Choosing the Right Style of Door: What’s the Best Way to Do It?

Exterior Front DoorThe doors may seem like rather simple additions to a home but they actually possess certain complexities that are easy to ignore. As much as possible, you want to make them look since they are the first one to be seen as guests enter your home. In addition, it plays a vital part in defining the style of a house along with its rooms.

The role of doors may also differ depending on your intended purpose. This is why you need to take a few important moments to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of doors.

Here are some of the most basic things yo must understand when it comes to choosing a door:

Doors Play Different Roles

As mentioned earlier, doors provide a certain level of purpose based on how they’re built and the materials used to create them.

Some of the most common types include:

The Doors & Its Key Features

More than just a chunk of wood, steel or glass, doors possess unique characteristics which make them up. Understanding these terminologies can help you understand what option will ultimately make the best choice.

So to speak, here are the key features that you should know:

  • Door Swing

This refers to the manner of opening the door – left-hand or right-hand swing which is also known as the “door’s handing.”

  • Fire Ratings

This represents the door’s resistance or ability to withstand fire giving you time to escape when an unexpected incident takes place.

  • Pre-Hung & Slab
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Pre-hung referred to an already mounted door to its frame. Slab, on the other hand, is simply the door itself.

  • Sound Ratings

It measures the amount of sound loss when the door is closed. It is most commonly referred as sound transmission class (STC).

  • Standard Size

This applies to both interior and exterior doors. However, if you want a custom-made door, you may also find one or make a request.

Door Materials

Doors are made from a variety of materials each of them has their own pros and cons. While wood clearly dominates the competition, you’ll also see many for sale exterior front doors in different colors, which are created using fiberglass and steel. You just need to carefully weigh all your options to find out which among them will perfectly match your home.

You’ve probably realized it now but doors just like any part of a home require careful consideration. Once you identify these things, it’ll be easier to find and search for the right door.