Doggo Party: 3 Ways to Make Fido’s Birthday a Blast

Puppy Birthday You know you’d do just about anything for your furry babies, even to set up a grand birthday party.

Don’t worry, wanting to throw a birthday bash for your pup doesn’t make you a crazy dog person. As a matter of fact, a National Pet Owner survey involving 1,019 pet owners, revealed that 50% of the respondents go to great lengths to celebrate their pet’s special day.

Many people treat their dogs the way they’d treat their children, and when it comes to your kids, you only want the best. Here are four ways you can make your furry baby’s party a blast:

Mini Pup Cakes

What’s a birthday without a cake? Whip a healthy pup cake for your “baby” and its furry guests using dog-friendly recipes you can find online. You can get creative with the cake, say, by tying together some dog treats with an edible rope. If you happen to enjoy baking, it’s also a good idea to make some mini cakes for human guests and prepare them in fun party cupcake wrappers that match the overall theme.

Snoopy Says

If you remember playing Simon Says as a kid, this doggy adaptation of the game follows the same rules. You can make the tasks more challenging until you have a winner. Snoopy Says doesn’t only make a fun party game for both pup and “parent,” but it’s also a good way to train Fido.

Puppy Photo Booth

The last photo you took with your phone’s cam is probably that of your furry baby, so why not set up a photo booth to let your guests capture precious moments with their pups? Setting a photo booth also gives you the perfect excuse to dress up your pooch in cute costumes. You may include photo frames as party favors so your guests can easily put up their photos on display.

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A pooch birthday party can get loads of fun for both the dogs and owners, but to keep the ball rolling, anticipate that disagreements between pups can and do happen. By making sure to keep an eye on the dogs’ behavior around food and toys, your dog is likely to have a safe and fun “barkday” party.