Durability, Elegance and Practicality on Your Flooring Choice


FlooringHow long do you want your flooring to last? What are the best kinds of material to use for your house floors?

These questions should always be included on the list of things to consider when you build a house or renovate your room. Consider timber flooring if you still don’t have any idea about the flooring to choose. This style is the synergy of practicality and dramatic elegance.

Practical and Classy

Installation and acquisition of timber don’t require a great deal of money. Timber is less expensive than other floorings and more affordable compared to hard stone flooring. Although it doesn’t cost a lot, its features are more than enough to give a classy and elegant ambiance to your home.

What’s great about timber flooring is that as the wood ages, it gets more beautiful and elegant. With timber flooring, it’s easy to mix and match different kinds of furniture. The wood also adds a warm and welcoming appearance to a room.

Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to buy all sorts of cleaning substances and materials to keep timber flooring at its best. Simply mop it using water and a piece of cloth. You can also choose to place a carpet over the floor without worrying about termites and insects eating woods.

Lasts Long

This flooring is durable. It’s sturdy, water-resistant and long-lasting. You will appreciate it even more after a long time because the beauty of timber grows with passing years.

Timber flooring adds beauty, warmth and elegance to a home. It’s also easy to maintain and less expensive compared to other types. When renovating your home, consider this flooring style.

Sanded vs. Unsanded: The Two Basic Types of Tile Grout

sanded tiles

sanded tilesFloor and wall tiles look good individually, but appear better and more appealing when together. Tile grout is a mortar-like substance that brings out the best of tiles, binding them together. On top of joining the slates together, tile grout also keeps moisture out and helps make sure the tiles stay intact.

There is a wide selection of grouts available on the market. But, all of these products classifies into two types: sanded and unsanded. Both of these grouts are either cement-based or epoxy and suits well with floor and wall tiles. Cement-based are mostly for residential properties, while epoxy is more ideal in commercial spaces where the surfaces are often acid and grease-exposed.

Main Components

The agents from MiracleSealants.com agree that although these tile grouts technically have a common function, they are widely different from each other. The main (and obvious) difference between these two tile grout types is the presence or absence of sand.

Unsanded cement-based grout is mostly made of a mixture of water, specialised cement and powdered pigments, and epoxy grout is a combination of hardener and resin.  Sanded cement-based grout and sanded epoxy grout, meanwhile, contains mainly the same as the said mixtures, but has added sand. The role of the sand is to thicken the grout and prevent it from shrinking.

The Size of Tile Joints

When using unsanded grout, the joints must be no more than 1/8-inch wide. This is often useful in grouting ceramic wall tiles because it has a smooth texture and sticks well on vertical surfaces. For joints wider than 1/8 inches, use sanded grout as this type of grout resists cracking and shrinking.

Although possible, using sanded grouts in thinner floor and wall tile joints is unideal because the finished grout lines may have pinholes. A heavily sanded grout mixture suits in 3/8-inch joints.

Joint size often dictates which type of grout you should use. But, more often, you need to consider the type of tile, as well. Either sanded or unsanded grouts can meet specific preferences, though.

Bring Back the Beauty of Your Pool Through These Upgrade Ideas

Upgrade Ideas for Pool

Upgrade Ideas for PoolBackyard pools are often the family’s favourite spot, especially when it’s newly built. But, as time passes by, it would become just like any other house feature that’s only fun and pleasing when it’s new to the eyes.

There are many ways to make your pool everyone’s apple of the eye once again. Here are some ideas from Clear-az-Glass Fencing on upgrading and bringing new life to your once loved and forgotten swimming pool.

Give it an oasis feel

Planting various trees and plants around your pool area can give it a cooler ambience and additional shading. Choose plants that have minimal leaf drop and do not give off a lot of dead branches, flowers, fruits or seeds. You can place them in large containers or plant them straight into the surrounding ground. Palms are a great choice – they don’t give off much leaf and they grow fast to provide you shade.

Install modern fencing

Installing fences around your pool is a good way to seclude the area from the rest of your backyard. More importantly, it’s also an additional safety feature. Pool enclosure can prevent little kids from playing by the pool; thereby, preventing drowning and other accidents. Glass fence is a popular option due to its modern appeal. Companies specialising in semi frameless pool fencing provide high quality glass panels and fast installation services.

Add splashes, sprays, and jets

Contractors and designers use various types of water features to make pool a more interesting and fun place for the kids and kids at heart. Some good examples are deck jets and sprayers, fountain bubblers and mini waterfalls. These new features will not only make the area look better, but also gives you a whole new reason to enjoy swimming or even just hanging out in the area. The mere sound of flowing and splashing water has a soothing effect that will make you want to relax near the pool.

These upgrades require professional services from pool landscape artists, fencing contractors, and pool designers/contractors, respectively. Work with companies that observe strict compliance of the regulations set by the government to have a safe and successful pool upgrade.

