Clearing Blocked Drains Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Drain Cleaning in MurrayClogged drains can be a headache. While homeowners might automatically resort to chemical solutions, there are actually natural and less toxic ways to clean those clogged drains. Get rid of the foul odor and the solids that have wrapped around those pipes.

Why Go Natural

Drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can deoxidize an organic material by making it lose its electrons. Needless to say, this happens in an exceptionally short period of time. Try to imagine the harm it can do when it touches your skin, gets into your eyes, or worse, you swallow it. Additionally, it releases fumes, which can also harm your health.

Natural Ways to Clean Clogged Drains
1. Boiling Water

The most common remedy to unclog kitchen or bathroom drains is boiling hot water. More often than not, it’s oil that has solidified, chemicals from soap, hair, and other particles that cause the slow draining of water.

Getting rid of the gunk and fishing out matted hair is the first task. Then boil a kettle of water and flush it down the drains. Boiling water will help melt grease and other substances that have built up in the pipes.

2. Vinegar and Baking Soda

Both are regular kitchen items used for more than just cooking. Mixing a third of a cup of vinegar and an equal amount of baking soda creates a fizzy solution. Pour this down the clogged drain. It’s the fizzing action of the acids in vinegar that will help break down all the solids stuck in the pipes. Let it stay for at least an hour, although overnight is best. Then flush it down with hot water for good measure.

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Lemon juice, because it’s also acidic, can be a substitute for vinegar, especially because it will leave a pleasant smell.

3. Metal Hanger

Don’t want to use liquid for unclogging drains? Try a metal hanger, especially for bathroom drains full of hair. Twist the hanger until you get a long piece of metal with a hook at the end. Use this to fish out the hair. Or you can try a drain snake, which is a metal rope that can also pull out clogs.

You may have a bigger problem if drains remain clogged even after trying the metal hanger approach. Plumbing contractors from Beehive Plumbing in Murray say the valve may need replacement, the vents may be interrupted, or a solid object is trapped within the passage.

Chemicals usually clean out drains quickly, but they can be harmful. Using regular household stuff is an environment-friendly way to resolve this problem.