Designing Homes with a Middle Eastern Touch

House RenovationTurning any British home into a Middle Eastern dream is not impossible. However, it does entail some considerations when taking inspiration from the original source. Here are a few aspects you may want to focus on for that authentic Middle East design.


This design focuses on bright, bold, contrasting colours that even uses bright reds, gold as one of the main focus. To them, these supposedly “gaudy” mixes are a natural approach to decor and furnishings. However, Silsal Design House noted that aesthetic plays an important role in your design so traditional colour harmonies can also work.

These powerful colour choices apply to anything in the room: floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, furniture, and accessories such as gold dinner plates and maroon napkin holders.

Furniture and Decor

The Middle East is often hot and arid, a blazing desert land full of sand. Anyone who’s ever lived in that country, especially Westerners, knows that it can also be incredibly cold during the evenings and the last quarter of the year. Furniture is then typically wood, which retains an average temperature without warping or losing its sheen. It is also light enough to be carried from one room to avoid them being overexposed to the elements depending on what month it is.


Experiencing scents as part of a home’s design is applicable to many cultures. Memories are easier to trigger using the sense of smell and home becomes familiar based on the scents one grew up with. Middle Eastern incense and perfumes are one of the simplest ways of giving a room the right feel. Sandalwood, frankincense, mint, are some of the more familiar Middle East scents that you can use, along with roasted fennel and cardamom.

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Whether it’s your whole house or your smallest room, anything can be given a Middle Eastern touch with the right add-ons. Get creative and take careful influence from films, educational videos, and pictures to get as authentic as possible. Most importantly, contact the right design company to assist your goal of having a Middle Eastern spot in your house.