What Could Go Wrong With Your Drains? A Lot!

drainage solutions

drainage solutionsEvery homeowner has had to put up with some problems around the house. One of the most common sources of these problems is the drainage system. Depending on how wet the weather can get in your area, problems with your drains can vary. But one thing’s for sure – these problems can be hard to deal with, especially if you don’t deal with them soon.

#1: Elevations

Houses built on an uneven slope can have problems with the drainage system. A home on a low slope will experience more frequent flooding. On the other hand, a high elevation can cause water to drain too quickly.

Drainage solutions for these problems include looking at how water drains and making sure your pipes are built according to your home’s elevation. If the house is at a lower level, the drains should allow for the water to continue moving downward and away from your lot. For houses in high places, your pipes and water systems should be sloped enough that they manage to let water flow at a steady pace.

#2: Downspouts

Another common problem might be caused by your downspouts. Without enough downspouts, water will pool in just one place. Also, if your downspouts are in the wrong places, they could cause water to flow towards your house instead of away from it. This may result in basement flooding or water collecting close to your foundations – both of which you’d want to avoid.

To fix this, make sure you have enough downspouts and they lead water away from your property as well as the surrounding properties. Use rain barrels to save rainwater, while you’re at it.

#3: Clogging

Of course, pointing the pipes and drains in the right directions would be useless if your drains are clogged. Even if you make an effort to keep objects from getting into your drains, they may still get clogged. This is a problem you can avoid with regular maintenance. If you notice a faulty drain, don’t shrug it off and wait for things to get worse.

Solving these problems might be too much to handle, but that does not mean you have no choice but to live with them. Inspect the drains and downspouts regularly to find any problems before they get worse.

5 Must-Try Inexpensive Ideas to Redecorate Your Home

roller blinds in Perth

roller blinds in PerthShopping for home decorations can be expensive. While redecorating your home can upgrade your home and increase its value, you also have to ask yourself: Is buying pricey adornments really required to give your place a new look?

No, but these cheap home decoration ideas can still give your home a facelift:

Curtains and Drapes

Mixing and matching curtains with different shades and patterns make great addition to boring living room windows. Make sure, however, to choose the colors that go well with your furniture to achieve your theme.

Old curtains may be used to replace old furniture upholstery. If you are going for a more sophisticated look, though, roller blinds are a good choice.

Outdoor Greens and Natural Ingredients

Outdoor greens such as hemp, seagrass, and bamboo are great indoor decorations nowadays. They make a space alive with color and texture.

You can also collect stones in different shapes and shades to decorate along with the greens. Arranging a variety of fresh fruits like lemons and apples on a long, stylish plate, on the other hand, make a beautiful table centerpiece.

Mirrors, Plates, and Picture Frames — with a Twist

You can shop for cheap mirrors and plates in different sizes and shapes at a local home decorations shop, and use them to hang on the walls while creating a mosaic. You can also buy frameless mirrors and create your own frame for a personalized look.

Picture frames are also good to use instead of mirrors.

Reface Cabinets

You don’t need to replace your cabinets to update the look of your interiors. You just need to restore them with paint for a smooth, shiny finish. This way, you will have your cabinetry looking new at a low price tag.

Adding Wow Factor to Existing Furniture

You do not necessarily need to buy new furniture, too. You can reinvent existing ones by giving them a makeover. Use bolsters or throw pillows as an accessory to a sofa, for instance. Rugs are a great way to give life to plain flooring as well.

You don’t need a pocket overflowing with money just to decorate and update your home. If you have nothing much to spend, use your imagination and think of other practical ways to decorate your interiors. You’ll surely start noticing the big transformation these small ideas have created.

Window Hazard-Proofing: Reducing the Dangers of Broken Glass

glass safety film

glass safety filmEvery year, hundreds of Australians end up in local emergency wards due to injuries caused by shattered or broken glass. Some of these accidents occur when children run straight into glass doors, while some are the result of tree branches and debris striking glass panels during inclement weather.

As glass-related incidents continue to rise at an alarming rate, now is the best time to hazard-proof your window and the other glass components of your home. Investing in products designed to reinforce and strengthen glass can prevent serious property damage and fatal injuries.

A good example of a glass hazard-proofing product is the glass safety film.

What are safety films?

CleargardAustralia.com describes glass safety films as treatments to reinforce fragile components. When applied on interior surface of a glass panel, the films will act as a bonding material in the event of damage. As they hold the shards together upon impact, there will be lower risks of glass pieces flying all over. This, in turn, minimises the dangers of lacerations and cuts.

According to the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ), there are also safety films available for consumers who want to ensure their “float” glass — old types of glass — will meet the current Building Codes of Australia. By applying safety films on float glass, there is no need to replace the entire component. This can help them save on maintenance costs.

Where can you buy these safety films?

As consumers are becoming more conscious about the dangers of broken glass, the number of safety film manufacturers has also increased. Nonetheless, it is important to choose products from a source that meets the standards set by the Building Code of Australia. WFAANZ has a complete list of these window film standards.

Protecting yourself, your family and your valuables from the dangers of flying glass should be a priority. Install these window films as soon as you can to ensure complete safety at home.

