot summer days have people working their ACs to full capacity and many people often forget to check their units prior to the arrival of summer. Calling for repair in the summer can take days, even weeks. Simple maintenance tips such as cleaning out debris and dirt as well as checking the thermostat will help you avoid the long lines and might even save you some money.

Spring is the Best Time to Call in the Pros

If you’re worried that your AC will give up on you when you desperately need it, better make that call in the spring to avoid the long lines. A good tip to remember is to check your AC units during the spring to ensure that they’re in good working capacity and ready to roll when summer arrives. And since it’s not a busy season, it’s also an ideal time to install new AC units.

Autumn is Also a Busy Season

During this time, technicians are busy answering furnace repair and maintenance calls so they might not have time to drop by. The same can be said during the winter season. Ideally, you might want to hit two birds with one stone by scheduling a furnace checkup in the spring.

Keep Your Cool

Of course, in cases of emergencies, it’s always advisable to keep your cool. While you wait for the AC technicians to come, you can check for potential causes of the unit failure to cut the time needed in checking the unit and in turn, could help lower the costs.

Should You Build a Pool? Tips to Decide

Pool in Salt Lake CityA pool in the yard makes parties and family get-togethers alive and cheerful. However, building one is more like an ongoing responsibility. If you are not ready to commit, then perhaps a pool is the least you’d want to build in your yard, or you can just opt for a collapsible above-ground pool.

Here are some tips from Dolphin Pools & Spas to help you decide if building a pool is a good investment.

Does a pool increase a home’s value?

It depends on several factors like the climate where you live in, and the condition and the style of the pool. A pool might increase your home’s value if you live in warm regions like Florida or in higher-end areas where a pool is present in most homes in the neighborhood. But then, even if it is updated and well-maintained, families with small children may not find a home with a pool a suitable choice.

According to houselogic.com, a pool can improve the value of a home by 7 percent.

How about insurance?

The cost of insurance will increase depending on the state where you live in. Most companies will charge additional $200,000 to $400,000 liability coverage for homes with a backyard pool. Review your homeowner’s policy before making further steps.

Before making a decision…

The recreational and social value that a backyard pool provides is priceless. This is truer if you are the type who stays at home more often and loves to invite friends to come over. At the same time, a well-built pool can improve the home’s aesthetic appeal. However, you should also be aware that owning a pool comes with recurring expenses, and commitment is an important requirement.

Before you call a pool builder, you should also consider your lot area. Will there be enough space for a garden or play area after installing a pool? Disregard this and you’ll find yourself in trouble by the time you decide to sell your home. Finally, check with zoning to avoid problems and penalties.

A backyard pool can either make or break the scene at the end of the day. Therefore, it is best that you do thorough research and consider all the circumstances before you sign up for construction.

Large but Movable: Tips for Transporting a Refrigerator for Delivery

Refrigerator Delivery in DenverOn move day, homeowners start moving out the lightest objects first. Once finished, they transport the heavier items next. When it comes to appliances, the refrigerator is one of the last things they move out of the house.

Refrigerators are fragile appliances that should be transported with care. Since homeowners still need to install these appliances once they’re delivered to the new home, they need to make sure that everything remains intact.

Here are ways to transport a refrigerator safely from the kitchen to the delivery truck:

Defrost then Empty the Contents

A day prior to the scheduled move day, homeowners must unplug the refrigerator and let it defrost. While defrosting, they should remove contents inside the refrigerator such as food and detachable trays. Any perishable items in the refrigerator need to be tossed out if they cannot be consumed right away.

Once defrosting is complete, disinfect the interior of the refrigerator to prevent mildew and mold from growing inside. Homeowners should also detach magnets and other decorative panels pinned on the refrigerator doors.

Securing the Refrigerator

Use either a moving strap or a rope to secure the refrigerator. Using tape is not advisable as this leaves a residue on the refrigerator.  It is important that these straps are tied just right as the refrigerator doors may be pulled out of alignment when it’s too tight.

Moving the Refrigerator

This procedure requires the assistance of two people. One person will push the refrigerator using a dolly while the other will guide and gently lift the refrigerator to the delivery truck.

After hooking the refrigerator to the dolly, the person in charge of pushing should tilt the refrigerator carefully and walk slowly. The other person will lift the refrigerator gently when needed and provide directions on where it needs to go.

Precautions should always be taken when moving a refrigerator. Homeowners who are not comfortable with transporting a refrigerator by themselves may contact a moving specialist.

Winner Windows: Designing Your Windows

Modern Window DesignIn architecture and design, windows are important parts that have both utilitarian and aesthetic functions. They are functional and purposeful, given that they let the natural light in, and they allow you to look into the outside world. On the other hand, they are aesthetically valuable, as they make good symmetrical points, especially for your home’s exteriors.

Provided all these functions, it is important that you devote some time to choosing the right window design. It will save you from a lot of headaches. Furthermore, it will make renovation a worthy investment. If you are not yet sure where to start, let this article be your guide.

Stick to the Theme

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the architecture or design theme of your home. The design of your new windows should be consistent with it. Otherwise, your home’s façade will look awkward. So if you have a Japanese theme, you may want to do away with ornate Victorian frames.

Focus on the Frames

Speaking of frames, make sure that they complement the colour of your exteriors. The safest thing that you can do is use the colour of your room for visual repetition and rhythm. You may also choose to use shades that complement the things close to the frame, such as plants and fencing. For more options, do not forget to check the palettes and swatches at the home improvement centre near you.

Do Not Forget the Size

The size of the window should be proportional to the size of the room. If you have a small room, you may opt for a bigger window to make your space look bigger. Make sure that the windows are large enough to accommodate the right amount of light and ventilation. You may use ready-made panel blinds to manipulate natural light.

Window design should be on your list of priorities if you are planning to renovate your home. You may consult an architect or an interior designer if you find some things confusing.

Stop Killing Your Appliances and Do Something to Prolong Their Lives

Repairing Appliance in Salt Lake CityWhile appliances give up over time, abuse and neglect can speed up their breakdown rate. Some issues are repairable, but for others replacement is necessary. If your fridge, dryer, and washing machine seem to require constant repair, it is likely that you are contributing to their demise.

Here are some of the ways you ruin your appliances, with a few suggestions on how to avoid them.

Washing Machine

Coins and other metal objects left in pockets can cause damage to the drum or tub. When the inner drum suffers from damage, you are likely to have pulled or torn clothing. Outer-tub damage, on the other hand, can result in leaks. This is why you shouldn’t wash anything with big and heavy metal fasteners. It is also best to check pockets first before putting them in the machine.


If you want your fridge to run efficiently, allproapplianceservice.com and other refrigerator repair experts suggest cleaning the dust that builds up on the coils (located at the back or bottom of the appliance). Clogged condenser coils will force the cooling system or the compressor to work harder. This can cause the appliance to fail prematurely, with the repairs being overly expensive.


Kitchenware with sharp edges can damage the racks or door seal, especially if they aren’t arranged properly. Knives, for instance, can scratch a vinyl-coated rack that may result in corrosion. This may damage the appliance or rust the dishes. This is why it is much better to hand wash knives and other utensils with sharp edges.

Clothes Dryer

Excessive lint buildup in the dryer reduces airflow, which means that the dryer will need to work harder to dry clothes. This may result in increased operating cost, as well as premature failure. Be sure to read your dryer’s manual and clean out excess link after using the appliance. You can also call a technician to make sure that vents and ducts are lint-free.

Even though your appliances are showing no signs of damage, don’t neglect them. Use them properly and perform regular maintenance. Keep in mind that a little TLC can go a long way in helping you save energy by keeping the appliance working efficiently.