Dirty Grout? Here’s What to Do

Tile Cleaning TipsThere are tiles in at least one part of your home — around the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the floor or wherever else you might have them. This means you know how important it is to keep your tiles looking clean, especially because dirty tiles are easy to notice. The tiles themselves might be easy to clean, but you need to pay closer attention to what holds them together.

Tile Grout and What Makes it Dirty

A material known as grout holds the tiles together. This is poured between the gaps of your tiles to keep them in place and hold them together securely. While it’s a good adhesive, the greatest disadvantage is that it’s rough and porous. Dirt adheres more easily to it, and liquids can seep into it, which can cause discolouration.

It’s hard to keep grout from getting dirty, especially because tiles are usually in places that are prone to dirt and liquids. People walk on your tiled floors, and you use a mop or a rag to clean the grout. If you’re not careful, the dirt from people’s shoes can get stuck in the grout, and the liquids you use to clean them might be causing the staining.

Soap might also cause your grout to look dirty; some of the chemicals in soaps are strong enough to cause discolouration, making your grout look yellowish.

The Best Way to Clean Tile Grout

Because grout gets dirty easily, it’s important that you regularly clean it. Although there are several do-it-yourself methods, these might not get to the root of the problem. They might clean the grout, but they might not prevent any further staining and discolouration from happening. Some DIY methods might even wear out your tile grout, making it more prone to damage.

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If you want your tiles to look good as new, it’s time to learn how to clean them properly or get professional help. Aside from cleaning the grout, you also need to fill them so they last longer. It’s easy to keep your tiles looking and staying clean if you know what to do.