Colour Me Hungry: Colour Tips for New Restaurants

restaurantStarting your own restaurant in Perth is a great idea, especially if your menu is unique and the environment is appealing. But what exactly makes a restaurant’s ambiance so attractive?

Experienced painters like know the importance of colour in creating the right mood. If you plan to put up one of the three following food businesses, then check out some important “colouring” advice to increase patronage.

  1. Fast Food – These places are not, regardless of how delicious the food is, meant for leisurely dining and long stays. Fast food restaurants need people to order their food for takeout or, if they’ll eat in one of their tables, to finish up quickly and make room for the next customer.

That said, the colours required to subtly invoke this “eat and go” attitude are hot colours like deep oranges, reds, and yellows. These same colours encourage hunger pangs too. Just think of the various fast food brands all across the world, and you’ll find this to be true. This kind of establishment requires a large number of foot traffic for them to reach their sales goals, so it’s best to not let your diners get too comfy.

  1. Fine Dining – This type of restaurant is the opposite of fast food. The ambiance required for people to enjoy themselves is sophisticated and more relaxing. Colours like blue and green can help put the mind at ease, and encourage diners to stay longer, ultimately in the hopes of them continuously ordering food off the menu.

This is not to suggest flooding the whole place with a single blue or green colour, but to make them stand out throughout unique pieces such as tablecloths, walls, or the logo. Also, if you would like to establish a more professional look for your restaurant, avoid using while light as it may strain the eyes. A warmer, yellow light is better.

  1. Cafes – Cafes or coffee shops are sort of the middle ground between the rush of fast food chains and the slower pace of fine dining restaurants. These establishments can be a little bit of both, with customers coming in to place their orders and lounge around with work or play in a corner while others come in and order something to go. The most appropriate colours in these establishments, interestingly enough, are earthy colours like brown and gold. You want to keep the lights bright enough so people can see what they’re doing but not too bright that they feel they have no privacy.
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Colours are amazing factors in your new eating establishment. They can subtly change a customer’s mood, especially when it comes to food. Plan your restaurant’s colour scheme, and pick commercial painters that can meet the challenge. If in doubt, do ask professionals painters for suggestions. After all, your business’ profitability and lifespan are at stake.