Design Solutions for Small Bathroom Spaces

Small BathroomJust because you have a small house doesn’t mean you can’t have a bathtub. If a small house on wheels comes with everything its owner wants –– from a tearoom/living room and lofted sleeping space to an open kitchen and private bathroom with soaking tub -– you can likewise do so with a proper design plan.

Many experts say that even a house as small as 134-square feet shouldn’t limit you. Rather it should be the central point upon which you need to work your layout around accordingly.

Combine Functions

Many small house owners agree on combining house function and features if necessary, like when they want to have both a secret garden and a backyard bathhouse. Installing a portable bathtub would be a good option for this purpose. With some plants, decking, faucet, and shower, you’re in for an outdoor bath.

With enclosures in the right places, bathing outside won’t feel like parading in the daylight naked. Techniques like glass ceilings, private tub terrace, semi-covered tub areas with a pergola, or doors that open to the outdoors can be smart choices. On the other hand, you can achieve a completely covered soaking area by placing it next to the bathroom.

Think Out-Of-The-Box

And if you think your bathroom is small, think of a 10-square feet space complete with sink and toilet, shower and tub. Similar scenarios apply to individuals or couples living in tiny houses. While they all say they won’t be living in this kind of house forever, they are happy that at some points in their lives they were able to live, if not built, an unconventional abode.

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Indeed, the operative word here is to keep your ideas out of the box. A land area or space area is simply a size, so it shouldn’t limit your design.