Pool Fencing: Regulations and Your Responsibilities

glass pool fence

glass pool fenceA pool adds beauty to your home, but it can be a threat to the safety of your family members, as well. Many drowning incidents take place when children are left alone in and around pool environments. Be aware of the regulations set by the government, and do your best to ensure your family’s safety.

Whether you own a swimming or a spa pool, Consumer NZ, Water Safety New Zealand and Auckland Glass noted that you’re responsible for installing the necessary features that will keep everyone safe from drowning.

Do You Need to Install a Fence?

The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act (FOSPA) of 1987 and the Building Act of 2004 are two legislations related to the safety of pools in every New Zealand household. The former is for the protection of young children from falling into swimming pools without a fence. It requires households to install any type of fencing around their pool with at least a height of 1.2 metres. The latter is for the construction of new pools and the renovation of existing pools. All work related to pools should comply with Subpart 4 of the Building Code, which includes the provision requirement of barriers.

Are There Any Exemptions to This Rule?

The Section 5 of FOSPA specified that exemptions are applicable for certain pools. The decision is up to the homeowners, whether they still see the importance of installing a fence of not.

  • Pools that need climbing — or with sides that are 1.2 m or higher — don’t need fencing. The stairs or ladder leading to it, however, needs a fence to prevent easy access. If the stairs are removable, then it’s okay not to install a fence so long as you remove the stairs when the pool is not in use.
  • Indoor residential pools are exempt, but safety measures should be in place. Children shouldn’t be able to access the area easily. The doors and windows need to have an automatic lock, a restrictor and many other features that keep entry points closed.

Keep your family safe from accidents in your pool area by following the regulations set by NZ officials. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to apply the rules they set to promote safety.

Now’s The Time To Transform and Innovate Your Kitchen


The kitchen, seeing that it is one of the most commonly utilised rooms in a home, is often the first pick of homeowners when it comes to renovations or redecorations. And as more innovative and functional decorative products are introduced into the market, now is a good time for you to transform yours.

One way to do this is to install a glass splashback.

KitchenWhat is a glass splashback?

A glass splashback is functional and decorative at the same time. In terms of utility, they minimise the risk of grout and mould growth, especially in the kitchen where moisture levels tend to be higher. When properly installed by a glass splashbacks specialist in Perth, they can create a contemporary, appealing look.

How are these products constructed?

In most cases, glass splashbacks consist of float glass. Some manufacturer use low-iron glass, since some homeowners favour something that offers more clarity.

Greenish or clear, these decorative elements need to comply with the rigorous Australian Standard AS2208 requirements, which is the ‘Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings’. All glass splashbacks should have a thickness of not lower than 6mm, and should also bear the AS2208 label.

Do splashbacks only come in a clear or greenish style?

No, splashbacks actually come in various colours, finishes, and designs. However, manufacturers use two basic methods to colour the glass. One is ceramic frit, which involves layering and baking ceramic paint on the splashback to toughen it up.

The second method is the applied two-pack urethane. In a typical setting, this material is spray-painted onto the treated (pre-toughened) glass. Air drying or baking on then completes the process.

So, should you install a glass splashback? Yes, especially if you are interested not only in giving your kitchen a more contemporary appearance, but reduce the risks of mould and grout growth as well. While these products may be more expensive than regular tiles, they are stronger, more attractive, and durable too.

Perfect Ideas In Upgrading Your Home Through Paint Alone

Wall Painting

Wall PaintingAre you tired of what your home looks like but don’t have ideas to do to upgrade its design? Do you want to brighten the colours? Or do you simply want to improve how your house looks like? Then worry no more, here are some tips on how to revamp the looks of your house by using paint alone.

Still, before engaging in paint jobs, you need to secure the equipment you will use. Central to this are different kinds of brushes, the paint (of course), and if need be, a scaffold. Hiring a scaffold is available in Perth, but for the others, you need to buy them yourself.

Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall can make a room appear much larger. Bright colours really make a wall pop out visually, and will be a great focal point for a home office, bedroom or any part of your house.

Paint the Insides of Your Cabinets

Adding some colour to the insides of your dresser will boost the overall look of your room. You can do this with wallpapers or even washi tapes.

Put Up Some Artwork or Painting

If the walls of your house seem bare and boring, then put up some artwork that will complement your house. If you’re crazy enough to do something fun and bold, why not use your walls as your canvas in creating your work of art?

Paint Your Walls

Adding or changing the colour of your houses’ walls will definitely upgrade the entire look of your house. For other ways to pop colour subtly, do any of the following:

  • Paint the sides of your door.
  • Paint the linings of your windows or cabinets.
  • Painting the insides or the sides of your dressers.
  • Paint your headboard, or if you have none, why not make one?
  • Repaint the exterior of your house

Of course, you shouldn’t neglect this part because the beauty of your home’s interior must also reflect in the exterior. You certainly do not want your house to look drab in the outside.

Painting your house is one of the cheapest ways to upgrade the look of your home. Before considering any costly renovations or extensions, try this first.