Common Refrigerator Problems And What To Do

Person Opening the Refrigerator DoorWith the extreme heat of summer, you rely on air conditioning for cooling your home. You also use your refrigerator to cool water, juices, ice cream, and other refreshments. Naturally, you need your refrigerator in great working condition in order to cool foods and drinks.

You may encounter problems with your fridge, but you can do something to avoid the worse consequences. All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. shares some ideas on how to deal with the problems even before the fridge repair professional arrives at your Utah home.


Your fridge may have a problem if it runs too much every day. An over-cycling fridge may be caused by debris and dust buildup around the condenser coils or by an overly low temperature setting. You can clean the condenser coils if there is a buildup by using a vacuum and a brush. You can also adjust the temperature between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit if the setting is too low.

Ice Buildup

Frost buildup in the freezer can be annoying, but you can easily remove the frost by closing the freezer door to prevent humidity from entering the freezer. Otherwise, clean the seal of your freezer because it may be faulty.

Air Leak

When you feel cold air coming out from your refrigerator when the door is closed, or you notice moisture droplets around the fridge door, you have to call for fridge repair service. Your refrigerator's door seal may be torn or stretched. The door may be warped or the door cam is worn out.

Water Leak

Water leaking and pooling inside or under your refrigerator always indicates a problem. The evaporator defrost drain may be clogged, resulting in water exiting through other openings. Professionals can easily unclog the drain to fix your fridge.

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Now that you know the common problems that plague a refrigerator, you can easily deal with them. But calling a professional is still your option.