Ducting Up: Make Your Home Comfortable Long-Term

HVACWhen shopping around for a new air conditioning unit, you should never forget to consider level of comfort, overall costs, and energy efficiency. Given your home meets all necessary requirements, your best option is a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

However, there are several things you first need to understand about installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system in your Perth home.

Reasons to Go Ducted – and Reversed

Want your home to be as comfortable as possible all throughout the year? Then a ducted reversed AC is your best bet, as this will provide you with cool air during the warm summer months and when on ‘reverse’, warm air throughout the chilly days of Perth winter. There is no need to install two separate devices, which is quite a considerable amount of savings right there. You also have total control over which parts (or zones) of your home you want to deliver conditioned air to, pushing your heating expenses lower.

There are plenty other great reasons to go ducted and reversed, and although these are more expensive to purchase and install up front, the long-term savings are worth it.

Homes these Cooling Systems are Best For

Like all other types of air conditioning systems, a ducted unit may not work for everyone. They are best for larger homes that can accommodate ductwork. Your home is a good candidate if it has ample ceiling cavity space and an outdoor area far enough from your home and your neighbours where the outdoor compressor unit can be installed. Additionally, larger units typically need a three-phase power supply to run optimally.

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Requirements to Maximise Use and Savings

To get the most use out of a ducted reverse AC and the best value for your money, you need to consider several factors. Aside from those mentioned above, considerations such as window and door orientation, floor plan, existing insulation, as well as number of people and rooms to be cooled or warmed.

A reliable Perth HVAC technician can help you determine if this type of cooling and heating equipment is indeed best for your home.