Conserving Your Resources: On Active and Passive Solar Heating

Solar Heating System in Salt Lake CityEveryone knows the sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth. Solar heating refers to ways the energy from the sun can be used for heating water or other substances. You can use either passive or active solar water heating, depending on your needs. Solar energy has become popular in the recent times because it is eco-friendly.

Active or passive solar heating basically refers to the special equipment used to harness solar energy. Here are some things to note about both methods:

  • Active solar heating

In active solar heating, you can use specialized equipment to capture maximum heat from the sun and transform it into energy. You can use this energy for different applications, such as insulating the home and heating water. Some use large panels or special converting devices to harness the energy from the sun.

  • Passive solar heating

In passive solar heating techniques, you do not have to use any specific equipment. The walls, trees, building, and windows are used or placed in a way that reflects or captures the sun’s rays. Some homeowners and builders prefer passive solar heating methods due to cost-effectiveness; ask any water heating installation expert in Salt Lake City about this. You only need good planning and simple techniques to use this type of heating method. In existing homes, simple conservation and remodeling techniques can be used.

  • The better option

Active method is a great option if you plan to use the solar energy to power your entire home. You can get attractive solar panels, which look like normal roof shingles. Nonetheless, the equipment can be pricey, even though it is a one-time investment. Passive heating, on the other hand, can be a wonderful way to save on energy resources. The windows, doors and the roof should be positioned in a way that sunlight and heat enter your home easily.

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The use of solar energy is transforming the way people conserve their resources. This brings a new light to using heating systems.