Dress Up Your Staircases for the Holidays

Staircase Christmas DecorEvery time the holidays come in, it is fantastic dressing up the house to imbibe the festive spirit. The staircase, as a focal point of your interiors, is a great place to start. It catches the eye and with a little help from your creative self, you can make it even grander. Experts from Ackworth House offer some bright ideas to decorate your staircases for the holidays.

Choose a colour motif

Choosing your colours is your first step to decorating. There are different holiday colours that you can toy around with, depending on your preference. Traditional Christmas décor is all about red, green, and gold. For a white Christmas, white is of course, the chief background. These days, any part of the palette can serve as your background so it really depends on your preference. If you want to use blue, orange, or fuchsia, that’s your call.

Don’t forget, however, to incorporate the current design and colour scheme of your staircase. Brown and white would make golden decors a stand out. For homey wooden stairs, something traditional might be the best idea.

Find appropriate materials

Shopping for your Christmas decors may start as early as two months before. Your selection is widely varied, from the simple balls and garlands to grand creations like a complete Christmas village. Just like with your choice of colour motif, it depends on your preference which materials you should buy for decorating.

Since your concentration is on the stairs, you must get good finds that will help you achieve the look you intend to have. Look at the lovely stairs your home is blessed with and start from there. Wooden stairs might not have extravagant features so you might need to go a little exaggerated with the decors. If your house is delightfully built with a Victorian type, there is nothing much you can do because the style is already grand.

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