Crystal Clear Pools: Tricks to Help Maintain Your Pool at Home

PoolNothing beats having access to a crystal-clear swimming pool right in the back of your home, especially during those sweltering summer days. When you have a pool at home, turning simple weekend get-togethers with family or friends for a daring party is easier as well.

To make your pool activities even more rewarding, it is essential to keep it clean. This way, you lessen health risks and maintain cleanliness.

For a crystal clear pool, here are some measures you can take:

Thorough Cleaning

Skimming debris off the pool everyday will save you headaches in the future. It also helps to test the water, and to scrub the pool walls and floor. Remember to hose down the pool area immediately after scrubbing; this must be done weekly at least. Also, do not forget to backwash the pool filter after to get rid of dirt and pollutants.

Check water quality

The water in your pool needs to have the correct balance of chemicals. Brisbane Pools & Landscapes suggests using a water testing system to determine the water’s pH level, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity. Well-balanced pool water helps prevent eye and skin irritation in swimmers, so make sure to keep an eye on this.


Chlorine is a substance capable of killing bacteria and limiting the growth of algae in swimming pools. It comes in tablets, granules, and liquid. While liquid chlorine provides tough cleaning properties, you may also want to just stick to tablets for its long shelf life.

Consider an algaecide

Clumps of green, mushy growth on the walls of your pool are a sign of algae growth. Treating your pool with an algaecide will prevent microscopic plants from invading your pool, and save you from the hassles of clogged filters, diminished effectiveness of pool chemicals, and low water circulation.

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Boost the water

Water in your pool should be given a boost once in a while, preferably every week. Boosting the pool involves putting shock products in the water to kill any bacteria or algae left after regular chlorination. This also eliminates other contaminants. As a result, you get crystal-clear water, reduced chlorine odour, and less risks of eye irritation.

A pool’s design is never an issue, as most follow the same routine for maintenance and cleaning. With a top-end swimming pool design Brisbane or sophisticated water filter, it would mean less work weekly.

Regular cleaning, water quality testing, chlorinating, and shocking will assure you of sparkling clean pool water. Remember, proper maintenance on the regular is the first thing that’s important when you own a pool at home.